UVic Course Reviews

University of Victoria

CSC111Fundamentals of Programming with Engineering Applications3.
CSC225Algorithms and Data Structures I2.92.32.834
CSC349ANumerical Analysis3.33.73.333
CSC115Fundamentals of Programming II43442
CSC230Introduction to Computer Architecture4343.52
CSC360Operating Systems3.72451
CSC100Elementary Computing3.75331
CSC106The Practice of Computer Science11131
CSC370Database Systems34341
CSC101Untangling the Web by Analyzing and Architecting Digital Solutions00000
CSC130World Wide Web and Mobile Applications00000
CSC2052D Computer Graphics and Image Processing00000
CSC305Introduction to Computer Graphics00000
CSC350Computer Architecture00000
CSC375Introduction to Systems Analysis00000
CSC423Randomized Algorithms00000
CSC426Computational Geometry00000
CSC449Numerical Linear Algebra00000
CSC461Multimedia Systems00000
CSC467Switching, Network Traffic and Quality of Service00000
CSC473Fundamentals of Computer Animation00000
CSC482BTopics in Algorithms00000
CSC483BTopics in Programming Methodology00000
CSC483DTopics in Programming Methodology00000
CSC484CTopics in Scientific Computing00000
CSC485BTopics in Systems00000
CSC485ETopics in Systems00000
CSC485HTopics in Systems00000
CSC486CTopics in Graphics00000
CSC497Interdisciplinary Project00000
CSC411Information Visualization00000
CSC103Introductory Programming and Software Development00000
CSC116Fundamentals of Programming with Engineering Applications II00000
CSC167Game Strategy, Interaction and Design00000
CSC226Algorithms and Data Structures II00000
CSC320Foundations of Computer Science00000
CSC330Programming Languages00000
CSC355Digital Logic and Computer Organization00000
CSC361Computer Communications and Networks00000
CSC371Data Management and Visualization00000
CSC421Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00000
CSC428ACombinatorial Algorithms00000
CSC435Compiler Construction00000
CSC446Operations Research: Simulation00000
CSC463Wireless and Mobile Networks00000
CSC466Overlay and Peer-to-Peer Networking00000
CSC472Fundamentals of Computer Modelling00000
CSC482ATopics in Algorithms00000
CSC482DTopics in Algorithms00000
CSC483CTopics in Programming Methodology00000
CSC484BTopics in Scientific Computing00000
CSC485ATopics in Systems00000
CSC485DTopics in Systems00000
CSC485GTopics in Systems00000
CSC486BTopics in Graphics00000
CSC490Directed Studies00000
CSC499Honours Seminar and Project00000
CSC105Computers and Information Processing00000
CSC110Fundamentals of Programming I00000
CSC299Undergraduate Directed Project00000
CSC322Logic and Programming00000
CSC422Graph Algorithms00000
CSC425Analysis of Algorithms00000
CSC445Operations Research: Linear Programming00000
CSC460Design and Analysis of Real-time Systems00000
CSC462Distributed Computing00000
CSC471Fundamentals of Computer Rendering00000
CSC475Music Retrieval Techniques00000
CSC482CTopics in Algorithms00000
CSC483ATopics in Programming Methodology00000
CSC484ATopics in Scientific Computing00000
CSC484DTopics in Scientific Computing00000
CSC485CTopics in Systems00000
CSC485FTopics in Systems00000
CSC486ATopics in Graphics00000
CSC486DTopics in Graphics00000
CSC 501Algorithms and Data Models00000
CSC 511Information Visualization00000
CSC 525Computational Biology Algorithms00000
CSC 545Operations Research I00000
CSC 561Multimedia Systems00000
CSC 575Music Retrieval Techniques00000
CSC 578CTPCS:SOFTWARE APPLICATION: Designing Creativity Support Tool...00000
CSC 581ATPCS:ARTIFICIAL INTELGNCE: Machine Learning Theory00000
CSC 582CTPCS:THEORETICAL C SC: Algorithms for Convex Optimization00000
CSC 582BTpcs:Theoretical C Sc: Tools For Research On Combinatorial P...00000
CSC 586BTPCS:COMP SYSTEM+SOFTWARE: Geometric Modeling00000
CSC 588ASELECTD TOPICS IN DATA SCIENCE: Advanced Topics in Bioinfoma...00000
CSC 595Research Skills00000
CSC 598Master's Project00000
CSC 699PhD Dissertation00000
CSC 502Systems for Massive Datasets00000
CSC 520Analysis of Algorithms00000
CSC 529Cryptography00000
CSC 546Operations Research II00000
CSC 564Concurrency00000
CSC 567Switching, Network Traffic and Quality of Service00000
CSC 579Overlay and Peer-to-Peer Networking00000
CSC 581DTPCS:ARTIFICIAL INTELGNCE: Reinforcement Learning00000
CSC 581CTPCS:ARTIFICIAL INTELGNCE: Introduction to Artificial Intell...00000
CSC 582ATPCS:THEORETICAL C SC: Collective Decision Making00000
CSC 586ATPCS:COMP SYSTEM+SOFTWARE: Quantum Algorithms and Software E...00000
CSC 589CTOPICS:COMPUTER SCIENCE: Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics00000
CSC 597Industrial Master's Project00000
CSC 599Master's Thesis00000
CSC 503Data Mining00000
CSC 523Randomized Algorithms00000
CSC 535Compiler Construction00000
CSC 560Design and Analysis of Real-Time Systems00000
CSC 569Wireless and Mobile Networks00000
CSC 578BTPCS:SOFTWARE APPLICATION: Data Science and Software Enginee...00000
CSC 581BTPCS:ARTIFICIAL INTELGNCE: Introduction to Deep Learning for...00000
CSC 693PhD Candidacy00000