UTAustin Course Reviews

University of Texas at Austin

M 408QDiff/Integ Calc For Business44351
CS 314Data Structures52551
M 328KIntroduction To Number Theory43441
CS 311Discrete Math For Computer Sci43551
CS 371DDistributed Computing00000
GOV 366CEthics Of Foreign Intervention00000
HIS 366FPolitics Of Food Latin Amer00000
LAH 351TJewish Identities Americas00000
ARH 386JWhat Are Landscape Gardens00000
DES 690Design In Health Studio00000
LAW 281QIntl Arbitratn: Practcl Skills00000
GEO 398L1-Tectonic Geodynamics00000
CMS 362DDecolonizing Comm Studies00000
GSD 341NNobel Prizes: Lit/Politics00000
ARC 523EDesign IV Intermediate Studio00000
ITD 130TInternet As Form00000
DES 185MIndustrial Design Studio00000
LAS 322LEmpires: Aztec And Spanish00000
ANS 346CAncient India00000
ARI 384GEnv Ctrl: Light/Sound/Electric00000
LAW 290J1-Texas Energy Law00000
E 344JBinge-Watching: Cultr History00000
E 373MEarly Globalisms, 500-1500 Ce00000
ANT 322WPower/Resist Putin's Russia00000
AST 175Galaxy Evolution Vip00000
ECE 394LPower Systems Apparatus/Lab00000
GEO 341FMicrost And Rock Rheology00000
CH 119CPro Development For Chemists00000
GOV 337FPolit/Econ/Scty Contemp Brazil00000
ARC 369JCity Architecture00000
GRG 349SGlobal Sustnblty/Soil:Hon00000
COM 326Independent Study00000
HIS 339SSufism Islam Thought/Spiritult00000
AMS 322DMex American Studies At Ut-Wb00000
I 310JIntro Social Justice Informtcs00000
CTI 326RRegime Persp On Amer Polit-Hon00000
J 363MCapstone In App Dev00000
ARH 335NEuropean Art, 1789-184800000
LAR 389Research In Landscape Arch00000
DES 392Professional Comm Of Research00000
LAW 187NNarration/Prob Solving For Lit00000
AFR 316CRights In Modern America00000
LAW 285RAcademic Freedom/First Amendmt00000
DSC 388GAlgorithms: Technqs/Theory-Wb00000
LAW 381ETerror/Consent: Const/Intl Law00000
ANT 320GEndangered Languages00000
E 351PParadise Lost: Rcptn Hist: Hon00000
AST 110KGalaxy Evolution Vip00000
ECE 361EMchn Lrn/Data Anlytcs Edge Ai00000
AFR 345PAfrican Religion In New World00000
BA 288FFoundtns Of Strtgy Executives00000
ECE 397NConference Course00000
EDC 392LPhilosophical Founds Of Educ00000
ELP 384JPolicy Analysis In Education00000
ANT 324OGlobalization In Latin Amer00000
BIO 353SSleep Science00000
EM 384LStructural Dynamics00000
GEO 310TPlanetary Habitability00000
CE 392EAcquis/Anly Transportatn Data00000
GEO 381FMicrostructrs/Rock Rheology00000
ANT 349DAnthropological Genetics00000
GEO 485SIntr Remte Snsg Geoscintsts-Wb00000
CH 393P1-Adv Polymer Synthesis00000
GOV 357VAsian American Jurisprudence00000
AMS 321TAsian American Jurisprudence00000
GOV 381RPolitical Behavior00000
COM 214Special Tpcs Student Success00000
GRG 370DSpatial Reasoning Geo Info Sys00000
ARC 385SStructures II00000
HCT 389Leadership/Comm Mnging Chng00000
CS 326EElements Of Networking00000
HIS 346CAncient India00000
AET 333Game Character Animation-Wb00000
HIS 375DIslamic Spain/N Afr To 1492-Wb00000
CS 393PProgram Synthesis00000
ISP 382Public Policy/Inf Secrty/Prvcy00000
ARH 328MMdrn Mid E Hist 100 Objects00000
ITL 398TSupervised Teaching In Italian00000
CTI 374Bio, Behavior, And Injustice00000
LAH 351SInterpreting Black Rage00000
ANS 340QSufism Islam Thought/Spiritult00000
LAH 352JGlobal Sustainability And Soil00000
DES 294Final Project In Design00000
LAR 397LLandscape Arch Practicum00000
ARH 386NBetween Flesh And Spirit00000
LAS 337QPolit/Econ/Scty Contemp Brazil00000
DES 398RMaster's Report00000
LAW 189TCyberspace: Digital Domain00000
ADV 364Immersive Experiences00000
LAW 284TPrep Fedrl District Clerkship00000
DSC 382Fndtns Regrssion/Pred Model-Wb00000
LAW 288EUs/Eu Privacy Law/Persnl Data00000
ARI 381R1-Advanced Drawing00000
ENM 385DProjs In Engineering Mgmt II00000
BME 338Thin Film Mechanics00000
ES 333TEngineering Communication00000
FA 260Medicine, Art/Art History00000
E 324RFilm Adaptations/Complexity00000
AAS 330DBlacks/Asians: Race/Soc Mov00000
AED 387DProg Dev Commun-Based Art Educ00000