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UVic Course Reviews

University of Victoria

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL184Evolution and Biodiversity34.522.52
BIOL215Principles of Ecology2.31421
BIOL230Principles of Genetics00000
BIOL329Biology of the Vertebrates of British Columbia00000
BIOL370Conservation Biology00000
BIOL446Advanced Aquatic Ecology00000
BIOL468Food Web Ecology00000
BIOL326Development and Genetics of Model Plants00000
BIOL367Neurobiology: Molecules to Behaviour00000
BIOL447Ion Channels and Disease00000
BIOL490ADirected Studies and Research in Botany00000
BIOL330Study Design and Data Analysis00000
BIOL400History of Biology00000
BIOL465The Molecular Basis of Cancer00000
BIOL322Biology of Marine Invertebrates00000
BIOL362Techniques in Molecular Biology00000
BIOL438Nutrient Cycling and Prokaryotes00000
BIOL490FDirected Studies and Research in Cell and Molecular Biology00000
BIOL359Food, Disease and People00000
BIOL435Molecular Evolution00000
BIOL457Paleoecology and Environmental Change00000
BIOL490DDirected Studies and Research in Marine Biology00000
BIOL309Developmental Biology00000
BIOL345Animal Behaviour00000
BIOL409BExperimental Neurobiology00000
BIOL459Human Microbial Diseases00000
BIOL490EDirected Studies and Research in Zoology00000
BIOL319Marine Ecology00000
BIOL351The Biology behind the News00000
BIOL418Forest Ecology00000
BIOL462Community and Ecosystem00000
BIOL490JDirected Studies and Research in Forest Biology00000
BIOL248Topics in Organismal Biology00000
BIOL336Biology of Algae00000
BIOL366Plant Physiology00000
BIOL470Advanced Topics in Biology00000
BIOL499BHonours Thesis II00000
BIOL150AModern Biology00000
BIOL311Biological Oceanography00000
BIOL346Freshwater Ecosystems00000
BIOL439Molecular Epidemiology00000
BIOL186Physiology and Cell Biology00000
BIOL325Tree Biology00000
BIOL458Plant Biochemistry and Biochemical Ecology00000
BIOL467Neural Development00000
BIOL150BModern Biology00000
BIOL324Biology of Land Plants00000
BIOL361Molecular Genetics and Genomics00000
BIOL436Human Molecular Genetics00000
BIOL466Frontiers in Marine Biology00000
BIOL499AHonours Thesis I00000
BIOL307Chordate Zoology00000
BIOL365Animal Physiology00000
BIOL432Molecular Endocrinology00000
BIOL461Fisheries Ecology and Management00000
BIOL490HDirected Studies and Research in Neurobiology00000
BIOL225Principles of Cell Biology00000
BIOL334Plants and People00000
BIOL404Sensory Biology00000
BIOL449Flowering Plant Diversity00000
BIOL490BDirected Studies and Research in Ecology00000
BIOL321Survey of Invertebrates00000
BIOL360Cell Biology00000
BIOL460Honours Seminar00000
BIOL490GDirected Studies and Research in Evolution00000
BIOL 509DIon Channels: Structure and Function00000
BIOL 540Molecular Epidemiology00000
BIOL 522Sensory Biology00000
BIOL 560Annual Biology Graduate Symposium00000
BIOL 509BNeurobiology: Molecules to Behaviour00000
BIOL 544Molecular Evolution00000
BIOL 699PhD Dissertation00000
BIOL 516Neuroethology00000
BIOL 561Fisheries Ecology and Management00000
BIOL 536Human Molecular Genetics00000
BIOL 599Thesis00000
BIOL 513Developmental Biology00000
BIOL 557Paleoecology and Environmental Change00000
BIOL 532Molecular Endocrinology00000
BIOL 563Topics in Applied Statistics00000
BIOL 565Research and Communication Skills in Biology00000
BIOL 538Nutrient Cycling and Prokaryotes00000
BIOL 693PhD Candicacy Examination00000
BIOL 567Neural Development00000