UW Course Reviews

University of Washington

ATM S 101 Weather54551
ATM S 370 Atmospheric Structure and Analysis00000
ATM S 441 Atmospheric Motions I00000
ATM S 451 Instruments and Observations00000
ATM S 475 Current Research in Climate Science Seminar00000
ATM S 490 Current Weather Analysis00000
ATM S 497 Undergraduate Internship00000
ATM S 501 Fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere00000
ATM S 504 Atmospheric Motions II00000
ATM S 509 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I00000
ATM S 512 Dynamics of Snow and Ice Masses00000
ATM S 521 Seminar in Atmospheric and Climate Dynamics00000
ATM S 525 Seminar - Topics in Atmospheric Chemistry00000
ATM S 534 Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Climate System00000
ATM S 542 Synoptic and Mesoscale Dynamics00000
ATM S 547 Boundary Layer Meteorology00000
ATM S 554 Paleoclimate Proxies00000
ATM S 558 Atmospheric Chemistry00000
ATM S 565 Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling00000
ATM S 582 Advanced Numerical Modeling of Geophysical Flows00000
ATM S 588 The Global Carbon Cycle and Climate00000
ATM S 597 Directed Discussion and Presentation00000
ATM S 700 Master's Thesis00000
ATM S 103 Hurricanes and Thunderstorms: Their Science and Impact00000
ATM S 211 Climate and Climate Change00000
ATM S 220 Exploring the Atmospheric Sciences00000
ATM S 301 Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences00000
ATM S 310 Programming for Atmospheric Data Analysis00000
ATM S 340 Introduction to Thermodynamics and Cloud Processes00000
ATM S 350 Ecological Climatology00000
ATM S 361 Meteorology and the Media: Broadcast and Online Weather Communication00000
ATM S 390 Honors Tutorial in Atmospheric Sciences00000
ATM S 442 Atmospheric Motions II00000
ATM S 452 Weather Forecasting and Advanced Synoptic Meteorology00000
ATM S 480 Air-Quality Modeling00000
ATM S 492 Readings in Meteorology or Climatology00000
ATM S 498 Honors Synthesis and Communication00000
ATM S 502 Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology00000
ATM S 505 Introduction to Fluid Dynamics00000
ATM S 510 Physics of Ice00000
ATM S 519 Scientific Writing and Graphics00000
ATM S 523 Seminar in Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry00000
ATM S 532 Atmospheric Radiation: Introductory00000
ATM S 535 Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics00000
ATM S 544 Design and Application of Ensemble Prediction Systems00000
ATM S 551 Atmospheric Structure and Analysis I: Synoptic Scale Systems00000
ATM S 555 Planetary Atmospheres00000
ATM S 559 Climate Modeling00000
ATM S 564 Atmospheric Aerosol and Multiphase Atmospheric Chemistry00000
ATM S 571 Advanced Physical Climatology00000
ATM S 581 Numerical Analysis of Time Dependent Problems00000
ATM S 586 Current Research in Climate Change00000
ATM S 589 Paleoclimatology: Data, Modeling, and Theory00000
ATM S 593 Climate Science Seminar00000
ATM S 600 Independent Study or Research00000
ATM S 800 Doctoral Dissertation00000
ATM S 100 Climate, Justice, and Energy Solutions00000
ATM S 111 Global Warming: Understanding the Issues00000
ATM S 212 Air Pollution: From Urban Smog to the Ozone Hole00000
ATM S 290 The Weather Challenge00000
ATM S 321 The Science of Climate00000
ATM S 341 Atmospheric Radiative Transfer00000
ATM S 358 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry00000
ATM S 380 Weather and Climate Prediction00000
ATM S 431 Boundary-Layer Meteorology00000
ATM S 444 Design and Application of Ensemble Prediction Systems00000
ATM S 458 Air Pollution Chemistry00000
ATM S 487 Fundamentals of Climate Change00000
ATM S 495 EarthGames Studio00000
ATM S 499 Undergraduate Independent Research00000
ATM S 503 Atmospheric Motions I00000
ATM S 508 Geochemical Cycles00000
ATM S 511 Snow and Ice on the Earth's Surface00000
ATM S 520 Atmospheric Sciences Colloquium00000
ATM S 524 Seminar in Climate Dynamics and Energy Transfer00000
ATM S 533 Atmospheric Radiation: Advanced00000
ATM S 536 Mesoscale Storm Structure and Dynamics00000
ATM S 545 General Circulation of Atmosphere00000
ATM S 552 Objective Analysis00000
ATM S 556 Planetary-Scale Dynamics00000
ATM S 560 Atmosphere/Ocean Interactions00000
ATM S 575 Large Scale Dynamics of the Tropical Atmosphere00000
ATM S 585 Climate Impacts on the Pacific Northwest00000
ATM S 587 Fundamentals of Climate Change00000
ATM S 591 Special Topics00000
ATM S 596 Climate Science Capstone Project00000
ATM S 601 Internship00000