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UTAustin Course Reviews

University of Texas at Austin

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ASE 120KLow-Speed Aerodynamics Lab00000
ASE 166MSpacecraft Systems Laboratory00000
ASE 225MBCooperative Engineering00000
ASE 320Low-Speed Aerodynamics00000
ASE 325LZCooperative Engineering00000
ASE 333TEngineering Communication00000
ASE 355Aeroelasticity-Wb00000
ASE 362KCompressible Flow-Wb00000
ASE 366LApplied Orbital Mechanics-Wb00000
ASE 372NSatellite-Based Navigation-Wb00000
ASE 375Electromechanical Systems00000
ASE 379KRsch In Aerospace Engineering00000
ASE 380P1-Analytical Methods I00000
ASE 381P1-Linear Systems Analysis00000
ASE 382R6-Molecular Gas Dynamics00000
ASE 387P6-Optimal Spacecraft Trajects00000
ASE 389Adv Topics In Plasma Sci/Engr00000
ASE 396Hydrodyn Propul/Dyn Pos Sys00000
ASE 397RResearch In Aerospace Engr00000
ASE 399WDissertation00000
ASE 679HBUndergraduate Honors Thesis00000
ASE 698AThesis00000
ASE 128Aerospace Engr Projects Lab00000
ASE 211KEngineering Computation00000
ASE 324LAerospace Materials Laboratory00000
ASE 330MLinear System Analysis00000
ASE 347Intro To Computatnl Fluid Dyn00000
ASE 361LAircraft Design II00000
ASE 366KSpacecraft Dynamics00000
ASE 370LFlight Control Systems00000
ASE 374KSpace Systems Engr Design00000
ASE 376CRocket Engineering Practicum I00000
ASE 162MHigh-Speed Aerodynamics Lab00000
ASE 225MACooperative Engineering00000
ASE 289Space Law: Intnl Coop/Comp-Wb00000
ASE 325LXCooperative Engineering00000
ASE 339Advanced Strength Of Materials00000
ASE 357Mechanics Of Compsite Matls-Wb00000
ASE 364Applied Aerodynamics00000
ASE 367KFlight Dynamics-Wb00000
ASE 372KAttitude Dynamics00000
ASE 376DRocket Engr Practicum II00000
ASE 679HAUndergraduate Honors Thesis00000
ASE 698BThesis00000
ASE 999WDissertation00000
ASE 102Intro To Aerospace Engr-Wb00000
ASE 125NCooperative Engineering00000
ASE 179KRsch In Aerospace Engineering00000
ASE 279KRsch In Aerospace Engineering00000
ASE 301Intro To Computer Programming00000
ASE 325LYCooperative Engineering00000
ASE 346Viscous Fluid Flow00000
ASE 361KAircraft Design I00000
ASE 365Structural Dynamics00000
ASE 370CFeedback Control Systems00000
ASE 374LSpacecraft/Mission Design00000
ASE 376KPropulsion00000
ASE 379LEngr Probability And Stats00000
ASE 382Q1-Foundatns Of Fluid Mechanics00000
ASE 384P1-Solid Mechanics I00000
ASE 388P2-Celestial Mechanics I00000
ASE 389P4-Mthds Orbit Determination-Wb00000
ASE 397Graduate Seminar00000
ASE 398RMaster's Report00000
ASE 479WAerial Robotics00000
ASE 697RResearch In Aerospace Engr00000
ASE 699WDissertation00000