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UTC Course Reviews

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FIN 3210Investments I42241
COMM 4998Individual Studies00000
CPSC 4998Individual Studies00000
CPSC 5910RSpecial Topics00000
CPSC 4240Principles of Data Analytics00000
COMM 4010RPR Case Analysis00000
CPSC 5240Principles of Data Analytics00000
CHEM 4530Proteins and Nucleic Acids00000
CLAS 3120Ancient Rome00000
COUN 5100Ethics And Professional Issues In Counseling00000
COUN 5530Family Counseling I00000
CPSC 3520Introduction to Video Game Development00000
COMM 3500Television News Production00000
CPSC 4630Wireless Network Security00000
CHEM 3720LPhysical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy Labor...00000
CPSC 5130Introduction to Cloud Computing00000
COMM 4650The Advertising Campaign00000
CPSC 5610Advanced Information Security Management00000
BUS 1999RRollins Scholars First Year00000
CPSC 7910RSpecial Topics in Computer Science and Engineering00000
CHEM 4998RIndividual Studies00000
COUN 5470Group Counseling00000
CHEM 1019LLight and Life Laboratory00000
COMM 1100Communication Technology00000
COUN 5610Clinical Mental Health Counseling Seminar00000
COUN 5700Internship in Elementary School Counseling00000
CPSC 1000Introduction to Computing00000
COMM 3350Publication Design I00000
CPSC 4100Survey of Programming Languages00000
CHEM 3210Quantitative Analysis00000
CPSC 4530Data Visualization and Exploration00000
COMM 3630Feature Writing00000
CPSC 4900Software Engineering00000
BIOL 5400LOrnithology Lab00000
CPSC 5000Fundamentals of Computer Science00000
COMM 4350Publication Design II00000
CPSC 5195Machine Learning for Business00000
CHEM 4230Instrumental Analysis00000
CPSC 5530Data Visualization and Exploration00000
COMM 4820Rising Rock00000
CPSC 5680Computer Forensics00000
BIOL 4380Toxicology00000
CPSC 5998RResearch00000
COOP 0771RCo-op Work Experience00000
CPSC 7999RDissertation00000
BUS 5997RIndividual Studies00000
COUN 5440Theories and Techniques of Counseling00000
CLAS 2000Everyday Life in the Roman Empire00000
COUN 5520Addictions Counseling00000
BIOL 4998Individual Studies00000
COUN 5550Counseling Practicum00000
CLAS 3970Greek and Roman Comedy in Translation00000
COUN 5630Introduction to Counseling Supervision00000
CHEM 1110LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory00000
COMM 2200Mass Media History00000
COUN 5720Internship in Clinical Mental Health Counseling00000
COUN 5920Internship in School Counseling00000
CPEN 4850Interdisciplinary Design Project II00000
COMM 3240Race, Gender and the Media00000
CPSC 2800Introduction to Operating Systems00000
CHEM 3010Organic Chemistry I00000
CPSC 3610Ethical and Social Issues in Computing00000
COMM 3450Video Production00000
CPSC 4180Programming Languages for Advanced Data Analytics00000
BIOL 5320Toxicology00000
CPSC 4430Introduction to Machine Learning00000
COMM 3610Advanced Reporting00000
CPSC 4600Biometrics and Cryptography00000
CHEM 3710Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Kinetics00000
CPSC 4680Computer Crime Investigation00000
COMM 4000RSocial Media and Marketing00000
CPSC 4995RDepartmental Thesis00000
BIOL 4310LBehavioral Ecology Lab00000
CPSC 4999RIntro to Parallel Algorithms00000
COMM 4200Senior Seminar00000
CPSC 5020Computing Systems00000
CHEM 4030LAdvanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CPSC 5180Programming Languages for Advanced Data Analytics00000
COMM 4510Mass Communication Law and Ethics00000
CPSC 5200Automata, Complexity, And Computability00000
BIOL 5997RIndividual Studies00000
CPSC 5270Advanced Database and Database Security00000
COMM 4750Photojournalism II00000
CPSC 5590Advanced Computer Networks00000
CHEM 4320LAdvanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CPSC 5660System Vulnerability Analysis and Auditing00000
COMM 4995Departmental Thesis00000
CPSC 5800Advanced Topics in Systems Software00000
BIOL 4190Plant Taxonomy00000
CPSC 5997RIndividual Studies00000
COMM 5100Public Communication and Environmental Issues00000
CPSC 7110High Performance Scientific Computing00000
CHEM 4995RDepartmental Thesis00000
CPEN 3700Digital Logic and Introduction to Computer Hardware00000
COOP 0777RCo-op Work Experience00000
BIOL 4130Invertebrate Zoology00000
BIOL 4210LIntroductory Animal Physiology Laboratory00000
BIOL 5010Data Science for Biologists00000
CHEM 1120LGeneral Chemistry II Laboratory00000
COMM 2310Multimedia Journalism00000