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USCL Course Reviews

University of South Carolina Lancaster

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTS 795Independent Study00000
BADM 780Readings and Research00000
ARTH A403Art History Practicum00000
ARTS 311Intermediate Painting II00000
ARTS U262Digital Photography00000
ARMY 101Fundamentals of Military Science00000
ATEP 797LClinical Pathology & Pharmacology in Athletic Training Lab00000
AFAM 398Topic: Music of Africa00000
ARTH 321History of Northern Renaissance Art00000
ANTH A102Understanding Other Cultures00000
ARTS U315Graphic Design III00000
ARTS U110Drawing I00000
ANTH 581Globalization and Cultural Questions00000
ARTS 465Advanced Illustration00000
AESP 466Flight Dynamics and Control00000
ASUP A410College to Career00000
ARTE 525PElementary Methods for K-12 Art Certification Practicum00000
BADM B396Business Research Methods00000
ACCT 726Managerial Accounting for Professional MBA Students00000
BIOL U530LHistology Lab00000
AMMG U415Manufacturing Quality00000
ARTS A401Advanced Digital Photography00000
ACCT 752Advanced Business Entity Tax Issues00000
ARTS A499Studio Art Capstone00000
ANTH 214Drinking in Culture: Anthropology of Alcohol00000
ARTS B210Painting I00000
ARTS A397T: Visual Narrative in Photography00000
ANTH 373Introduction to Language Sciences00000
ARTS 225Introduction to Three-Dimensional Studies00000
AERO 402LLeadership Laboratory 40200000
ARTS 346Series Development and Practice00000
ANTH 899Dissertation Preparation00000
ARTS 521Ceramics II00000
ACCT 499Business Internship in Accounting00000
ASTR B111Descriptive Astronomy I00000
ARTE U450School Art Program00000
ATEP 735Contemporary Issues in Athletic Training00000
AFAM 330Psychology and the African-American Experience00000
BADM B383International Business00000
ARTE 725PElementary Pedagogy Methods for Art Instruction Practicum00000
BADM A299Business Analytics II: Advanced Statistical Tools00000
ACCT B345Accounting Information Systems00000
BIOL U507LDevelopmental Biology Lab00000
ARTH U308History of Graphic Design00000
BIOL A416Field Ecology - WI00000
ACCT 737Accounting Information Systems from a Strategic Perspective00000
ARTH 337History of Modern Architecture00000
ANES G710Anesthesiology Elective00000
ARTS B412Advanced Painting00000
ACCT U332Intermediate Accounting II00000
ARTS A104Foundations in 3D Design00000
ANTH 203Comparing Cultures Through Film00000
ARTS B326Sculpture III00000
AERO 101US Air Force Heritage and Values I00000
ARTS A261Photography00000
ANTH 225Archaeology in Film and Popular Culture00000
ARTS A220Introduction to Ceramics00000
ARTS B420Advanced Ceramics00000
ANTH 353Anthropology of Law and Conflict00000
ARTS B390Directed Studio Art Internship00000
AERO 302Leading People and Effective Communication II00000
ARTS 111Basic Drawing I00000
ANTH 536Public Archaeology00000
ARTS 255Introduction to Jewelry Making00000
ACCT 403Tax I00000
ARTS 325Intermediate Three-Dimensional Studies I00000
ANTH 745Seminar in Historical Archaeology00000
ARTS 431Advanced Drawing II00000
AESP 361Aerospace Laboratory I00000
ARTS 514Workshop: Painting00000
ARAB 301Advanced Arabic Language I00000
ARTS 561Photography Thesis: Exhibition00000
ACCT A336Managerial Accounting II00000
ARTS 897Project00000
ARMY 302Applied Military Leadership00000
ASTR 201Introduction to Astronomy II: The Dark Universe00000
AFAM U204African American Culture00000
ATEP 714Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training IV00000
ARTE U330Foundations of Art Education00000
ATEP 748Evaluation and Therapeutic Intervention of Lower Extremity I...00000
ACCT 505Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
BADM A363Business Finance00000
ARTE 560Secondary Methods for K-12 Art Certification00000
BADM A429Internship00000
AFAM 350Antiracist Education00000
BADM A720Legal/Eth. Envir. of Business00000
ARTE 760PSecondary Pedagogy Methods for Art Instruction Practicum00000
BADM B380Entrepreneurship00000
ACCT A435Auditing Theory00000
BIOL U220LBotany and Society Laboratory00000
ARTH U101WT:Introduction to Art00000
BIOL A502Adv Cell/Molecular Biology - WI00000
AFAM 580Culture and Identity in the African Diaspora00000
ARTH U400Art Theory and Criticism00000
ACCT A439Accounting Information Systems00000
ACCT A717Accounting for Decision Making00000
ACCT 226Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
AERO 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
ANTH 244American Indian Nations Today: From Hard Times to Hard Rock00000
ARTS U314Graphic Design II00000