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UW Oshkosh Course Reviews

University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 230Scientific Glassblowing43521
ART 311Art History, Medieval Art00000
BIOLOGY 374Cell/Immunology Laboratory00000
BIOLOGY 550Electron Microscopy00000
BIOLOGY 319General Animal Physiology00000
ART 204Drawing II00000
BIOLOGY 508Comparative Anatomy00000
ANTHRO 310Anthropology Film00000
ANTHRO 372Primate Behavior and Ecology00000
ART 341Water Based Painting II00000
ART 375Painting II00000
BIOLOGY 302Internship in Environmental Health00000
ART 105Understanding the Arts (XC)00000
BIOLOGY 343Genetics - Lecture and Laboratory00000
ANTHRO 123Q1Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (ES)(XC)00000
BIOLOGY 414Sonography General/Vascular Block I00000
ART 259Printmaking: Lithography, Serigraphy00000
BIOLOGY 521Mycology00000
ACCT 208Financial Accounting Cycle00000
BIOLOGY 796Independent Study in Biology/Microbiology00000
ANTHRO 344Kinship, Gender and Sexuality00000
ART 356Middle School and Secondary Art Education Methods00000
ACCT 305Accounting Information Systems00000
ANTHRO 400Anthropology Senior Seminar00000
ART 434Figure Drawing III00000
ART 463Art Metal III00000
BIOLOGY 230Biology of Animals (XL)00000
ARABIC 111Introduction to Arabic II (XC)00000
BIOLOGY 312Medical Bacteriology (Lecture)00000
AFAMST 395Special Topics A: Optional Content00000
BIOLOGY 330Ichthyology (NS)00000
ART 120Q2Arts and Leadership (XC)(GC)00000
BIOLOGY 351Evolution00000
ACAD 115Academic Recovery00000
BIOLOGY 404RT Block I00000
ART 239Typography I00000
BIOLOGY 456Related Readings00000
ANTHRO 220Q3Culture and Health (XS)00000
BIOLOGY 515Virology00000
ART 285Animation I00000
BIOLOGY 536Fresh Water Algae00000
ABT 750Biotechnology Marketing and Entrepreneurship00000
BIOLOGY 586Ecosystem Ecology00000
ART 323Art History, American Art00000
BUSINESS 207Essentials of Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 302Intermediate Accounting II00000
ART 352Functional Design II00000
ANTHRO 359Fantastic Archaeology00000
ART 363Art Metal II00000
ABT 765Assessing Innovation in Biotechnology00000
ART 391Developmental Art for Preschool00000
ANTHRO 378Human Evolution00000
ART 438Graphic Design III00000
ACCT 408Advanced Accounting00000
ANTHRO 474Honors Thesis00000
ART 475Painting III00000
ART 488Advanced Interdisciplinary Media Arts00000
BIOLOGY 141Principles of Heredity (XN)00000
APC 490Capstone Project Preparation00000
BIOLOGY 250Medical Mycology00000
AFAMST 260Distinguished Figures of African Descent00000
BIOLOGY 308Comparative Anatomy00000
ART 101Q1Elements of Studio Art (XC)00000
BIOLOGY 315Virology00000
ABT 789Pre-Capstone00000
BIOLOGY 325Field Ecology00000
ART 1143-Dimensional Design (XC)00000
BIOLOGY 338Environmental Toxicology00000
ANTHRO 102Introduction to Anthropology (XS)00000
BIOLOGY 349Ecology and Evolution00000
ART 142Introduction to Digital Art00000
BIOLOGY 360Special Topics in Biology00000
ABT 735Quality Control and Validation00000
BIOLOGY 376Population and Community Ecology00000
ART 224Q3Conflict and Memorial (XC)(ES)00000
BIOLOGY 407RT Block IV00000
ANTHRO 206Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (XC)00000
BIOLOGY 445Topics in Environmental Health00000
ART 245Photography I00000
BIOLOGY 491Senior Survey00000
ACAD 169College Reading Strategies00000
BIOLOGY 513Medical Bacteriology (Lab)00000
ART 267Sculpture I00000
BIOLOGY 518Wildlife Behavior and Conservation00000
ANTHRO 291Selected Topics in Anthropology00000
BIOLOGY 527Microbial Ecology & Diversity00000
ART 305Special Topics in 2D Studio00000
BIOLOGY 545Plant Physiology00000
ABT 715Techniques in Biotechnology00000
BIOLOGY 554Parasitology00000
ART 318Sub-Saharan African Art (GS)00000
BIOLOGY 748Graduate Seminar in Biological Sciences00000
ANTHRO 328Peasant and Contemporary Cultures of Latin America00000
BIOLOGY 104Ecosphere in Crisis (XL)00000
ART 326Museum Studies00000
ABT 700Principles of Biotechnology00000
ABT 720Experimental Design and Analysis in Biotechnology00000
ABT 780Bioinformatic Inquiry00000
AFAMST 100Introduction to African American Studies (ES)(XC)00000
APC 440Web Development00000