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UVA Course Reviews

University of Virginia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 1410Introductory College Chemistry I31331
MATH 3100Introduction to Probability11121
ARCH 1010Lessons of the Lawn14111
ANTH 7630Chinese Family and Religion00000
ANTH 5589Selected Topics in Archaeology00000
AMST 8993Independent Study in American Studies00000
ALAR 8100Thesis I00000
APMA 3120Statistics00000
ANTH 2560Hierarchy and Equality00000
ARAB 4020Advanced Arabic IV00000
ANTH 3020Using Anthropology00000
ANTH 5440Morphology00000
AMST 4321Caribbean Latinx: Cuba, Puerto Rico and the DR00000
ANTH 7130Disease, Epidemics and Society00000
AIRS 2100Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
APMA 2130Ordinary Differential Equations00000
ANTH 2340Anthropology of Birth and Death00000
ARAB 2020Intermediate Arabic00000
ACCT 2010Introductory Accounting I00000
ARAD 3100Principles and Practices of Arts Administration00000
AMST 1559New Course in American Studies00000
ACCT 3120Intermediate Accounting II00000
ANTH 3152Rainforests of Flesh / Peoples of Spirit00000
AMST 2559New Course in American Studies00000
ANTH 3275The Corporation: History, Culture, Capital00000
ANTH 3310Controversies of Care in Contemporary Africa00000
ANTH 5270Care and Abandonment00000
AMST 3500Topics in American Studies00000
ANTH 5490Speech Play and Verbal Art00000
ACCT 5460Federal Taxation II00000
ANTH 7020Contemporary Anthropological Theory00000
AMST 4893Independent Study in Asian Pacific American Studies00000
ANTH 7470Language and Culture in the Middle East00000
AAS 4725Queer Africas00000
ANTH 9020Directed Readings00000
ANTH 2230Fantasy and Social Values00000
APMA 2551Special Topics in APMA for Clark Scholars00000
AIRS 4100National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty00000
APMA 7548Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics00000
ANTH 2420Language and Gender00000
ARAB 3240Advanced Arabic Conversation and Composition00000
AAS 3671History of the Civil Rights Movement00000
ARAB 5420Advanced Arabic IV00000
ANTH 2800Introduction to Archaeology00000
ARAD 4070Introduction to Design Thinking00000
ACCT 3020Introductory Accounting II00000
ANTH 3129Marriage, Mortality, Fertility00000
AMST 2422Point of View Journalism00000
ANTH 3240The Anthropology of Food00000
AAS 3749Food and Meaning in Africa and the Diaspora00000
ANTH 3290Biopolitics and the Contemporary Condition00000
AMST 3001Theories and Methods of American Studies00000
ACCT 5110Intermediate Accounting I00000
ANTH 3370Power and the Body00000
AMST 3221Hands-On Public History: Slavery and Reconstruction00000
ANTH 3450Native American Languages00000
ANTH 3470Language and Culture in the Middle East00000
ANTH 5210Reconfiguring Kinship Studies00000
AMST 3427Gender, Things, and Difference00000
ANTH 5410Phonology00000
ACCT 5330Accounting for Non-Business Organizations00000
ANTH 5475Multimodal Interaction00000
AMST 3630Vietnam War in Literature and Film00000
ANTH 5541Topics in Linguistics00000
AAS 4109Civil Rights Movement and the Media00000
ANTH 5870Archaeozoology00000
AMST 4472Hollywood Cinema's Golden Age: The 1930s00000
ANTH 7060Dissertation Research Proposal Workshop00000
AIRS 1100Air Force Heritage and Values I00000
ANTH 7420Theories of Language00000
AMST 5559New Course in American Studies00000
ANTH 7559New Course in Anthropology00000
AAS 3559New Course in African and African American Studies00000
ANTH 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research00000
ANTH 2120The Concept of Culture00000
APMA 1090Single Variable Calculus I00000
AIRS 3100Leading People and Effective Communication I00000
APMA 2502Special Topics in Applied Mathematics00000
ANTH 2280Medical Anthropology00000
APMA 3100Probability00000
AAS 5559New Course in African and African American Studies00000
APMA 6430Statistics for Engineers and Scientists00000
ANTH 2400Language and Culture00000
ARAB 1010Elementary Arabic00000
ALAR 7010Research Studio 100000
ARAB 3019Language House Conversation00000
ANTH 2470Reflections of Exile: Jewish Languages and their Communities00000
ARAB 3672Review of Arabic Grammar00000
AAS 2657Routes, Writing, Reggae00000
ARAB 4993Independent Study in Arabic00000
ANTH 2620Sex, Gender, and Culture00000
ARAB 7120Introduction to Arabic Drama00000
ALAR 8999Non-Topical Design Research-Masters00000
AMST 3300Introduction to Latinx Studies00000
ANTH 3705Anthropology of the Middle East00000
ANTH 3890Archaeology of the American Southwest00000
ANTH 2820The Emergence of States and Cities00000
AAS 2224Black Femininities and Masculinities in the US Media00000
AAS 2740Peoples and Cultures of Africa00000
AAS 3853From Redlined to Subprime: Race and Real Estate in the U.S.00000