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UVU Course Reviews

Utah Valley University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
POLS 1000American Heritage AS33121
MGMT 3000Organizational Behavior WE55431
ASL 3370Sign to Voice Interpreting00000
ART 363RPainting III00000
AUTS 3820Autism across the LIfespan II Teens and Adults00000
ARTH 391RArt Hist Seminar Art and Music00000
ANTH 4310Kinship and the Family00000
AUT 202LAutomotive Service Practicum Emission Controls and Chassis E...00000
AET 1145Applied AC Lab00000
ART 463RPainting IV00000
AET 2275Industrial Programmable Automation Controllers--PACs Lab00000
ART 1410Typography I00000
ART 3800Low-Fire Ceramics00000
ANTH 3360Contemporary Issues in American Culture00000
ARTH 3400Arts Management00000
AERO 1110Aerospace Defense General Purpose and Support Forces00000
ASL 4550Multicultural Deaf Lives00000
ARC 4540Architecture Professional Practice00000
AUT 1160Automotive Electrical Systems00000
ACC 4420Corporate Tax00000
AVSC 1410Aeronautical Knowledge for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems00000
AET 2015Manufacturing Technology Lab00000
ART 499RBFA Project WE00000
ACC 5140Fraud Examination00000
ART 2230Illustrative Media and Techniques I00000
AIST 3360American Indian Education Policy00000
ART 2480UI/UX Design I00000
ART 3480UI/UX Design II00000
ANTH 2030Archeological Method and Theory00000
ART 4830Professional Practices for the Visual Arts II WE00000
ACC 6960Accounting Theory and Research00000
ARTH 3050Baroque Art and Architecture History00000
ANTH 3500Discourse Semiotics and Representation00000
ASL 2010Intermediate American Sign Language I LH00000
ACC 4020Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ASL 4330Visual Linguistic Analysis for Interpreters00000
ARC 3130Codes and Construction Law00000
AUT 101LMaintenance and Light Repair Lab00000
AERO 3110Management and Leadership B00000
AUT 222LAutomotive Service Practicum Transmission Controls Lab00000
ART 334RSculpture III00000
AUT 2240Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Theor...00000
ACC 2120Principles of Accounting II00000
AVSC 1050Introduction to Aviation Management00000
ART 369RContemporary Figure Painting00000
AVSC 2130Aviation Safety00000
ACC 5020Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ART 481RArt and Design Internship00000
AET 2165Industrial Electronics II Lab00000
ART 11303D Design00000
ACC 2600Business Law and Ethics00000
ART 1790Dark Room Techniques00000
AIST 180GIntroduction to American Indian Studies SS GI00000
ART 2340Sculpture II00000
ACC 6130Case Studies in Auditing00000
ART 2650Watermedia II00000
AIST 3830Indians of the Great Plains00000
ART 2720Color Photography00000
ART 3420Typography II00000
ANTH 475RCurrent Topics ANTH Fiction00000
ART 3740Fine Art Photography WE00000
ACC 6510Financial Auditing00000
ART 4440Motion Graphics Studio00000
ANTH 2880Introduction to Theory and Ethnography WE00000
ARTH 300RSpec Topics ARTH Chinese Cult00000
ACC 3300Cost Management00000
ARTH 3010History of Design and Visual Arts00000
ANTH 3420Andean Religion00000
ARTH 3110The History of Illustration WE00000
AERO 401RLeadership Laboratory 4B00000
ASL 385GAudism/Linguicism/Oppression GI00000
ANTH 3830Biology and Culture00000
ASL 3320Physiology of Interpreting00000
ACC 2020Managerial Accounting00000
ASL 3530Modern Deaf Culture WE00000
ARC 2110Architecture Studio I00000
ASL 4383Applying Interpreting Skills to Coursework--Community00000
AERO 2110The Development and Growth of Air Power B00000
ASTR 1070Cultural Astronomy in Our Lives PP00000
ARC 4220Building Envelope and Science00000
AUT 116LAutomotive Electrical Systems Lab00000
ACC 4310Advanced Management Accounting00000
AUT 213LAutomotive Service Practicum Emission Controls Lab00000
ART 300RSpecial Topics Art Fiber Arts00000
AUT 299RSkillsUSA00000
AET 1060AC Electrical Math00000
AUT 2120Advanced Engine Performance00000
ART 344RMotion Graphics II00000
AUTS 481RField Placement00000
ACC 679RSpecial Topics in Accounting00000
AVSC 410GGlobal Ethical and Professional Issues in Aviation GI00000
ART 367RPrintmaking II00000
AVSC 1230Flight Cross Country00000
AET 1280Electric Motor Control00000
ART 3005Ceramic History Trends and Practices00000
ART 426RConcept Design00000
ACC 281RCooperative Work Experience00000
ACC 1750Applied Accounting00000
ACC 3010Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACC 6420Principles of Corporate Tax00000