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UTEP Course Reviews

University of Texas at El Paso

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BLAW 5306Business Law and Ethics00000
MLS 5321Leadership in Complex Org.00000
BED 6318Language Policy in Ed00000
BIOL 5398Thesis00000
BIOL 3321Evolution00000
ASTR 1107Astronomy Lab I00000
BME 6193Doctoral Clinical Research00000
ARAB 2402Intermediate Arabic II00000
BIOL 1303Introductory Biology (C)00000
ARTE 4347Methods of Teaching Art00000
BIOL 5319G Protein-Coupled Recept Biol00000
BIOL 4225Field Biology00000
ARTH 3399Special Topics in Art History00000
BIOL 6308Rsrch Funding & Prof Developmt00000
ANTH 3379Independent Study00000
BME 5304BME Device Design & Regulation00000
BED 4690Student Teaching in Biling Ed00000
BOT 2410General Botany00000
AERO 3323Aerospace Structures I00000
MLSX 5351Ethics & Leadership-Capstone00000
ART 3310Curation and Collections Mgmt00000
BIOL 2340Introductory Neuroscience00000
AFST 4304Envir. Just. & Min. Comm. U.S.00000
BIOL 3375Forensic Pathobiology00000
ARTF 1304Basic Drawing II00000
BIOL 5301Select Adv Topics Biol Science00000
BIOL 4327Animal Ecology00000
ARTH 3315Early Renaissance Italian Art00000
BIOL 5330Cancer Biology00000
ANTH 3326Migration00000
BIOL 6290Independent Research00000
AS 2232Team and Leadership Fund. II00000
BIOL 6399Dissertation00000
ACCT 5394Current Issues in Accounting00000
BME 5193Graduate Clinical Research00000
BED 4317Tch & Empwr ELLs in Sec Schls00000
BME 5399Thesis00000
ANTH 4363Medical Anthropology00000
BME 6304BME Device Design & Regulation00000
BED 5336Biliteracy00000
BUSN 4395BSpecial Topics in Business Lab00000
ACCT 5305Not-For Profit Accounting00000
MLS 5380Special Topics00000
BINF 5353Internship in Bioinformatics00000
MME 1101Intro to MME Design Lab00000
AFST 3300African Ame Lead of the 20 Cen00000
BIOL 2111Human Anat/Physio Lab I00000
ART 5395Graduate Seminar00000
BIOL 3314Molecular Cell Biology00000
ACCT 5321Advanced Topics in Federal Tax00000
BIOL 3351Toxicology00000
ARTE 5397Directed Research in Art Educa00000
BIOL 3427Desert Ecology00000
ANTH 1302Intro-Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 4319G Protein-Coupled Recept Biol00000
ARTG 3326Graphic Design 4 Typography00000
BIOL 5130Seminar00000
BIOL 4389Developmental Neurobiology00000
ARTH 2303Twentieth-Century Art I00000
BIOL 5308Rsrch Funding & Prof Developmt00000
ANTH 3320Indig Cultures of North Amer00000
BIOL 5327Advances in Ecological Theory00000
ARTH 3357Art Mexico:Ancient to Modern00000
BIOL 5351Intro Bio I:Basic Seq. Comp.00000
ACCT 5340Masters Accountancy Capstone00000
BIOL 5502Resrch in Biological Sciences00000
AS 1231Heritage Values US Air Force I00000
BIOL 6303Gene Regulation00000
ANTH 3358Ethnographic Methods00000
BIOL 6345Molecular Parasitology00000
AS 4432Nat. Sec. Aff/Active Duty II00000
BIOL 6690Independent Research00000
ACCT 4399Current Concepts in Accounting00000
BME 5101Research Seminar I00000
BED 4309Teaching SS in Bil Elem Class00000
BME 5294Graduate Research00000
ANTH 4308U.S.-Mex. Border Society/Cult00000
BME 5390Special Topics in BME00000
BED 4343Teaching Academic English00000
BME 6101Doctoral Research Symposium I00000
ACCT 6354Accounting Topics in Intl Bus00000
BME 6301BME for Global Health00000
BED 5331Found of Bil and Teach Emr Bil00000
BME 6399Dissertation00000
ANTH 4380Theory in Anthropology00000
BUSN 3305Global Busn Environ-Study Away00000
BED 5339Acad Language in DL Settings00000
MKT 6399Marketing Dissertation II00000
ACCT 3322Intermediate Accounting II00000
MLS 5352Internship00000
BINF 5113Math Sem. for Bioinformatics00000
MLSX 5321Leadership in Complex Org.00000
ART 3306Professional Art Practices00000
BIOL 1107Topics in Study of Life I00000
ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 4335Business Intelligence00000
ACCT 5328Fed Income Tax Partner & Corp00000
ANTH 3310Southwestern Archeology00000
ARTG 4336Graphic Design 8: Interactive00000
BIOL 4398Special Problems00000