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USD Course Reviews

University of San Diego

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 302LOrganic Chemistry II Laboratory00000
CMBA 590Strategic Execution, Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions00000
BIOL 112Ecology and Environmental Biology with Lab00000
BUSN 361Introduction to International Business00000
BIOL 330Techniques in Molecular Biology00000
ARTV 350Art Fundamentals00000
CHIN 202Fourth Semester Chinese00000
ARAB 201Third Semester Arabic00000
BIOL 225LIntroduction to Cell Processes Laboratory00000
ARCH 323Memory, Monument, Museum: Studies in Historic Preservation00000
BSCM 302Introduction to Supply Chain Management00000
BIOL 438Animal Behavioral Ecology with Lab00000
ARTH 360Asia Modern00000
CHEM 111Chemistry and Society00000
ANTH 380Cultural Diversity00000
CHEM 427Biophysical Chemistry00000
ARTV 401Advanced Visual Communications00000
CHIN 394Business Chinese00000
ACNS 638PAdult Gerontology IV: Advanced CNS Practicum00000
COMM 321Advanced Video Production00000
ARCH 136The Year 1500: A Global History of Art and Architecture00000
BIOL 294Special Topic in Biology: Medical Microbiology00000
ADS 506Applied Time Series Analysis00000
BIOL 348Insect Biology00000
ARCH 499Independent Study00000
BIOL 491Science in the Public Domain00000
BIOL 472Plant Physiology00000
ARTH 331Art in Public Spaces00000
BUAN 381Predictive Analytics & Big Data00000
ANTH 335Nautical Archaeology00000
BUSN 494Final Thesis Project00000
ARTH 391Art in the Age of Discovery00000
CHEM 220Analytical Chemistry00000
ACNS 524Advanced Pharmacology00000
CHEM 335Biochemistry Laboratory00000
ARTV 370Designing for Social Space00000
CHEM 496Undergraduate Research00000
APNC 520Advanced Pathophysiology00000
CHIN 302Contemporary China: Culture, Politics and Society00000
ARTV 490Senior Thesis Studio Seminar00000
CMBA 502Statistics for Managers00000
ACCT 320Ethics for Accountants00000
COMM 221Introduction to Video Production00000
BIOL 190Introduction to Evolution00000
COMM 330Media Processes And Effects00000
ADS 501Foundations of Data Science and Data Ethics00000
BIOL 240LBioenergetics and Systems Laboratory00000
ARCH 302Architectural Design Vertical Studio00000
BIOL 305Ecology00000
ACCT 425Financial Statement Analysis for Accountants00000
BIOL 344Plant Systematics and Evolution00000
ARCH 494Special Topics in Architecture00000
BIOL 364Conservation Biology00000
ADS 550New Student Orientation00000
BIOL 451WBiological Oceanography00000
ARTH 121Introduction to Modern Architecture00000
BIOL 483Emerging Issues in Genetics00000
BIOL 478Vertebrate Physiology00000
ARTH 322Contemporary Architecture00000
BIOL 497Techniques in Biology00000
ANTH 310Human Evolution00000
BSCM 307Supply Chain Analytics00000
ARTH 336History and Theory of Photography00000
BUAN 470Machine Learning00000
ACCT 462Estate and Gift Taxation and Planning00000
BUSN 386Big Data and Business00000
ARTH 375Global Encounters in Art00000
CHEM 102Science of Food & Cooking00000
ANTH 350Peopling of the Americas00000
CHEM 152General Chemistry II00000
ARTH 490Image World/Written Word00000
CHEM 301Organic Chemistry I00000
ACCT 301Intermediate Accounting II00000
CHEM 330Techniques in Molecular Biology00000
ARTV 361Advanced Photography00000
CHEM 396WResearch Methods00000
ANTH 463Antiquities: Who Owns the Past?00000
CHEM 489Major Field Test in Chemistry00000
ARTV 382Public Art Studio Seminar00000
CHIN 102Second Semester Chinese00000
ACNS 632PAdult-Gerontology I: CNS Practice in Individual Patient Sphe...00000
CHIN 294Mod Chinese Lit In Translation00000
ARTV 421Interactive Digital Music and Arts00000
CHIN 320Fables and Idioms: Classic Chinese00000
ARAB 101First Semester Arabic00000
CHIN 499Independent Study00000
ARTV 498Studio Internship00000
CMBA 523International Financial Management00000
AAI 550New Student Orientation00000
COMM 130Introduction to Media Studies00000
BIOL 116Earth and Life Science for Educators00000
COMM 298An Intro to Photojournalism00000
ARAB 293Language Tutoring or Field Experience in Arabic00000
BIOL 214Medical Microbiology00000
AAI 500Probability and Statistics for Artificial Intelligence00000
ABRD 500Study Abroad Madrid00000
ACCT 435Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ANTH 102Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ARTH 144Introduction to Cinema00000
BIOL 480Cell Physiology00000