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USCB Course Reviews

University of South Carolina Beaufort

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTS U262Digital Photography00000
ARTS 211Beginning Painting II00000
ANTH 371Ethnography of Communication00000
ARTH 534Topic: Art and Ideas in the 19th Century00000
ARMY 402Leadership and Management Seminar II00000
ANTH B385Gender and Language Use00000
ARTS A549Directed Internship00000
AESP 428Design I00000
ANTH 797Reading and Research00000
AFAM 330Psychology and the African-American Experience00000
ARTH 106History of Western Art II00000
ARTE 565Field Experience Seminar00000
ANES G710Anesthesiology Elective00000
ARTS B395Topic: Figure Drawing00000
AERO 301Leading People and Effective Communication00000
ARTS B326Sculpture III00000
ANTH 231African-American Cultures00000
ARTS A220Introduction to Ceramics00000
ACCT 505Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
ARTS 321Intermediate Ceramics II00000
AFAM U201Introduction to African American Studies00000
ARAB 310Conversational Arabic00000
ACCT 736Information Technology Assurance, Control, and Security00000
ARTE 399Independent Study00000
AFAM 364African-American Politics00000
ARTH B105History of Western Art I00000
ARTE 740PArt Program for Schools Practicum00000
AMMG U410Manufacturing Leadership II00000
ARTH 337History of Modern Architecture00000
AERO 102LLeadership Laboratory 10200000
ARTH 730Topic: History of Art and Ideas in the 19th Century00000
ANTH B344Anthropology of Tourism00000
ARTS B245Graphic Design I00000
ACCT 405Financial Accounting II00000
ARTS A311Intermediate Painting II00000
ANTH 206Anthropology of Magic and Religion00000
ARTS A261Photography00000
AESP 101Introduction into Aerospace Engineering00000
ARTS U103Fundamentals of Two Dimensional Design00000
ANTH 319Principles of Archaeology00000
ARTS B345Graphic Design II00000
ACCT B425Intermediate Accounting I00000
ARTS 246Graphic Design II00000
ANTH 536Public Archaeology00000
ARTS 345Visual and Verbal Interaction00000
ACCT 725Financial Accounting for Professional MBA Students00000
ARAB 121Elementary Arabic00000
AFAM 202Introduction to African-American Studies00000
ARMY 202Fundamentals of Military Decision Making00000
ACCT U225Financial Accounting00000
ARTE U460Directed Teaching in Art Education00000
AFAM 343Religions of the African Diaspora00000
ARTE 540The School Art Program00000
ACCT 750Tax Research and Communication00000
ARTE 705Program Development in Art00000
AFAM 399Independent Study00000
ARTH A397Topics in Non-Western Art History00000
ARTE 765Art Education Internship Sem00000
AFAM 580Culture and Identity in the African Diaspora00000
ARTH B106History of Western Art II00000
ACCT 836Doctoral Seminar in Contemporary Accounting Topics00000
ARTH 327History of 18th-Century European Art00000
AMST U315Civil War Culture00000
ARTH 501Methodologies of Art History00000
ACCT 324Survey of Commercial Law00000
ARTH 542History of American Architecture00000
ANTH B312Contemporary Cross-Cultural Analysis00000
ARTH 799Thesis Preparation00000
AERO 202LLeadership Laboratory 20200000
ARTS A310Intermediate Painting I00000
ANTH A498T: Social Movements and Social Change00000
ARTS B363Digital Photography II00000
ACCT A338Financial Statement Analysis00000
ARTS B112Basic Drawing II00000
ANTH 102Understanding Other Cultures00000
ARTS B1043-Dimensional Design00000
AERO 401LLeadership Laboratory 40100000
ARTS U110Drawing I00000
ANTH 216Violence and Peace: Anthropological Perspectives00000
ARTS A244Introduction to Graphic Design00000
ACCT 499Business Internship in Accounting00000
ARTS B320Ceramics II00000
ANTH 289Topic: Sanctuary and the Anthropology of Immigration Advocac...00000
ARTS A364Digital Photography00000
AESP 361Aerospace Laboratory I00000
ARTS B210Painting I00000
ANTH 355Language, Culture, and Society00000
ARTS 102Introduction to Visual Arts Computing00000
ACCT U336Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ARTS 230Introduction to Drawing00000
ANTH 392Global Women's Health00000
ARTS 261Introduction to Photography00000
AFAM B201Introduction to African-American Studies I00000
ANTH 581Globalization and Cultural Questions00000
ACCT B426Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT B429Internship in Accounting00000
ACCT A435Auditing Theory00000
ACCT 757Seminar in Special Tax Topics00000
AFAM 463Jim Crow: Histories & Revivals00000
ARTH B315History of Medieval Art00000