UVA Course Reviews

University of Virginia

MATH 3100Introduction to Probability11121
ARCH 1010Lessons of the Lawn14111
CHEM 1410Introductory College Chemistry I31331
MDST 7803Computational Media00000
MDST 3900Specialized Field Experience in Media Studies00000
MATH 8510Topics in Number Theory00000
MATH 5653Number Theory00000
MED 8107Transition Course00000
MATH 9950Algebra Seminar00000
MED 9669Electives Program I00000
MDST 2700News Writing00000
MDST 3710Comics & Sequential Art00000
MATH 7840Homotopy Theory00000
MDST 4559New Course in Media Studies00000
MATH 4770General Topology00000
MED 7102Foundations of Clinical Medicine 1C00000
MATH 9010Ramanujan-Serre Seminar00000
MED 8654Surgery, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology Clerkship00000
MATH 4140Mathematics of Derivative Securities00000
MESA 3111Film Festivals and Global Media Cultures: ME/SA Spotlight00000
MATH 7000Seminar on College Teaching00000
MATH 4300Elementary Numerical Analysis00000
MDST 3106History of U.S. Broadcasting00000
MATH 7320Real Analysis and Linear Spaces II00000
MDST 3205New Latin American Cinema00000
MDST 3355Border Media00000
MDST 3690Sports Journalism00000
MATH 7800Algebraic Topology I00000
MDST 3757Design, Technology, Media00000
MATH 4657Bilinear Forms and Group Representations00000
MDST 4106Media and the Kennedy Era00000
MATH 8360Stochastic Calculus and Differential Equations00000
MDST 4960Advanced Independent Projects in Media Studies00000
MATH 3354Survey of Algebra00000
MDST 8966Master's Thesis Development00000
MATH 8851Group Theory00000
MED 7720Clinical Performance Development III00000
MATH 4993Independent Study00000
MED 8646Obstetrics and Gynecology00000
MATH 9410Galois-Grothendieck Seminar00000
MED 8698Research00000
MATH 2315Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra I00000
MESA 1000From Genghis Khan to Stalin: Invasions and Empires of Centra...00000
MDST 2000Introduction to Media Studies00000
MESA 3381Spies in Action: Cine-Media Worlds of Espionage00000
MATH 4220Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics00000
MDST 3000Theory and Criticism of Media00000
MATH 7070Topics in Logic and Model Theory00000
MDST 3115Breaking Bad: Once Upon a Time with the Pests00000
MATH 3250Ordinary Differential Equations00000
MDST 3300Global Media00000
MATH 7360Probability Theory I00000
MATH 4330Calculus on Manifolds00000
MDST 3404Democratic Politics in the New Media Environment00000
MATH 7410Functional Analysis I00000
MDST 3409LGBTQ Issues in the Media00000
MDST 3500Topics in the History of Media00000
MDST 3661Media Bodies00000
MATH 7753Algebra III00000
MDST 3704Games and Play00000
MATH 4652Introduction to Abstract Algebra00000
MDST 3750Money, Media, and Technology00000
MATH 7820Differential Topology00000
MDST 3830History of Film I00000
MATH 3350Applied Linear Algebra00000
MDST 4010Distinguished Majors Thesis Writing or Research Project00000
MATH 8250Partial Differential Equations00000
MDST 4320Celebrities of Color00000
MATH 4720Introduction to Differential Geometry00000
MDST 4670White Out: Screening White Supremacy00000
MATH 8470Fluid Dynamics00000
MDST 7701Media and Everyday Life00000
MATH 1320Calculus II00000
MDST 8003Methods of Media Research00000
MATH 8700Lie Groups00000
MED 6514Social Issues in Medicine II00000
MATH 4900Distinguished Major Thesis00000
MED 7423Patient Student Partnership 1C00000
MATH 8995Thesis00000
MED 7753Integrated Systems III00000
MATH 4040Discrete Mathematics00000
MED 8600Intersession Course00000
MATH 9310Operator Theory Seminar00000
MED 8650Surgery00000
MATH 5030The History of Mathematics00000
MED 8658Peri-Operative Medicine Clerkship00000
MATH 9800Topology Seminar00000
MED 9421Patient Student Partnership Post - Clerkship Phase00000
MATH 1190A Survey of Calculus I with Algebra00000
MED 9672Electives Program IV00000
MATH 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research00000
MESA 2300Crossing Borders: Middle East and South Asia00000
MATH 5700Introduction to Geometry00000
MATH 7559New Course in Mathematics00000
MDST 3505Special Topics in Diversity and Identity in Media00000
MDST 3510Topics in Media Research00000
MDST 2508Topics in Media Practice00000
MAE 6720Computational Fluid Dynamics I00000
MATH 1220A Survey of Calculus II00000
MATH 3315Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra II00000