USM Course Reviews

University of Southern Mississippi

AEC 101History of the Built Environment25111
FSC 480Seminar in Forensic Science55551
FSC 140The Science of Forensic Science35221
FSC 320Forensic Analysis32341
FSC 400Internship in Forensic Science23111
FSC 440Drug Identification42541
AEC 204Materials and Methods of Construction42551
FSC 140LThe Science of Forensic Science Laboratory35331
ART 422Painting V00000
ANT 546Primate Behavior and Biology00000
ART 462Sculpture V00000
ART 363Sculpture III00000
ANT 523Economic Anthropology00000
ART 441Graphic Communication00000
AEC 390Engineering Economics00000
ANT 697Independent Study and Research00000
BA 492Special Problems in Business Administration00000
BCT 380Construction Safety00000
BSC 103Biology and Society00000
ACT 321Architectural History I00000
ANT 101The Human Experience: A Global Perspective on Human Diversit...00000
AOS 312LAir Force Leadership Laboratory00000
BSC 201General Zoology00000
BSC 305Evolution00000
ANT 301History of Anthropological Theory00000
APT 375Web-Based Tools00000
ART 353Ceramics III00000
ANT 449Topics in Physical Anthropology00000
ART 415Graphic Design History00000
AEC 315Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems00000
ART 434Italian Renaissance Art History00000
ANT 537Heritage Resources and Public Policy00000
ART 448Graphic Communication Project00000
ACC 631Tax Seminar II00000
BA 211Professional Business Standards00000
ANT 621Seminar in Ethnology00000
BA 670Finance Foundations00000
AEC 492HSpecial Problems00000
BLKS 301Introduction to Black Studies00000
AOS 201LAir Force Leadership Laboratory00000
BSC 110Principles of Biological Science I00000
ACC 480Law in Accounting00000
BSC 251Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
AOS 413Preparation for Active Duty00000
BSC 345LMarine Biology Laboratory00000
ACT 363Architectural Studio I00000
ANT 322Race And Racialization00000
APT 410Applied Technology00000
ARE 309Art in the Elementary Schools00000
ART 111Design I00000
ACC 605Current Accounting Theory & Research00000
ACT 401Architectural Studio IV00000
ANT 342Forensic Anthropology00000
ART 130HArt Appreciation00000
ART 202Figure Drawing II00000
ANT 429Topics in Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 301Drawing00000
ART 351Ceramics I00000
ANT 445Bioarchaeology00000
ART 361Sculpture I00000
AEC 270Statics and Strengths of Materials00000
ART 373Printmaking III00000
ANT 492Special Problems00000
ART 416Graphic Design Student Agency00000
ACC 620Advanced Cost Accounting Analytics00000
ART 431Ancient Art History00000
ANT 531LAdvanced Prehistoric Analysis Laboratory00000
ART 435Baroque And Rococo Art History00000
AEC 365Estimating II00000
ART 444Graphics Design Portfolio00000
ANT 541Human Variation and Adaptation00000
ART 453Ceramics VI00000
ACC 401Advanced Accounting I00000
BA 200The Legal Environment of Business00000
ANT 601Teaching Anthropology00000
BA 310Professional Ethics00000
AEC 478Applications of Construction Law00000
BA 611Accounting Foundations00000
ANT 691Cooperative Internships00000
BCT 205Surveying00000
ACT 301Pre-Design00000
BCT 445Soils and Foundations00000
AOS 101LAir Force Leadership Laboratory00000
BLS 402Liberal Studies Capstone00000
AIS 301Contemporary Issues in Indian Country00000
BSC 110LPrinciples of Biological Science I Laboratory00000
AOS 203LAir Force Leadership Laboratory00000
BSC 197First Year Foundations00000
ACC 320Cost Accounting Analytics00000
BSC 226LGeneral Botany Laboratory00000
AOS 412National Security Affairs00000
BSC 282LGeneral Microbiology Laboratory00000
ANT 221Introduction Cultural & Linguistic Anthropology00000
ART 304Workshop In Drawing00000
AEC 132Digital Graphics I00000
ANT 431Advanced Prehistoric Analysis00000
ART 313Digital Imaging00000
ART 316Introduction to Design Software00000
ANT 433Prehistory of Southeastern Indians00000
ART 323Painting III00000