UTC Course Reviews

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

FIN 3210Investments I42241
ART 2820Photography II00000
ART 4999Group Studies: Undergraduate Research00000
BIOL 1120Principles of Biology II00000
ART 4660Graphic Design Workshop II00000
ART 1110Introduction to Art00000
ATTR 5725Athletic Training Practicum III00000
ANTH 1500Anthropology Today: The Arc of Humanity00000
ANTH 3000Forensic Anthropology00000
ART 3100Critical Theory for the Visual Artist00000
ART 3601Design History00000
ART 4310Site and Context00000
ANTH 3600Ape Language and Cognition00000
ART 4900Art Studio: Special topics00000
ACC 5891Professional Accounting Certification I00000
ATTR 5600Orthopedic Assessment00000
ART 2230Survey of Sculptural Practice00000
ATTR 5915Professional Seminar for Athletic Training Students IV00000
ACC 5010Advanced Accounting00000
BIOL 2080Human Physiology00000
ANTH 2300Applied Anthropology00000
ART 3240Materials and Procedures in Art Education Ii00000
ACC 5310LAdvanced Managerial Accounting Lab00000
ANTH 3130Media and Communication Laboratory00000
ART 3621Interactive Media00000
ART 3660Sculpture III00000
ART 4190RSpecial Topics: Aesthetics00000
ANTH 3360Southeastern Native Americans00000
ART 4380Sculpture Studio IV00000
ACC 5520LAdvanced Auditing Lab00000
ART 4830Interdisciplinary Research00000
ANTH 4940RAnthropology Internship00000
ART 4998RIndividual Studies00000
ACC 4995RDepartmental Thesis00000
ASTR 1020LAstronomy Laboratory Stars to Galaxies00000
ART 2070Painting I00000
ATTR 5700Therapeutic Modalities00000
ANTH 1100LBiological Anthropology Laboratory00000
ATTR 5825Athletic Training Practicum IV00000
ART 2601Visual Literacy for Graphic Design00000
BIOL 1100Conservation of Biodiversity00000
ACC 3900Experiential Learning: Academic Internship Program00000
BIOL 1999LLife on Earth Lab00000
ART 2900RPortfolio Review00000
BIOL 2100LMicrobiology and Health Laboratory00000
ACC 5070Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
ART 3140The History Of Modern Architecture00000
ANTH 2500Professionalism in Anthropology00000
ART 3370Sculpture Studio I00000
ACC 4040Accounting Data Analytics00000
ART 3611Typography II00000
ANTH 3100Ethnographic Methods00000
ART 3641Professional Practices for Graphic Design00000
ACC 5360Advanced Accounting Information Systems00000
ANTH 3160Chinese Society and Culture00000
ART 3830Media Art II00000
ART 3850Photography and Media Art Studio II00000
ART 4090Senior Studio Painting and/Or Drawing00000
ANTH 3350RArchaeological Field Methods00000
ART 4200Seminar in Art Education00000
ACC 5470LFinancial Accounting Theory and Issues Lab00000
ART 4330Emerging Practices00000
ANTH 3450Archaeological Laboratory Methods00000
ART 4611Graphic Design Workshop II00000
ACC 4080Accounting Information Systems00000
ART 4810Expanded Media Art00000
ANTH 4010Geography of Travel and Tourism00000
ART 4850Photography and Media Art Studio IV00000
ACC 5850Managerial Accounting00000
ART 4995Departmental Thesis00000
ART 1050Observational Drawing00000
ART 4998Individual Studies00000
ACC 3070Federal Tax Accounting00000
ASTR 1010LAstronomy Laboratory The Solar System00000
ART 2050Figure Drawing00000
ATTR 5500Cadaver Anatomy of the Trunk and Extremities00000
ANTH 1000Mysteries of the Human Journey00000
ATTR 5625Athletic Training Practicum II00000
ART 2140The History of Western Art from Prehistoric Through Medieval00000
ATTR 5710Research Methods in Sports Medicine00000
ACC 4998RIndividual Studies00000
ATTR 5810Athletic Training Research Project I00000
ART 2600Visual Literacy For Graphic Design00000
ATTR 5910Athletic Training Research Project II00000
ANTH 1300Language, Culture, and Society00000
BIOL 1050Life on Earth00000
ART 2710Typography I00000
BIOL 1110LPrinciples of Biology I Laboratory00000
ACC 2020Principles of Accounting II00000
BIOL 1140Urban Gardening00000
ART 2840Survey of Time-based Art00000
BIOL 2060LFunctional Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
ANTH 2120Human Variation00000
ART 4050Drawing V00000
ART 3070Painting and Drawing Studio I00000
ACC 2000Accounting and Financial Reporting: A User's Perspective00000
ACC 3010Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACC 4070Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
ACC 5420LTax Research and Advanced Tax Topics Lab00000
ANTH 3220Medicine and Disease: A Cross-Cultural Perspective00000