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USC Sumter Course Reviews

University of South Carolina Sumter

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ATEP 741Advanced Clinical Skills in Athletic Training00000
BIOL U250Principles of Microbiology00000
ARTE 530Art of Children00000
ASLG U101American Sign Language I00000
ARTH U101WT:Introduction to Art00000
ANTH 745Seminar in Historical Archaeology00000
BADM U399Bridges Investment Society00000
AFAM 364African-American Politics00000
ARTE 771Art Education Internship00000
AMMG U410Manufacturing Leadership II00000
ARTS B315Printmaking II00000
ARTH 524Topic: History of Italian Renaissance Art00000
ANTH 355Language, Culture, and Society00000
ASTR 599Topics in Astronomy: Astronomical Literature Review00000
AESP 420Flight and Orbital Mechanics00000
BADM A760Business Vision, Innovation and Strategy00000
ARMY 201Fundamentals of Military Leadership00000
BADM 790Topic: Global Strategic Consulting00000
ACCT 732Auditing II00000
BIOL A452Clinical Chemistry00000
AFAM 487Black Women Writers00000
ARTH B106History of Western Art II00000
ACCT 757Seminar in Special Tax Topics00000
ARTH 335History of 20th Century Art00000
ANTH A498T: Social Movements and Social Change00000
ARTS A103Foundations in 2D Design00000
ARTH 599Independent Study00000
ANTH 223Modernity Archaeology and the Recent Past00000
ARTS A111Drawing I00000
AERO 402LLeadership Laboratory 40200000
ASTR B111LDescriptive Astronomy I Laboratory00000
ANTH 536Public Archaeology00000
ATEP 712Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training II00000
ACCT 502Managerial Accounting for Decision Making00000
ATEP 797Clinical Pathology and Pharmacology in Athletic Training00000
ARAB 301Advanced Arabic Language I00000
BADM B429Internship in Business00000
AFAM 202Introduction to African-American Studies00000
BADM B383International Business00000
ARTE U430Secondary Methods for Art Education00000
BIOL A577Environmental Toxicology - WI00000
ACCT A321Federal Tax Procedures00000
BIOL B200LPlant Science Laboratory00000
ARTE 705Program Development in Art00000
BIOL B244Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ACCT 741Topic: Fraud Examination and Investigation00000
ARTH U308History of Graphic Design00000
AMMG U415Manufacturing Quality00000
ARTH U302African-American Art00000
ACCT U435Auditing00000
ARTH 320History of Italian Renaissance Art00000
ANES G710Anesthesiology Elective00000
ARTH 399Independent Study00000
AERO 101LLeadership Laboratory 10100000
ARTH 549Topic: 20th Century Chinese Art00000
ANTH B452Medical Anthropology00000
ARTS B310Painting II00000
ARTH 798Master's Project Planning00000
ANTH 209Introduction to Folklore00000
ARTS A401Advanced Digital Photography00000
AERO 302Leading People and Effective Communication II00000
ARTS U108Computer Graphics I00000
ANTH 289Topic: Sanctuary and the Anthropology of Immigration Advocac...00000
ARTS A233Life Drawing II00000
ACCT 405Financial Accounting II00000
ASNR 795Application of Physical and Chemical Concepts in Nurse Anest...00000
ANTH 391Topic: Embracing Curls and Natural Hair- The Global Natural...00000
ASTR 101Introduction to Astronomy00000
AESP 350Aerospace Systems00000
ASUP A410College to Career00000
ANTH 580Culture and Identity in the African Diaspora00000
ATEP 733Evidence Based Practice in Medical Emergencies00000
ACCT B226Fundamentals of Accounting II00000
ATEP 749LEvaluation & Therapeutic Intervention of Head, Neck, & Spine...00000
ANTH 899Dissertation Preparation00000
BADM A324Commercial Law00000
AFAM U398Tpcs: Black Religious Thought00000
BADM A345Business Communication - WI00000
ARAB 311Colloquial Arabic II00000
BADM A379Soc. Ethcl & Legal Aspts Bus - WI00000
ACCT 702Application of Advanced Databases to Accounting and Business00000
BADM A383International Business00000
ARMY 402Leadership and Management Seminar II00000
BADM 399Independent Study00000
AFAM 332Black Experience in the United States since 186500000
BIOL A299Biol Research II: Intro to Research in Molecular Biol (I)00000
ARTE 399Independent Study00000
BIOL B450Biological Oceanography00000
ACCT A336Managerial Accounting II00000
BIOL A312Medical Entomology00000
ARTE 565Field Experience Seminar00000
BIOL U560Virology00000
AFAM 399Independent Study00000
ARTE 750Interactive Technology for Art Teachers00000
ACCT B426Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT U331Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 225Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
AERO 201LLeadership Laboratory 20100000
ANTH 161Human Origins: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ARTS A397T: Visual Narrative in Photography00000