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UToledo Course Reviews

University of Toledo

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EEES 1150Marine Biology45431
ART 1090Foundations in Drawing II00000
BIOE 6520Orthopaedic Biomechanics00000
BIPG 5200Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics00000
BIOE 1000Orient-Intro to BIOE Comp-L100000
ANTH 5300Cultural Resource Management00000
BIOL 4790Biology Field Trip-Salford00000
AL 3000Introduction to Professional Studies00000
ANAT 8330Advanced Topographic Anatomy00000
ART 3850Gallery Practices WAC00000
ART 4850Professional Practices WAC00000
ATTR 6410Clinical Biomechanics00000
ANTH 4450Exploring the City00000
BIOE 4710Biomechanics Of Soft And Hard Tissues00000
AFST 2660African Politics00000
BIOL 3030Cell Biology00000
ARBC 2140Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIOL 6980Adv Tpcs-Biology of Viruses00000
AED 3500Innovations In Art Education00000
BLAW 3570The Laws Of Structuring And Operating A Business00000
ALS 3060TSNS: Sugar Toxic or Sweet Treat?00000
ART 4120Advanced Painting Plein Air Painting00000
AED 4930Student Teaching-Elementary00000
ANTH 1020Introduction To Anthropology00000
ARTH 2050History of Western Art I00000
ARTH 3230Topics In American Art 1700-194000000
ASTR 4820Astrophysics II00000
ANTH 3850Peoples Of World: An Evolutionary Approach00000
ATTR 6730Optimization of Performance and Wellness00000
AERO 4120National Security/Leadership Responsibilities/Commissioning...00000
BIOE 3500Bioprocessing Lab L100000
ANTH 4860Irish-American Experience-WAC00000
BIOE 5710Biomechanics of Soft and Hard Materials00000
ACTG 2100Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOE 8960Bioengineering Dissertation00000
ANTH 5980Problems In Anthropology: Culture, Illness & Medicine00000
BIOL 4040Microbiology Laboratory00000
AFST 4900Senior Seminar00000
BIOL 6000Introduction To Scientific Thought And Expression00000
ARBC 4020Arabic Syntax and Stylistics II00000
BIOL 8200Advanced Signal Transduction00000
ACCT 5940Internship00000
BIPG 6890Independent Study in BPG00000
ART 2300Introduction to Painting00000
BLAW 6100Business, Government And Society00000
AED 4300Media And Methods In Therapeutic Art00000
ART 4000Advanced Photography Landscape00000
ANAT 710Clinical Anatomy00000
ART 4300Bio-Design Challenge00000
ACCT 6210Research In Accounting And Taxation00000
ART 4950Design Project00000
ANES 705Critical Care-Toledo Hospital00000
ARTH 2200Ethnographic Art00000
AED 6920Masters Research Project In Art Education00000
ANTH 2700Human Evolution00000
ARTH 3500History of Photography00000
ARTH 3900Art Museum Practices00000
ASST 4980SpTp-00000
ANTH 3330Food, Health, Society00000
ASTR 4880Astrophysical Measurements00000
AERO 3110Leading People and Effective Communication 1.000000
ATTR 6660Evidence-Based Practice in Sports Medicine00000
ANTH 3940Peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa00000
ATTR 6910Introduction to Sports Medicine Research I00000
ACCT 6960Independent Study in Acct00000
BIOE 2200Biomaterials00000
ANTH 4760Medical Anthropology00000
BIOE 4320Advanced Biomedical Quality Control00000
AFST 1200Introduction To The African Experience00000
BIOE 5200Physiology And Anatomy For Bioengineers00000
ANTH 4940Internship in Anthropology00000
BIOE 5930Bioengineering Seminar00000
ACCT 5120External Financial Reporting II00000
BIOE 7930Bioengineering Seminar00000
ANTH 5530Qualitative Approaches in Social Science Research00000
BIOL 2170Fundamentals of Life Science: Biomolecules, Cells, and Inher...00000
AFST 3800Ecotourism: Studies of the Africana World00000
BIOL 3210Human Nutrition00000
ARBC 1080Culture and Commerce in the Arabic-Speaking World00000
BIOL 4210Molecular Basis of Disease00000
AED 2100Art Education for the Pre-Primary and Primary Child00000
BIOL 4990IS in MEDT Independent Study00000
ARBC 3410Survey Of Arabic Civilization I00000
BIOL 6200Advanced Signal Transduction00000
AFST 4980Special Topics In Africana Studies: Health in the Black Comm...00000
BIOL 7060Advanced Immunology Laboratory00000
ART 1040Foundations of Art Studio Technology00000
BIOL 8980Adv Tpcs Biol-Cell Biology00000
ACCT 4250Taxation of Business Entities00000
BIPG 6200Advanced Programming in Bioinformatics00000
ART 2030Introduction to Photography00000
BIPG 7200Statistical Meth Bioinformatic00000
ALS 2500Interdisciplinary Approach To Research00000
ARTH 3980Special Studies Power of Visual Persuasion00000
ART 31102D Topics Advanced Drawing00000
ACCT 3210Individual Taxation00000
ACCT 4990Independent Study: Readings And Research00000
ACCT 6410Governmental And Not-For-profit Accounting00000
AERO 1120Air Force Heritage and Values 2.000000
ANTH 2900African American Culture00000