UVM Course Reviews

University of Vermont

PHYS 031Physics for Engineers I13211
HLTH 051Wilderness First Responder55551
HLTH 153Emergency Medical Technician43551
ASL 002American Sign Language II00000
ASCI 234Advanced Dairy Management00000
ARTS 122Painting: Color and Invention00000
ARTH 008D2: Asian Art00000
AT 174Clinical Experience in AT VI00000
ARTS 237Advanced Photography00000
BHSC 034Human Cell Biology00000
AS 190Internship00000
ASCI 193Independent Study00000
ARTS 003Three-Dimensional Studies00000
ASCI 294Teaching Assistantship00000
ANTH 285Anthropology of Food and Labor00000
ASTR 096Extraterrestrial Life00000
ARTS 191Internship00000
AT 295Evidence-Based Practice in AT00000
ANTH 140Primates and Anthropology00000
BHSC 281Applied Molecular Biology00000
ARTH 148Greek Art00000
ANTH 178Sociolinguistics00000
ASCI 005Intro to the Horse00000
ARTH 17420th-Century Art00000
ASCI 043Intro to Animal Nutrition00000
ASCI 098Intro Undergraduate Research00000
ASCI 177Animal Plagues & Global Health00000
ARTH 285Ornament in Asian Art00000
ASCI 216Endocrinology00000
ANTH 210Archaeological Theory00000
ASCI 264Clin Topics:Livestock Medicine00000
ARTS 113Clay: Hand Building00000
ASCI 302ASCI Graduate Seminar00000
ANTH 113QR:Introduction to Semantics00000
ASL 192Independent Study00000
ARTS 139Animation00000
ASTR 177Spacecraft Astronomy00000
ANTH 293Internship00000
AT 191Independent Study00000
ARTS 198Undergraduate Research00000
BCOR 102SU: Ecology and Evolution00000
ANTH 040FW:TAP:Parenting & Childhood00000
BHSC 175Cross Sectional Imaging00000
ARTS 297Independent Study00000
BHSC 292Independent Study00000
ANTH 164Indians of the NE: Vermont00000
AS 197Teaching Assistantship00000
ARTH 163Italian High and Late Ren Art00000
ASCI 021Horse Barn Cooperative00000
ANTH 085D2:Food and Culture00000
ASCI 097Introductory Special Topics00000
ARTH 184D2: Islamic Art00000
ANTH 189D2:Aging in Cross-Cultrl Persp00000
ASCI 111Animal Anatomy00000
ARTH 187D2: Chinese Painting00000
ASCI 119Equine Training Techniques00000
ASCI 122Animals in Soc/Animal Welfare00000
ASCI 156Dairy Management Seminar00000
ARTH 199Gender,Race& Ethnicity in Art00000
ASCI 187Intro to Biochemistry: Lab00000
ANTH 196SL:Qualitative ResearchMethods00000
ASCI 198Undergraduate Research00000
ARTH 298Undergraduate Research00000
ASCI 221Lameness in Horses00000
ANTH 105Introduction to the Major00000
ASCI 242Advanced Animal Nutrition00000
ARTS 095FW:TAP:Wheel Throwing00000
ASCI 277Animal and Human Parasitology00000
ANTH 245Laboratory Archaeology Topics00000
ASCI 297Advanced Special Topics00000
ARTH 198Undergraduate Research00000
ASCI 391Master's Thesis Research00000
ANTH 024D2: SU:Prehistoric Archaeology00000
ASL 101American Sign Language V00000
ARTS 137Photography00000
ASL 295ASL Literature00000
ANTH 290Ethnographic Field Methods00000
ASTR 153Moons & Planets00000
ARTS 145Graphic Design00000
AT 158Fundamentals of Athletic Trng00000
ANTH 126Police, Power, Prison00000
AT 187Rehabilitation Techniques00000
ARTS 196Digital Art: 3D Model Creation00000
AT 196Intro to Athletic Training00000
ARTH 005Western Art:Ancient Medieval00000
BCOR 012Exploring Biology00000
ARTS 221Projects in Painting00000
BCOR 197Teaching Assistantship00000
ANPS 019Ugr Hum Anatomy & Physiology 100000
BHSC 140Radiation Science00000
ARTS 248Advanced Film/Video Projects00000
BHSC 198Undergraduate Research00000
ARTH 096Introduction to Museum Studies00000
ARTH 188D2: Indian Painting00000
ASCI 130Intermediate Horseback Riding00000
ASCI 134Cream00000
AS 096Extraterrestrial Life00000
ANFS 491Doctoral Dissertation Research00000
ANTH 014Languages of the World00000
ANTH 096D2: Religion, Health & Healing00000