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UVic Course Reviews

University of Victoria

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SOCI100AIntroduction to Sociology: Understanding Social Life3.
SOCI499Honours Seminar and Thesis3.72.544.52
SOCI376Quantitative Research Methods3.74342
SOCI100BIntroduction to Sociology: Understanding Contemporary Society4.33551
SOCI310Religion in Society45431
SOCI471Intermediate Social Statistics43451
SOCI309Contemporary Social Theorizing44351
SOCI431Issues in Social Theorizing43451
SOCI374Qualitative Research Methods45251
SOCI390Special Topics in Sociology3.73531
SOCI438Issues in Contemporary Sociology3.33341
SOCI313Sociology of Law2.33221
SOCI210Classical Social Theorizing00000
SOCI305BFamilies and Social Change00000
SOCI345Sociology of Mental Health00000
SOCI384Colonialism, Postcoloniality and Indigenous Resurgence00000
SOCI432Issues in Health and Aging00000
SOCI204Self, Identity and Society00000
SOCI281Sociology of Genders00000
SOCI316Social Movements00000
SOCI331Politics and Society00000
SOCI435Issues in Gender, Sexuality and Trans Communities00000
SOCI206Crime and Deviance00000
SOCI235Racialization and Ethnicity00000
SOCI321Work, Employment and Society00000
SOCI382Sociology of Sexualities00000
SOCI436Issues in Sociology and Social Justice00000
SOCI205Sociological Perspectives on Family Relationships00000
SOCI271Introduction to Social Statistics00000
SOCI327International Perspectives on Inequities in Health and Health Care00000
SOCI383Feminisms in Theory and Practice00000
SOCI389Death and Dying00000
SOCI437Issues in Environmental Sociology and Climate Change00000
SOCI103Canadian Society00000
SOCI215Class and Social Inequality00000
SOCI307Regulation and Social Control00000
SOCI326Social Networks00000
SOCI202Constructing Social Problems00000
SOCI211Introduction to Sociological Research00000
SOCI285Health over the Life Course00000
SOCI318Social Change00000
SOCI355The Corporation, Capitalism, and Globalization00000
SOCI385Sociology of Aging00000
SOCI433Issues in Demography and Families00000
SOCI490Directed Studies00000
SOCI220Media and Contemporary Society00000
SOCI312White-Collar Crime00000
SOCI388Sociology of Food and Eating00000
SOCI434Issues in Deviance, Crime, Law and Social Control00000
SOCI 346Sociology of Surveillance00000
SOCI 439BCommunity Engaged Sociology II00000
SOCI 507Intermediate Social Statistics00000
SOCI 551Current Issues in the Sociology of Crime, Deviance and Law00000
SOCI 699PhD Dissertation00000
SOCI 401Sociology Of Law00000
SOCI 439ACommunity Engaged Sociology I00000
SOCI 515Qualitative Research00000
SOCI 598Major Research Paper00000
SOCI 412Sociological Explanations00000
SOCI 503Foundations of Sociological Explanations00000
SOCI 535Current Issues in Ecology, Global Sociology and Social Movem...00000
SOCI 616Advanced Strategies in Qualitative Research00000
SOCI 207Ecology, Society and Global Change00000
SOCI 402Current Issues In Social Theory00000
SOCI 445Sociology Of Health And Illness00000
SOCI 525Current Issues in Gender, Racialization and Ethnicity00000
SOCI 599Thesis00000
SOCI 335Racialization and Ethnicity00000
SOCI 430AIssues in Racialization, Ethnicity and Decolonization00000
SOCI 504Current Issues in Social Theory00000
SOCI 545Current Issues in Health, Aging and Society00000
SOCI 693PhD Candidacy Examinations00000