UVA Course Reviews

University of Virginia

AMST 1060The Aftermath of Slavery at UVA and in Virginia00000
AMST 2422Point of View Journalism00000
AMST 2660Spiritual But Not Religious: Spirituality in America00000
AMST 3001Theories and Methods of American Studies00000
AMST 3222Hands-On Public History: Slavery and Reconstruction, Part II00000
AMST 3300Introduction to Latinx Studies00000
AMST 3425American Material Culture00000
AMST 3427Gender, Things, and Difference00000
AMST 3559New Course in American Studies00000
AMST 3641Native America00000
AMST 4401Literature of the Americas00000
AMST 4500Fourth-Year Seminar in American Studies00000
AMST 4998Distinguished Majors Program Thesis Research00000
AMST 8570Studies in American Culture00000
AMST 2460Language in the U.S.00000
AMST 2753Arts and Cultures of the Slave South00000
AMST 3280Introduction to Native American Studies: (Mis)Representation...00000
AMST 3321Race and Ethnicity in Latinx Literature00000
AMST 3355Border Media00000
AMST 3463Language and New Media00000
AMST 3471American Cinema00000
AMST 3630Vietnam War in Literature and Film00000
AMST 3880Literature of the South00000
AMST 4351Aural Histories: Edison to Auto-Tune00000
AMST 4472Hollywood Cinema's Golden Age: The 1930s00000
AMST 4559New Course in American Studies00000
AMST 5559New Course in American Studies00000
AMST 8993Independent Study in American Studies00000
AMST 1559New Course in American Studies00000
AMST 2321Latinx Fiction and Film00000
AMST 3200African American Political Thought00000
AMST 4893Independent Study in Asian Pacific American Studies00000
AMST 4999Distinguished Majors Thesis Seminar00000
AMST 1050Slavery and Its Legacies00000
AMST 2001Introduction to American Studies00000
AMST 2559New Course in American Studies00000
AMST 3180Introduction to Asian American Studies00000
AMST 3221Hands-On Public History: Slavery and Reconstruction00000
AMST 3323Hemispheric Latinx Literature and Culture00000
AMST 3407Racial Borders and American Cinema00000
AMST 3465America and the Global South in Literature and Film00000
AMST 3500Topics in American Studies00000
AMST 3740Cultures of Hip-Hop00000
AMST 4321Caribbean Latinx: Cuba, Puerto Rico and the DR00000
AMST 4993Independent Study00000
AMST 8001Approaches to American Studies00000