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USC Union Course Reviews

University of South Carolina Union

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTS 361Digital Photography00000
ATEP 748LEvaluation & Therapeutic Intervention of Lower Extremity Inj...00000
ARTE 725PElementary Pedagogy Methods for Art Instruction Practicum00000
ARTS B262Digital Photography I00000
ARTH 346African Art00000
ARMY 202Fundamentals of Military Decision Making00000
ARTS 830Drawing00000
AFAM 353Introduction to U.S. Racial and Ethnic Politics00000
ARTH B320History of Italian Renaissance Art00000
AMST U315Civil War Culture00000
ARTS B212Drawing II00000
ARTS A210Introduction to Painting00000
ANTH 748Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology00000
ARTS 232Figure Structure I00000
AESP 314Energy Power and Propulsion00000
ARTS 520Ceramics I00000
ARTE 399Independent Study00000
ASTR A111Descriptive Astronomy00000
ACCT 702Application of Advanced Databases to Accounting and Business00000
BADM A350Principles of Marketing00000
AMMG U300Manufacturing Leadership I00000
ARTH 106History of Western Art II00000
ACCT 741Topic: Fraud Examination and Investigation00000
ARTH 542History of American Architecture00000
ANTH A102Understanding Other Cultures00000
ARTS B1032-Dimensional Design00000
ARTS B102Introduction to Visual Arts Computing00000
ANTH 219Great Discoveries in Archaeology00000
ARTS U262Digital Photography00000
AERO 302LLeadership Laboratory 30200000
ARTS 1043-Dimensional Design I00000
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic00000
ARTS 310Intermediate Painting I00000
ACCT 406Auditing I00000
ARTS 446Structures00000
ARTE U429Elementary and Middle School Methods for Art Education00000
ARTS 559Workshop: Jewelrymaking00000
AFAM 218Convergence and Divergence in African American and Jewish Re...00000
ASLG 122Basic Proficiency in American Sign Language00000
ARTE 560Secondary Methods for K-12 Art Certification00000
ATEP 714Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training IV00000
ACCT U332Intermediate Accounting II00000
BADM A760Business Vision, Innovation and Strategy00000
ARTE 799Thesis Preparation00000
BADM A722Globalization and Business00000
ACCT 729Managerial Accounting00000
ARTH A105History of Western Art I00000
AMMG U415Manufacturing Quality00000
ARTH 330History of 19th-Century European Art00000
ACCT A439Accounting Information Systems00000
ARTH 520History of Renaissance Painting00000
ANTH U102Understanding Other Cultures00000
ARTH 701Methodologies and Practices of Art History00000
ACCT 752Advanced Business Entity Tax Issues00000
ARTS B111Drawing I00000
ANTH 101Primates, People, and Prehistory00000
ARTS U207Printmaking I00000
ARTS B100Printmaking workshop for non-majors00000
ANTH 212Food and Culture00000
ARTS A310Intermediate Painting I00000
AERO 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
ARTS B412Advanced Painting00000
ANTH 581Globalization and Cultural Questions00000
ARTS A372Social Media Photography00000
ACCT 403Tax I00000
ARTS B417Advanced Printmaking00000
ANTH 799Thesis Preparation00000
ARTS 211Beginning Painting II00000
AERO 402National Security / Leadership Responsibilities / Commission...00000
ARTS 255Introduction to Jewelry Making00000
ARAB 399Independent Study00000
ARTS 331Intermediate Drawing II00000
ACCT B425Intermediate Accounting I00000
ARTS 420Advanced Ceramics I00000
ARMY 402Leadership and Management Seminar II00000
ARTS 499Independent Study00000
AFAM B201Introduction to African-American Studies I00000
ARTS 530Drawing Capstone I00000
ARTE U459Art Education Senior Seminar00000
ARTS 710Painting00000
ACCT 502Managerial Accounting for Decision Making00000
ASLG U102AAmerican Sign Language II Practice00000
ARTE 540PPracticum in Art Education00000
ASNR 761Basic Anesthesia Principles I00000
AFAM 332Black Experience in the United States since 186500000
ASUP A210Citizen Leadership00000
ARTE 703Issues and Trends in Art Education00000
ATEP 736Advanced Treatment and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries00000
ACCT U226Managerial Accounting00000
ATEP 798Project in Athletic Education00000
ARTE 760PSecondary Pedagogy Methods for Art Instruction Practicum00000
BADM B396Business Research Methods00000
AFAM 428AAfrican-American Literature I: to 190300000
ARTH U306Contemporary Art00000
ACCT A322Corporate Income Tax00000
ACCT A336Managerial Accounting II00000
ACCT 226Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 835Doctoral Seminar in Auditing and Accounting Information Syst...00000
ANTH 204Plagues Past and Present00000
ARTS B311Painting III00000