USI Course Reviews

University of Southern Indiana

AFRC 111Intro Africana Studies31341
ARTD 476Graphic Design IV00000
CE 324XConstruction Materials00000
CHEM 531Biochemistry I00000
BIOL 444XHerpetology00000
ART 474Photography IV00000
CHEM 321Quant Analysis00000
ANTH 499Internship in Anthropology00000
ART 205Figure Drawing I00000
ARTH 335Asian Art00000
ARTP 321Adv Digital Photo Manipulation00000
BIOL 361Plant Systematics00000
ART 414Ceramics IV00000
BLAW 618Legal & Social Envrmnt-Bus00000
ANTH 342Archaeolgy of Eastrn Nrth Amer00000
CHEM 103Molecules, Matter and Me00000
ARTD 372Video Art00000
CHEM 432Biochemistry II00000
ADV 347Advertising Copywriting00000
CIS 301Enterprise Processes & IS00000
ARAB 499Individual Study in Arabic00000
ARTH 361XProfessional Writing in Art00000
ADV 446Seminar-Advertising00000
ART 314Ceramics II00000
BAN 603Info Visualization & Dshbrding00000
BIOL 105Biol Human Concern00000
BIOL 315Ornithology00000
ART 399ST-Gallery Fellowship-USI00000
BIOL 422Immunology00000
ANTH 131Intro to Physical Anthropology00000
BIOL 481Organic Evolution00000
ART 452Woodworking IV00000
CE 301Construction Estimating00000
ACCT 628Acct Regulation & Compliance00000
CE 461Reinforced Concrete Design00000
ARTD 231Intro to Graphic Design00000
CHEM 143Survey Organic & Biochemistry00000
ANTH 370Sem:Ethnology-Pacific Islands00000
CHEM 361Survey of Physical Chemistry00000
ARTD 384Digital Animation00000
CHEM 461Physical Chemistry I00000
ACCT 416Advanced Cost Acct00000
CHEM 662Thermodynamics for Educators00000
ARTE 397Material & Method Sec Art Ed00000
CIS 344Auto Machine Learning for All00000
ADV 400Ind St-Advertising00000
ARTH 35319th Century Art00000
ART 105Drawing I00000
ARTH 490SP-Art of the European Court00000
ACCT 445Forensic Accounting00000
BAN 305Data Analytics for Business00000
ART 311Painting I00000
BCOM 331Corp/Managerial Communication00000
BIOL 122Human Anat&Phys II-N&HP LLC00000
BIOL 113Botany for Gardeners00000
ART 341Sculpture I00000
BIOL 305Aquatic Biology00000
BIOL 151Botany00000
ART 361Printmaking I00000
BIOL 334Cell Biology00000
AHA 499Internship/Intensive Study AHA00000
BIOL 376Lab in Microbiology00000
ART 411Painting III00000
BIOL 442Histology00000
ACCT 601Acct-Decision Making & Cntrl00000
BIOL 460Internship00000
ART 441Sculpture III00000
BIOL 499Independent Research00000
ANTH 323Native Peoples of North Amer00000
CE 221Surveying00000
ART 461Printmaking III00000
CE 321XBuilding Information Modeling00000
ACCT 411Taxation of Corps & Partnshps00000
CE 431XWatershed Hydrology00000
ART 498Internship in Art00000
CE 471CE Design and Planning00000
ANTH 353Human Origins00000
CHEM 141Principles-Chemistry00000
ARTD 275Comp Graphic Arts00000
CHEM 261General Chemistry I00000
ADV 342Advertising Design00000
CHEM 353Organic Chemistry I00000
ARTD 381Interactive Web Design00000
CHEM 421Instrumental Analysis00000
ANTH 402Ethnography00000
CHEM 451Polymer Chemistry00000
ARTD 432Conceptual Illustration00000
CHEM 490Undrgrad Tch Exp-Chemstr00000
ACCT 303Intermed Accounting I00000
CHEM 553Adv Org Chem & Med Chem00000
ARTE 394Workshop in Art Education00000
CIS 151Computer Appl. in Bus.00000
ARAB 203Intermediate Arabic I00000
ARTH 223Intro to Non-Western Art00000
ACCT 202Accounting Princ II00000
ACCT 315Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 452Acct for Investments II00000
AGBU 303XFarm and Ranch Management00000
ART 352Woodworking II00000
BIOL 233Biological Basis of Aging00000