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UTM Course Reviews

University of Tennessee at Martin

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CJ 360Child Abuse00000
COMM 350Radio Production00000
BADM 724Adm Aff Critic Thk Leadsp Team00000
CHEM 342LChemistry Lab00000
BIOL 451Research Participation00000
ART 391Spec Topics Art Adv. Weaving00000
COMM 230Public Speaking00000
AGRI 460Agroecosystems Analy Field Sch00000
BIOL 300Medical & Scientific Vocab00000
ANSC 260Behavior Farm & Companion Anim00000
CHEM 122HHonors Gen Chemistry II00000
BOT 302LBotany Lab00000
ART 250Painting I00000
CHEM 490Multidimensional Spect Res00000
AGET 470Appl Pneumatics & Hydraulic Ag00000
CJ 480Internship In Crim Justice00000
ARTE 472St Tchg in Art Placement II00000
COMM 326Principles of Public Relations00000
AGEC 784Appl Mgmt Sci in Ag Sys I00000
COMM 534International Public Relations00000
ANSC 121Western Horsemanship00000
BIOL 418LBiology Lab00000
AGET 119Intro Agric Engin Lab00000
BLAW 301Business Law I00000
ANSC 400Internatl Studies Animal Agri00000
CHEM 111LChemistry Lab00000
CFS 205Safe Healthy Learning Environ00000
ART 110HHonors Understanding Art00000
CHEM 310Organic and Biochemistry00000
AGET 450LAg Engin Tech Lab00000
CHEM 420Analytical Methods00000
ART 335Ceramics00000
CJ 302Criminal Justice Ethics00000
AGEC 475Manag/Entrepren Strat Agribus00000
CJ 413Family Law00000
ART 455Figure Drawing II00000
COMM 110Language Competency00000
AGRI 250Issues in Alternative Agric00000
COMM 311Interpersonal Communication00000
ASTR 202Astronomy00000
COMM 339Crisis Communication00000
AGEC 315Sci Writ & Comm for Ag Busines00000
COMM 383Practicum Journalism00000
BCHE 422Biochemistry 200000
COMM 702Professional Seminar II00000
AGED 430Methods of Teach Agri Subjects00000
BIOL 338Cell Biology Lab00000
ANSC 231Companion Animal Lab00000
BIOL 443Ecological Methods00000
AGEC 371Adv Farm & Ranch Management00000
BIOL 464Directed Study: Medical Ethics00000
ANSC 360Animal Genetics00000
BOT 301Foundations of Botany00000
AGET 250Renewable Energy Technology00000
BUED 430Instruct Strategies Bus Subj00000
ANSC 410LAnimal Science Lab00000
CFS 740Ecology Human Development00000
CFS 313Child Guidance and Discipline00000
ANSC 440LAnimal Science Lab00000
CHEM 112LChemistry Lab00000
AGET 382LPrecision Agric Tech Lab00000
CHEM 201LChemistry Lab00000
ART 150Drawing II00000
CHEM 341Organic Chemistry00000
AGEC 415Agricultural Futures & Options00000
CHEM 359Physical Chem Lab00000
ART 325Advanced Printmaking00000
CHEM 430LChemistry Lab00000
AGET 458Subdivision Site Plan & Dev00000
CJ 211Principles of Law Enforcement00000
ART 360Clay Sculpture00000
CJ 321Apprenticeship00000
AGEC 271Farm Management00000
CJ 400Criminal Law00000
ART 430Adv Mixed Media00000
CJ 450Current Issues Crim Justice00000
AGET 720Adv Soil & Water Conserv Engr00000
CJ 703Civil Liberties00000
ARTE 360Teaching Art in Public School00000
COMM 203Intro to Mass Comm&Journalism00000
AGEC 710Commodity Futures & Options00000
COMM 300Advanced Media Writing00000
ARTH 211The History of Art00000
COMM 321Principles of Media Design00000
AGRI 420Supervised Field Experience00000
COMM 334International Public Relations00000
BADM 490Senior Seminar00000
COMM 341Photojournalism00000
ACCT 431Individual Taxation00000
COMM 370Broadcast News00000
BADM 798Special Topics Business00000
COMM 455Digital Media Production00000
AGRI 775SpTp:PlantProductionTour NWUSA00000
BIOL 130Found Biol: Ecol Evol Diver00000
ACCT 301Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 480Internship in Accounting00000
AGEC 390Rural Economic Development00000
AGET 354LAg Engin Tech Lab00000
ANSC 421Swine Science00000
CFS 412Early Childhood Prog Admin00000