UW Superior Course Reviews

University of Wisconsin - Superior

ECED 357Early Childhood Methods00000
ENGL 369Short Story II (Post 1945)00000
CJUS 318Community Corrections00000
CSCI 461Computer Architecture And Organization00000
COMM 268Television And American Culture00000
BUS 405Entrepreneurship00000
EDAD 730Administration And Supervision Of Special Education And Pupi...00000
ART 375Metalwork 200000
COMM 125Beginning Acting For Theatre00000
ART 485Art Therapy Techniques00000
COUN 756Internship-School (Prek-12)00000
COMM 391Advanced Practicum00000
BIOL 481Special Topics00000
DS 775Prescriptive Analytics00000
ART 279Fibers 100000
EDAD 701The Director Of Instruction00000
CHEM 320Organic Chemistry Lecture I00000
ENGED 370Reading And Language Arts Methods00000
AIRS 302Air Force Leadership Studies00000
FIN 320Principles Of Finance00000
ART 460Sculpture 300000
COMM 203News Gathering And Reporting00000
ANTH 104The History Of Human Origins00000
COMM 353Persuasion00000
BIOL 100Environmental Science00000
COUN 730Human Growth And Development00000
COMM 491Senior Capstone00000
BIOL 330Genetics00000
CSCI 224Assembly Language Programming00000
ART 224Visual Arts In Non-Western Societies00000
DS 705Statistical Methods00000
BUS 363Business Ethics And Social Responsibility00000
EC 470Child Life00000
AIRS 211Afrotc Gmc Leadership Laboratory00000
ECON 351Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
BUS 495Strategic Management (Capstone)00000
EDAD 720School Business Administration00000
ART 340Printmaking 200000
EDAD 750School Law00000
CHEM 496Senior Paper00000
ENGL 221American Literature I00000
ACCT 466Senior Project In Accounting00000
ENST 200People And The Environment: Challenges & Actions00000
COAC 244Coaching Of Specific Sports: Track & Field/Cross-Country00000
FIN 426Investments00000
AIRS 412Afrotc Poc Leadership Laboratory00000
COMM 180Introduction To Technical Theatre00000
ART 479Fibers 300000
COMM 226Professional Preparation For Theatre00000
AIRS 101Foundations Of The U.S. Air Force00000
COMM 330Advanced News Gathering And Reporting00000
ART 798Practicum00000
COMM 365Theatre Direction00000
ANTH 320Environmental Anthropology00000
COMM 455Theorizing Media Culture00000
BIOL 130Principles Of Biology I00000
COUN 718Family Crisis Intervention00000
COMM 499Intern Teaching In Communication00000
BIOL 300Marine Biology00000
COUN 746Ethics In Professional Counseling00000
ART 205Drawing 100000
CSCI 101Introduction To Computer Science00000
BIOL 367Ornithology00000
CSCI 340Software Development And Professional Practice00000
AIRS 201Evolution Of The Us Air Force Air And Space Power00000
CSCI 499Group Capstone Project00000
BUS 211Business Law I00000
DS 735Communicating About Data00000
ART 260Sculpture 100000
EC 252Foundations Of Early Childhood00000
BUS 380Principles Of Management00000
EC 482Seminars In Child Development00000
ACCT 462Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ECON 330Money And Banking00000
BUS 482Marketing Research00000
ECON 470Applied Economic Analysis00000
ART 305Drawing 200000
EDAD 706Practicum - Director Of Instruction00000
CHEM 103Principles Of General Chemistry00000
EDAD 725Practicum - Prek-12 Principal00000
AIRS 301Air Force Leadership Studies00000
EDAD 736Practicum- Director Of Special Education00000
CHEM 345Physical Chemistry Lect I00000
EDAD 851Politics Of Education00000
ART 350Psychology Of Art00000
ENGED 465Content Area Literacy00000
CJUS 207Police And Society00000
ENGL 241World Literature I00000
ACCT 352Intermediate Accounting I00000
ENGL 466Contemporary American Poetry00000
CJUS 463Delinquency And Juvenile Justice00000
ESL 133Listening To Academic English00000
ART 410Painting 300000
COMM 104Film And Culture00000
ACCT 200Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 357Accounting Information Systems00000
AIRS 111Afrotc Gmc Leadership Laboratory00000
ART 101Introduction To Art00000
BIOL 270Human Anatomy And Physiology I00000
COUN 706Pre-Practicum00000