USD Course Reviews

University of San Diego

BIOL 118Peoples, Plagues and Microbes00000
BIOL 472LPlant Physiology Lab00000
ARTH 109Introduction to Sound Art00000
ARTV 370Designing for Social Space00000
ARTH 372Exhibition Design00000
ARCH 101Introduction to Architecture Studio00000
BIOL 342Microbiology00000
ANTH 314Bones: Human Osteology00000
ARTH 323Memory, Monument, Museum: Politics of Display00000
ANTH 343The Ancient Dead: Bioarchaelogy00000
ARTV 329Fundamentals of Painting00000
ARTH 494Nuclear Cinema00000
ARAB 101First Semester Arabic00000
ARTV 490Senior Thesis Studio Seminar00000
ADS 506Applied Time Series Analysis00000
BIOL 242Genomes and Evolution00000
ARCH 322Contemporary Architecture00000
BIOL 376Animal Development00000
ACCT 460Tax Research00000
BIOL 484Immunology00000
ANTH 327South American Indian Cultures00000
ARTH 336History and Theory of Photography00000
ACCT 492Tax Consulting Simulation00000
ARTH 393Introduction to Film Theory00000
ANTH 364Surf Culture And History00000
ARTV 308Experimental Video00000
ARTV 102Color00000
APNC 520Advanced Pathophysiology00000
ARTV 354Intermediate Photography00000
ADS 500AProbability and Statistics for Data Science00000
ARTV 401Advanced Visual Communications00000
ARAB 202Fourth Semester Arabic00000
BIOL 102Ecology and Environmental Biology00000
ACCT 425Financial Statement Analysis for Accountants00000
BIOL 221LIntroduction to Organismal Diversity Lab00000
ARCH 275Seminar: Art History00000
BIOL 320Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates00000
ANTH 101LIntroduction to Biological Anthropology Lab00000
BIOL 348Insect Biology00000
ARCH 495Senior Project Studio Seminar00000
BIOL 444Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease00000
ABRD 500Study Abroad Madrid00000
BIOL 480Cell Physiology00000
ARTH 144Introduction to Cinema00000
BIOL 491Science in the Public Domain00000
ACCT 464Advanced Corporate Taxation00000
ARTH 331Art in Public Spaces00000
ANTH 335Nautical Archaeology00000
ARTH 356Race, Ethnicity, Art and Film00000
ACCT 300Intermediate Accounting I00000
ARTH 382Public Art Studio Seminar00000
ANTH 349WWriting Anthropology00000
ARTH 394Art & Arch of North America00000
ACNS 521Advanced Physical Assessment00000
ARTH 498Museum Internship00000
ANTH 380Cultural Diversity00000
ARTV 302Intermediate Drawing00000
ARTV 108Introduction to Video Studio00000
ANTH 494News, Media, and Power00000
ARTV 324Intermediate/Advanced Video Art00000
ACNS 636Adult Gerontology III: CNS Practice in the Organizational/Sy...00000
ARTV 350Art Fundamentals00000
APNC 521APRN Phys Assessment & Diag00000
ARTV 361Advanced Photography00000
ACCT 401Advanced Accounting00000
ARTV 382Public Art Studio Seminar00000
ARAB 142Topics in Arabic Literature in Translation, Film-Global00000
ARTV 421Interactive Digital Music and Arts00000
ADS 501Foundations of Data Science and Data Ethics00000
ARTV 496Senior Thesis00000
ARAB 294Arabic Dialects00000
BIOL 115Physiology of Exercise with Lab00000
ABRD 394Soft Skills00000
BIOL 213Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ARCH 136The Year 1500: A Global History of Art and Architecture00000
BIOL 240Bioenergetics and Systems00000
ADS 550New Student Orientation00000
BIOL 301Biostatistics00000
ARCH 302Architectural Design Vertical Studio00000
BIOL 330Techniques in Molecular Biology00000
ACCT 433Accounting Analytics00000
BIOL 346Vertebrate Natural History00000
ARCH 330Special Topics in the History of Architecture and Design00000
BIOL 361Ecological Communities of San Diego County00000
ANTH 300Research Seminar00000
BIOL 438Animal Behavioral Ecology with Lab00000
ARCH 499Independent Study00000
BIOL 462Biology of Fishes00000
AAI 521Introduction to Computer Vision00000
BIOL 478Vertebrate Physiology00000
ARTH 138Recontextualizing African Art00000
BIOL 482Molecular Biology00000
ANTH 316Primate Evolutionary Anatomy00000
ARTH 321City and Utopia00000
AAI 500Probability and Statistics for Artificial Intelligence00000
AAI 531Ethics in Artificial Intelligence00000
ACCT 303Accounting Information Systems00000
ACNS 619CNS Specialty Role and Practice Foundations00000
ANTH 460Ethnographic Field Methods00000
ARTV 275Introduction to Photography00000