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UTAustin Course Reviews

University of Texas at Austin

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
M 408QDiff/Integ Calc For Business44351
CS 314Data Structures52551
M 328KIntroduction To Number Theory43441
CS 311Discrete Math For Computer Sci43551
AET 334CLevel Design00000
AFR 381Black Political Thought-Wb00000
ALD 218CLife/Work/Community Impact-Wb00000
AMS 386Cultrl His Of Us Since 1865-Wb00000
AED 383LIssues In Museum Studies-Wb00000
AET 372Senior Design Projects I00000
ANS 361CPol Econ Devel Postwar Kor-Wb00000
AFR 357CAfrican American Hist To 186000000
AET 326D3D Materials And Lighting00000
AFR 999WDissertation00000
ADV 388CRsch Probs: Doctoral Exam Prep00000
AMS 321GNative Americans In Texas00000
AET 346CVideo Game Modding-Wb00000
ANS 320Classical Indian Literature00000
ADV 309RIntro To Advr/P R Rsch-Wb00000
AET 119The Future Of Interactivity-Wb00000
ANS 384South Asian Pol In Comp Persp00000
AFR 315TAfrican American Lit/Cul-Wb00000
AFR 315QBlack Queer Art Worlds00000
ADV 325Intro To Advertising Creatvty00000
AET 316CFndtns Proj/Light/Intractv00000
AFR 321LSociology Of Education00000
AFR 352GAfrican American Religions00000
AET 324DPrinciples Of Animation00000
AFR 372F1-Geogs Intl Devel In Africa00000
ADV 3771-Advanced Media Strategies00000
AFR 396Conf Course In Black Studies00000
AET 330Dgtl Rendering For Theatre00000
AFS 333Senior Air Force Studies I00000
ACC 698BThesis00000
ALD 379Soc Resp/Ethcl Stdnt Ldr-Crc00000
AET 344D3D Prvisliztn Live Entrtnmt-Wb00000
AMS 325EMusic/Religus Identities Us-Wb00000
ADV 4832-Portfolio I00000
AMS 679HAHonors Tutorial Course00000
AET 351Live Audio Mixing00000
ANS 340FGoddesses World Relig/Cul00000
ACC 334MHealthcare Accounting00000
ANS 372Art In The Himalayas00000
AFR 304Intro To The Study Of Africa00000
ANS 391Politics, Ecology, History00000
ADV 320Integ Comm For Nonprof Orgs00000
AFR 315FToni Morrison/August Wilson00000
AET 305Foundations Of Music Tech00000
AFR 317C1-The United States And Africa00000
ACC 364Fundamentals Of Taxation00000
AET 319Art & Content00000
AFR 322Intro To African Prehistory00000
AFR 330IThe Arts Of Hip Hop00000
AFR 330LAfr Am Lit Snc Harlm Renais-Wb00000
ADV 334International Advertising00000
AET 320CContemporary Music Styles00000
AFR 335JContemp Art Afr Diaspora-Wb00000
AFR 351RAfr Am Fam Hist/Cont Cntxt:Hon00000
AET 324PAdvanced Production Laboratory00000
AFR 352EAfrican Americans In Sports00000
ADV 350SInternship In Sports Media00000
AFR 372CLatinx Sexualities00000
AET 325Digital Production Art 2-D00000
AFR 375Community Internship00000
ACC 391CSpecial Studies In Accounting00000
AFR 390Black Studies Theory I00000
AET 327Advanced 3-D Modeling00000
AFR 698AThesis00000
ADV 380JRsch Methods In Advertising00000
AFS 120LLeadership Laboratory-Poc00000
AET 333FVideo Game Design Documents00000
AHC 3302-Epics And Heroes Of India00000
ACC 311HFundmntls Of Fin Acc: Hon00000
ALD 327Sociocul Influences On Learn00000
AET 336CVideo Game History/Culture-Wb00000
AMS 321American Art, 1958-198500000
ADV 399WDissertation00000
AMS 324GPolicing Latinidad-Wb00000
AET 345GResponsive Environments00000
AMS 330Mdrnsm In Am Design/Arch00000
ADV 151Advertising Practicum00000
AMS 398RMaster's Report00000
AET 348FAdv System Design00000
ANS 301RHistory Of Religions Of Asia00000
AED 381GFoundations Of Art Education00000
ANS 340Shamanism & The Primitive00000
AET 356Technical Art Production00000
ANS 346MEarly Modern India-Wb00000
AAS 679HBHonors Tutorial Course00000
ANS 362Research In Asian Studies00000
AET 377Game Capstone: 3-D-Wb00000
ANS 373GEpics And Heroes Of India00000
AED 698BThesis00000
AFR 340NAfrican Queer Studies-Wb00000
AET 321GSound System Design00000
AFR 345CHistory Of West Africa-Wb00000
AFR 350FBlack Women On Trial-Wb00000
AFR 311CPerf/Femin/Socl Change-Wb00000
AAS 330CRacism And Antiracism-Wb00000
ACC 192NMpa Internship00000