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USFCA Course Reviews

University of San Francisco

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ATR 3512Athl Trng Admin & Policy00000
BSC 1020The Biology of Humans00000
ANT 4940Directed Internship Practicum00000
ART 4970CSenior Thesis00000
ARC 6936Research Methods00000
ANT 4181Museum Methods00000
BCH 6627Molecular Basis of Disease00000
AML 6637Studies in US Latina/o Lit00000
ARC 5175Computer Technology00000
ANG 5937Teaching Anthropology00000
ART 3781CSelected Topics in Ceramics00000
ARH 5797Gallery and Museum Internship00000
ANG 7980Dissertation: Doctoral00000
ASL 3517Systems of Oppression00000
AMH 3545War and American Empire00000
ATR 5825Clinical Experience in AT II00000
ANT 4467Food, Health and Culture00000
BME 4943BME Industry Internship Exp.00000
AFA 4335Black Women in America00000
BSC 4434Bioinformatics00000
AMS 6026Fla. & Regional Studies00000
ARC 5689Environmental Tech00000
AFA 6905Independent Study00000
ARH 4170Greek And Roman Art00000
ANG 6302Gender Cross-Cultural Persp00000
ART 3616CComputer Animation00000
ART 2400CBeginning Printmaking00000
ANG 6772Homicide Investigations00000
ART 4710CAdvanced Sculpture00000
AMH 3170Civil War & Reconstruction00000
ART 6940Sel Top In Art00000
ANT 4153North American Archaeology00000
ASN 3030The Middle East00000
ADV 4301Advanced Media Strategy00000
ATR 5346CHealth and Wellness I00000
ANT 4316Ethnic Diversity in the U.S.00000
ATR 6616Research in AT00000
AML 3674Asian American Lit and Film00000
BME 4100Biomedical Engineering00000
ANT 4620Language and Culture00000
BME 6944Industry Internship00000
ADE 6931Adult Education00000
BSC 2094CHuman Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ARA 2221Modern Arabic IV00000
BSC 4905Independent Study00000
AFA 4931W. Africa Cultural Expressions00000
ARC 5365Advanced Design B00000
AMS 6934ST: Early Florida Literature00000
ARC 6367Advanced Design D00000
ADE 7169Instructional Development00000
ARH 2051History Of Visual Arts II00000
ANG 6155Southeastern U.S. Archaeology00000
ARH 4520African Art00000
AFH 3100African History to 185000000
ART 2203CConcepts and Practices II00000
ANG 6511Field Mthds Taphonomy00000
ART 3530CIntermediate Painting00000
ART 2701CBeginning Sculpture00000
ANG 6735Reproductive Health00000
ART 3709CIntermediate Sculpture00000
AMH 2020American History II00000
ART 4402CAdvanced Printmaking00000
ANG 7704Legal/Eth Aspects Appld Anthro00000
ART 4900Directed Reading00000
ADE 7947Adv Internship: Adult Ed00000
ART 6895Grad Sem I00000
ANT 3610Linguistic Anthropology00000
ASL 2140CBasic American Sign Language00000
AMH 339019th Century America History00000
ASL 4515Leadership in Deaf Studies00000
ANT 4172Historical Archaeology00000
AST 3033Contemp Thinking in Astronomy00000
ACG 6346Contemp Issues Mgr Acctg00000
ATR 5218CPhysical Exam II00000
ANT 4243Middle East and North Africa00000
ATR 5347CHealth and Wellness II00000
AML 3032Am Lit From 1860 to 191200000
ATR 6236Pediatric Sports Medicine00000
ANT 4401Expl Cross-Cultural Diversity00000
BCH 3023Introductory Biochemistry00000
ADV 5508Return on Ad Investment00000
BME 3032BME Transport00000
ANT 4520CForensic Anthropology00000
BME 4508BME Signals & Systems Analysis00000
AML 4931Amer Literary Movements & Genr00000
BME 6107Biomaterials I: Material Prop00000
ANT 4930Prejudice, Stigma & Race00000
BOT 3373CVascular Plants: Form/Funct00000
ACG 4901Independent Study00000
BSC 2050Environment00000
APK 6116Neuromuscular Ex. Phys.00000
BSC 3813Life Science for Teachers00000
AMS 4910Individual Research00000
ARC 2701Architectural History I00000
ACG 4351Cost Accounting And Control II00000
ACG 5205Advance Financial Accounting00000
ADE 7930Seminar in Adult Ed00000
AFR 2130Evolut USAF Air&Space Power I00000
ANG 6585Theories in Bioanthro00000
ART 3403CIntermediate Printmaking00000