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UTSA Course Reviews

University of Texas San Antonio

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 3433Neurobiology43431
GEO 3393Intro to Isotope Geochemistry43551
GEO 5904Carbonate Petrology23221
GEO 6952Independent Study13111
BIO 1414Biosciences II(Q)42331
MAT 1214Calculus I(Q)32141
BIO 6233Quantitative Biology54551
CHE 1113General Chemistry II(Q)22331
ME 4803Senior Design I51351
GEO 5103Current Topics in Geosciences34111
BIO 5143Advanced Nucleic Acids Lab54551
GEO 5991Graduate Seminar in Geology35321
BIO 1404Biosciences I (Q)42451
ARC 4183Environmental Systems00000
ANT 3233Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries00000
ARC 5133Prof Architectural Prac/Ethics00000
ARC 5943Principles of Enviro Systems00000
AEPI 0420TOEFL Prep-level 200000
ANT 3513The Human Skeleton00000
ARC 6976ST:Tricentenial WrldHrtg00000
ART 2413Printmaking: Basic00000
ANT 3853Modern Ape Behavior, Ecol,Cogn00000
ART 4673Sculpture: Advanced00000
ART 6043Practicum in the Visual Arts00000
ACC 7013Sem in Emp Res in Accounting00000
AHC 4333TAH:The Art of the Picturebook00000
ANT 4243Ethnographic Film00000
AST 3013Fundamentals of Astronomy00000
ARC 2233Principles of Envirmtl Systems00000
ANT 2043Introduction to Archaeology00000
ARC 4833Int'l Studies Drawing Seminar00000
AEPI 0230Writing/Grammar-level 300000
ARC 5643Modern Architecture of Mexico00000
ANT 3333Human Adaptability00000
ARC 6473Mtrl Assessment/Conservation00000
ACC 6113Flow Through Entities00000
ART 1023Digital Arts Foundations00000
ANT 3713Anthro of Material Culture00000
ART 3223Drawing: Figure00000
AFS 009XAffiliated Interntl Studies00000
ART 5353Printmaking: Graduate00000
ANT 4013Maya Civilization00000
ASC 2041Evolution-USAF Space Power II00000
ACC 3033Intermediate Accounting II00000
BBL 3023Mexican American Culture00000
ANT 4911Independent Study00000
BBL 3823Reading Comp Bilingual Setting00000
BBL 4033Assmt,Lrng & Motv BBL Clsrooms00000
ACC 7123Seminar-Managerial Acct Theory00000
AHC 6953Independent Study00000
ANT 4983Anthropology Honors Research00000
ANT 5283Hunters And Gatherers00000
AIM 6943Internship & Research Project00000
ANT 5583Teaching Anthropology00000
ANT 6303Sem Resch Des & Prpsl Writing00000
ACC 3113Accounting Information Systems00000
ACC 7215Doctoral Research00000
AIS 1243AIS: Engineering,Math,Sciences00000
ANT 6603Ecological Anthropology00000
ARC 1513Grt Bldgs & Cities of the Wrld00000
AMS 4973Adv Seminar: Texas History00000
ARC 3433Topics in Arc and Thought00000
AEPI 0140Reading/Vocabulary-level 400000
ARC 4283Architectural Structures00000
ANT 3133Ritual & Symbol00000
ARC 4916Independent Study00000
ACC 4933Internship in Accounting00000
ARC 5423Preservation Laws &EnvironPlcy00000
ANT 3293Resrch Methods in Archaeology00000
ARC 5813Hist/Theory of Urban Form00000
AEPI 0320Oral Communications-level 200000
ARC 6146Advanced Technical Studio00000
ANT 3383Folklore and Folklife00000
ARC 6943Professional Internship00000
ACC 2013Principles of Accounting I00000
ARC 6991Master's Project00000
ANT 3563Anthro of Alternative Medicine00000
ART 1223Drawing II00000
AEPI 0500IEP Required Common Course00000
ART 3033Contemporary Studio:Conc&Prac00000
ANT 3803Media, Power, & Public Culture00000
ART 4133Painting / Drawing IV00000
ACC 6953Independent Study00000
ART 4953Sp.Studies in Art: Image Cult.00000
ANT 3903Introduction to Linguistics00000
ART 5753Ceramics: Graduate00000
AHC 1123Survey of Art/Arch 1350-175000000
ART 6973SP: Mural Painting00000
ANT 4123Arch-American Southwest00000
ASC 4023National Security/Prep II00000
AAS 3123Civil Rights & Education00000
BBL 2003Language, Culture and Society00000
ANT 4363Primate Evolution Biology00000
BBL 3123Mexican American Culture00000
AHC 5813TAHC: Embodiment and Rep.00000
ANT 6703Human Population Ecology00000
AIS 1273AIS: Soc Sciences & Pub Policy00000
ANT 6903Anthropology of Gender00000
ANT 6933Internship in Anthropology00000
ACC 7312Doctoral Dissertation00000