UTM Course Reviews

University of Tennessee at Martin

ARTH 330Visual Trad Non-West Cult00000
BIOL 411Seminar Biol Sci00000
ANSC 210Intro Horse Science00000
ART 430Adv Mixed Media00000
ANSC 401Research Participation00000
AGRI 295Internatl Food & Fiber Systems00000
BADM 795SpTp: International Management00000
AGET 210LInternal Combustion Engine Lab00000
ANSC 306Practicum In Animal Science00000
AGET 370LAgric Mechanics Shop Lab00000
ART 355Figure Drawing I00000
ANSC 440LAnimal Science Lab00000
AGET 720Adv Soil & Water Conserv Engr00000
ARTE 302Integrated Teaching Strategies00000
AGEC 751Strategic Mgmt Issues in Agric00000
ATRN 301Evaluation Lower Body00000
AGRI 475Agricultural Communications00000
BIOL 130LBiology Lab00000
AGEC 375Environmental and Agri Law00000
BIOL 452Research Participation00000
AGET 301SP: Intro to 3D Cad00000
ANSC 371LAnimal Science Lab00000
AGEC 410Spreadsheet Analysis Agribus00000
ANSC 413Stocker & Feedlot Cattle Prod00000
AGET 450Agricultural Structures00000
ART 331Jewelry00000
ART 140Drawing I00000
AGET 482LAg Engin Tech Lab00000
ART 391Spec Topics Art Adv. Weaving00000
AGEC 485Mathematical Econ for Agric00000
ART 450Professional Pract Visual Art00000
AGRI 230Travel Study Guatemala00000
ARTE 472St Tchg in Art Placement II00000
AGEC 325Agri & Natural Resource Policy00000
ASTR 201Astronomy00000
AGRI 415Sp Tp in Agriculture-Siena00000
BADM 721Critical Thinking00000
AGED 405Student Teaching Gr 9-1200000
BCHE 422Biochemistry 200000
AGRI 771Topics in Ag Econ00000
BIOL 336Intro Genetics00000
ACCT 451Gov't and Nonprofit Accounting00000
BIOL 437Molecular Biol Lab00000
ANSC 260Behavior Farm & Companion Anim00000
BIOL 462ST: Med Vet Entomology00000
AGEC 390Rural Economic Development00000
ANSC 351Animal Nutrition Lab00000
AGET 354LAg Engin Tech Lab00000
ANSC 374Appl Animal Reproduction Lab00000
AGEC 110Intro Agricultural Business00000
ANSC 405Current Issues in Animal Agri00000
AGET 401Research Participation00000
ANSC 430Stable Management00000
AGEC 440Econometrics Applic Agribus00000
ART 110HHonors Understanding Art00000
AGET 454LAg Engin Tech Lab00000
ART 327Book Arts00000
ART 225Printmaking00000
AGET 470Appl Pneumatics & Hydraulic Ag00000
ART 345Sculpture II00000
AGEC 475Manag/Entrepren Strat Agribus00000
ART 365Clay Sculpture II00000
AGET 660LAg Engin Tech Lab00000
ART 403Research Topics 3-D Studio00000
AGEC 311Spreadsheet Analysis Agribus00000
ART 441Weaving00000
AGET 782GIS for Agriculture & NRM00000
ART 460Senior Thesis Exhibition00000
AGEC 735Seminar Internat'l Ag Trade00000
ARTE 400Senior Seminar Art Educ00000
AGRI 270Intro Geospatial Technology00000
ARTH 320History of Graphic Design00000
ACCT 431Individual Taxation00000
ARTH 391Sp Tp: Hist of Photo Stills II00000
AGRI 401Research Participation00000
ASTR 202Astronomy00000
AGED 310LIntegrated Agri/Agsc Ed St Lab00000
BADM 490Senior Seminar00000
AGRI 441Interpretation of Ag Research00000
BADM 724Adm Aff Critic Thk Leadsp Team00000
AGEC 370Agricultural Price Analysis00000
BCHE 411Cellular & Compar Biochemistry00000
AGRI 702MTH:Maturity of Cotton Varieti00000
BIOL 120Intro Plant & Animal Biology00000
AGED 470Problems in Agricultural Educ00000
BIOL 180Amazon Travel Study Nonmajors00000
ANSC 110Intro Animal Science00000
BIOL 355Intro Environmental Health00000
ACCT 301Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOL 420Human Virology00000
ANSC 231Companion Animal Lab00000
BIOL 444Conservation Biology00000
AGET 220Surveying & Soil/Water Engr00000
ANSC 301Special Problems-Showmanship00000
AAST 301African American Leadership00000
ACCT 313Analysis of Fin Statements00000
AGEC 250Intro Agricultural Sales00000
AGEC 445Natural Resources Economics00000
AGET 458LAg Engin Tech Lab00000
ART 305Photography00000