UToledo Course Reviews

University of Toledo

EEES 1150Marine Biology45431
ANTH 4300Cultural Resource Mgmt WAC00000
ARTH 2550History of Graphic Design00000
ATTR 6410Clinical Biomechanics00000
ART 4210Advanced Ceramics The Potter's Wheel00000
ANTH 2020Introduction To Archaeology00000
ASST 2100Introduction to Asian Studies00000
AED 5300Media And Methods In Therapeutic Art00000
AERO 4110National Security/Leadership Responsibilities/Commissioning...00000
ANTH 4980Problems in Anthropology: Cultural Explorations of Play, Per...00000
ARBC 2150Intermediate Arabic II00000
ART 3910Outsider Art and Community Practice00000
ANAT 8330Advanced Topographic Anatomy00000
ART 4950Design Project00000
AED 4200Computer Graphics In Art Education00000
ARTH 3820Visual Construction Of Gender WAC00000
ANTH 3520Qualitativ Appr/Soc Sci Res00000
ASTR 3880Foundations of Astronomy00000
ACCT 6410Governmental And Not-For-profit Accounting00000
ATTR 6710Organization And Administration Of Athletic Training Program...00000
AERO 1110Air Force Heritage and Values 1.000000
AR 1000First Year Orientation00000
ACTG 1050Principles Of Management Accounting00000
AFST 2660African Politics00000
ARBC 3980SpTp-Middle East Movies00000
ART 1050Foundations of 2D Design00000
ART 3120Painting Experiments in Abstraction00000
ANAT 710Clinical Anatomy00000
ART 41002D Methods Narrative Painting00000
AED 3100Art Education for the Pre-Primary and Primary Child00000
ART 4850Professional Practices WAC00000
ANES 706Introduction to Anesthesiology00000
ARTH 2050History of Western Art I00000
ACCT 6210Research In Accounting And Taxation00000
ARTH 3350Ancient Art Of The Americas00000
ANTH 2900African American Culture00000
ARTH 4500Contemporary Art And Theory WAC00000
AED 4930Student Teaching-Elementary00000
ASTR 2010Solar System Astronomy00000
ANTH 3940Peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa00000
ATTR 6020Clinical Applications II00000
ACCT 5110Intermediate Financial I00000
ATTR 6640Clinical Skills IV00000
ANTH 4820Anthropology Of Religion00000
ATTR 6810Scholarly Practice I00000
ACCT 6450Fraud and Forensic Accounting00000
ANTH 5760Medical Anthropology00000
AERO 2120Air Force Team and Leadership Fundamentals 2.000000
ARBC 1110Elementary Arabic I00000
ACCT 5210Individual Taxation00000
ARBC 3020Conversation and Composition II00000
AFST 1100Introduction To Africana Studies00000
ARBC 4980Special Topics in Arabic00000
ACTG 2100Intermediate Accounting I00000
AFST 3800Ecotourism: Studies of the Africana World00000
ART 1080Foundations of Drawing I00000
ART 2020Graphic Design II00000
ART 3100Printmaking Monotype/Relief00000
ALS 3050Topical Seminar: Humanities Organizational Behavior00000
ART 3400Concepts in Art, Studio and Theory00000
AED 2100Art Education for the Pre-Primary and Primary Child00000
ART 4000Advanced Photography Landscape00000
ANAT 5000Anatomy for Physician Assist00000
ART 4120Advanced Painting Plein Air Painting00000
ACCT 6130Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ART 4400BFA Thesis Exhibition00000
ANES 703Pain Management00000
ART 4940Internship00000
AED 3940Art Field Placements In The Elementary School Primary00000
ARTH 1500Art In History00000
ANES 760Anesthesiology Elective00000
ARTH 2080History Of Modern Art00000
ACCT 4990Independent Study: Readings And Research00000
ARTH 3230Topics In American Art 1700-194000000
ANTH 2700Human Evolution00000
ARTH 3600History Of New Media00000
AED 4560Introduction To Therapeutic Art00000
ARTH 3960TMA Exhibition00000
ANTH 3000Environmental Anthropology00000
ARTH 4940Internship Art Museum Practices00000
ACCT 6310Advanced Managerial Accounting00000
ASST 4910Directed Research in ASST00000
ANTH 3850Peoples Of World: An Evolutionary Approach00000
ASTR 2320Life In The Universe00000
AED 5140Art Education For The Special Child00000
ASTR 4820Astrophysics II00000
ANTH 4200History and Theory in Anthropology-WAC00000
ATTR 6120Evaluation and Management of Peripheral Joint Injuries00000
ACCT 3320Cost Accounting00000
ATTR 6610Clinical Skills I00000
ANTH 4530Qualitative Approaches in Social Science Research00000
ATTR 6680Advanced Interventions I00000
AED 5990Individual Study Of Art For The Graduate Student TMA Exhibit...00000
ART 2200Introduction to Sculpture00000
ANTH 4920Directed Readings-Anthropology00000
ACCT 3110Intermediate Financial 100000
ACCT 4410Governmental And Not-For-profit Accounting00000
ACCT 5420Auditing00000
ACTG 2310Financial Management for Health Care00000
AFST 4660Afr Amer Lit 20th Century00000