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UVic Course Reviews

University of Victoria

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EOS120The Dynamic Earth3.9443.52
EOS110Oceans and Atmosphere4.75541
EOS202Structural Geology33341
EOS340Atmospheric Sciences00000
EOS491Advanced Topics in Earth and Ocean Sciences00000
EOS201Sedimentary Geology00000
EOS314Descriptive Physical Oceanography00000
EOS300Earth Science Field School00000
EOS401Oceanographic Field School00000
EOS460Earth System Science00000
EOS170Natural Hazards00000
EOS335Isotopes in Natural Sciences00000
EOS433The Climate System00000
EOS316Igneous and Metamorphic Geology00000
EOS425Aqueous Chemistry in the Earth and Ocean00000
EOS225Earth System Modelling00000
EOS400Advanced Field Geology00000
EOS450Quaternary Geology00000
EOS312Introductory Chemical Oceanography00000
EOS416High Temperature Petrology00000
EOS350Understanding the Oceans00000
EOS431Physical Oceanography00000
EOS311Biological Oceanography00000
EOS408Marine Geology00000
EOS490Directed Studies in Earth and Ocean Sciences00000
EOS210Introductory Geophysics00000
EOS403Global Biogeochemical Cycles00000
EOS451Introductory Dynamic Meteorology00000
EOS365Climate and Society00000
EOS492Advanced Laboratory Topics in Earth and Ocean Sciences00000
EOS313Introductory Geological Oceanography00000
EOS410Global Tectonics00000
EOS480Applied Geophysics00000
EOS422Energy Resources00000
EOS499BHonours Thesis II00000
EOS260Earth System Evolution00000
EOS420Resource Geology00000
EOS499AHonours Thesis I00000
EOS 504ASELECTED TOPICS GEOCHEM: Chemical Oceanography00000
EOS 538Aqueous Geochemistry and the Environment00000
EOS 504SELECTED TOPICS GEOCHEMISTRY: Isotope tracers of Earth-Ocean...00000
EOS 525Research Frontiers in Earth and Ocean Science00000
EOS 562AMathematical Tools For Earth, Ocean And Atmospheric Sciences00000
EOS 321Earth History00000
EOS 518ASELECTED TOPICS IN SEOS: Advanced Studies in Marine Palynolo...00000
EOS 551Introductory Dynamic Meteorology00000
EOS 513Advanced Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology00000
EOS 531Physical Oceanography00000
EOS 699PhD Dissertation00000
EOS 503Global Biogeochemical Cycles00000
EOS 519CSELECTED TOPICS IN GEOPHYSICS: Earthquake Seismology00000
EOS 562MATHEMATICAL TOOLS: Mathematical Tools For EOS: Land-Atmosph...00000
EOS 230Scientific Computing and Environmental Data Analysis00000
EOS 518EARTH, OCEAN + ATMOSPHERC SCIE: Advanced Sedimentology & Str...00000
EOS 550The Climate System00000
EOS 261The Ocean-Climate System00000
EOS 519BSELECTED TOPICS IN GEOPHYSICS: Whole-Earth Geophysics00000
EOS 693PhD Candidacy Examination00000
EOS 130Climate Change00000
EOS 508Marine Geology00000
EOS 526Geophysical Inverse Theory00000
EOS 599MSc Thesis00000
EOS 220Weather and Climate00000
EOS 516Ocean Acoustics00000