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UTSA Course Reviews

University of Texas San Antonio

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GEO 5103Current Topics in Geosciences34111
BIO 6233Quantitative Biology54551
CHE 1113General Chemistry II(Q)22331
GEO 5991Graduate Seminar in Geology35321
GEO 5904Carbonate Petrology23221
ME 4803Senior Design I51351
BIO 1414Biosciences II(Q)42331
BIO 3433Neurobiology43431
GEO 6952Independent Study13111
GEO 3393Intro to Isotope Geochemistry43551
MAT 1214Calculus I(Q)32141
BIO 1404Biosciences I (Q)42451
BIO 5143Advanced Nucleic Acids Lab54551
ARC 5533Contemp Materials Arch/Design00000
AIS 1273AIS: Soc Sciences & Pub Policy00000
ARC 6413Sustainable Preservation Tech00000
ART 2223New Media: Basic00000
AEPI 0210Writing/Grammar-level 100000
ANT 2063Language, Thought & Culture00000
ART 4983BFA Senior Seminar and Exhibit00000
ASC 1041Foundation of US Air Force II00000
ANT 3313Curing&Kill:Anthrop Shamanism00000
BBL 3033Mex Amers in the Southwest00000
BBL 4003Span for Biling Instruc Delive00000
ACC 5513Fundamentals of Info Assurance00000
AEPI 0420TOEFL Prep-level 200000
ANT 3723Ancient Civilizations00000
BBL 5013Soc Jus & Multicul in US Urban00000
ARC 4246Systems Studio00000
AIS 1203Academic Inquiry00000
ARC 5813Hist/Theory of Urban Form00000
ACC 7313Doctoral Dissertation00000
ART 1023Digital Arts Foundations00000
AMS 4936Internship American Studies00000
ART 3033Contemporary Studio:Conc&Prac00000
ACC 4913Independent Study00000
ART 6023International Cinema00000
ANT 3233Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries00000
AST 3023Fundamentals of Astronomy00000
AEPI 0320Oral Communications-level 200000
BBL 3133Language Developmnt-Bilinguals00000
ANT 3523Medical Anthropology00000
BBL 4073Language Art/Bicul-Biling Prog00000
ACC 2003Foundations Of Accounting00000
BBL 5093Multicultural Art&Folklore-US00000
ANT 3883Death and Dying00000
BBL 6033SP:Counseling Bicul-Biling Pop00000
BBL 6233Adv Topics In Language Policy00000
ACC 5833Internal Auditing00000
AFS 003XAffiliated Interntl Studies00000
ANT 4213Witchcraft/Magic: Anthro Persp00000
ANT 4363Primate Evolution Biology00000
AFS 009XAffiliated Interntl Studies00000
ANT 4993Honors Thesis00000
ANT 5283Hunters And Gatherers00000
ACC 3023Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACC 5913Corporate Valuation00000
AHC 1113Survey Art/Arch Prehist to135000000
ANT 5583Teaching Anthropology00000
ARC 4183Environmental Systems00000
AHC 6983Master's Thesis00000
ARC 4816International Studies Studio00000
ACC 7216Doctoral Research00000
ARC 5643Modern Architecture of Mexico00000
AIS 1223AIS: Arts and Humanities00000
ARC 5953Environmental Systems00000
ACC 3163Quantitative Analysis for Acc00000
ARC 6981Master's Thesis00000
AMS 3123TX under Span&Mex Rule to 183600000
ART 1213Drawing I00000
AEPI 0110Reading/Vocabulary-level 100000
ART 2613Sculpture: Basic00000
ANT 2033Intro:Biological Anthropology00000
ART 3233Drawing: Intermediate00000
AAS 4013Women of Color in DigitalMedia00000
ART 5753Ceramics: Graduate00000
ANT 3153Indians Of The Great Plains00000
ART 6953Independent Study00000
AEPI 0240Writing/Grammar-level 400000
ASC 4013National Security/Prep I00000
ANT 3273Civilizations of Mexico00000
BBL 3013Language Analysis&Bilingualism00000
ACC 5003Financial Accounting Concepts00000
BBL 3053Foundations-Bilingual Studies00000
ANT 3383Folklore and Folklife00000
BBL 3403Cultural/Linguistic Equity Sch00000
AEPI 0350Communications-level 500000
BBL 4033Assmt,Lrng & Motv BBL Clsrooms00000
ANT 3603Sex Gender & Culture00000
BBL 4353Apprchs to Teaching Sci EC-600000
BIO 5003Epigenetics and Metabolism00000
BBL 5043Ethnography of Communication00000
ANT 3823Applied Anthropology00000
BBL 5133Latino Biculturalism in US00000
AEPI 0450TOEFL-level 500000
ANT 6933Internship in Anthropology00000
AHC 3523Latin American Art00000
ANT 6993Pre-Doctoral Research00000
ANT 7013Directed Doctoral Research00000
ACC 6003Management Control Systems00000