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USC Aiken Course Reviews

University of South Carolina Aiken

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARMY 202Fundamentals of Military Decision Making00000
ARTH 320History of Italian Renaissance Art00000
AESP 314Energy Power and Propulsion00000
ANTH 399Independent Study00000
AFYS A101The First-Year Seminar00000
AERO 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
ARTE 750Interactive Technology for Art Teachers00000
ACCT 499Business Internship in Accounting00000
AFAM B202Introduction to African-American Studies II00000
ACCT 725Financial Accounting for Professional MBA Students00000
ANTH 301Latin American Cultures00000
ANTH A498T: Social Movements and Social Change00000
ACCT 757Seminar in Special Tax Topics00000
ANTH 798Research Practicum in Anthropology00000
ACCT 324Survey of Commercial Law00000
ARTE 525PElementary Methods for K-12 Art Certification Practicum00000
AERO 401LLeadership Laboratory 40100000
ARTH A398T: History of Film and Animation00000
ACCT B225Fundamentals of Accounting I00000
ARTH 537Topic: Topics in Modern Architecture: History of Modern Arch...00000
ACCT 505Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
AFAM 399Independent Study00000
ACCT B345Accounting Information Systems00000
AMMG U450Operational Excellence00000
ACCT 732Auditing II00000
ANTH 225Archaeology in Film and Popular Culture00000
ANTH U102Understanding Other Cultures00000
ACCT 751Business Entity Tax Issue00000
ANTH 355Language, Culture, and Society00000
ACCT A731Advanced Accounting Topics MBA Students00000
ANTH 581Globalization and Cultural Questions00000
AERO 101US Air Force Heritage and Values I00000
ARAB 302Advanced Arabic Language II00000
ACCT B335Survey of Federal Taxation00000
ARTE U460Directed Teaching in Art Education00000
AERO 301Leading People and Effective Communication00000
ARTE 565Field Experience Seminar00000
ACCT 404Accounting Information Systems I00000
ARTH B315History of Medieval Art00000
AERO 402National Security / Leadership Responsibilities / Commission...00000
ARTH B106History of Western Art II00000
ACCT A435Auditing Theory00000
ARTH 342Contemporary American Art00000
AESP 428Design I00000
ARTH 560Museology I00000
ACCT U331Intermediate Accounting I00000
AFAM 200Freedom Papers: Narratives of Race and Nation00000
ACCT 700Master of Accountancy Student Development00000
AFAM 463Jim Crow: Histories & Revivals00000
ACCT A733Information Systems and Analytics for Accounting and Finance00000
AMMG U420Manufacturing Project Management00000
ACCT 728Financial Accounting00000
ANES G810Anesthesiology00000
ACCT A338Financial Statement Analysis00000
ANTH A410Food, People & the Planet00000
ACCT 736Information Technology Assurance, Control, and Security00000
ANTH 216Violence and Peace: Anthropological Perspectives00000
ANTH 161Human Origins: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ACCT 743Accounting for Management Control00000
ANTH 237Cultures of Islam00000
ACCT U433Accounting Information and Control Systems00000
ANTH 320Archaeology Theory00000
ACCT 753Advanced Individual Tax Issues00000
ANTH 373Introduction to Language Sciences00000
ACCT U226Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH 550Archaeological Laboratory Methods00000
ACCT 835Doctoral Seminar in Auditing and Accounting Information Syst...00000
ANTH 730Cultural Theory through Ethnography00000
ACCT 225Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ARAB 122Basic Proficiency in Arabic00000
AERO 102US Air Force Heritage and Values II00000
ARMY 101Fundamentals of Military Science00000
ACCT U435Auditing00000
ARMY 401Leadership and Management Seminar I00000
AERO 202LLeadership Laboratory 20200000
ARTE U450School Art Program00000
ACCT 402Cost/Managerial Accounting00000
ARTE 540The School Art Program00000
AERO 302Leading People and Effective Communication II00000
ARTE 725Elementary Pedagogy Methods for Art Instruction00000
ACCT A331Financial Accounting I00000
ARTE 771Art Education Internship00000
AERO 402LLeadership Laboratory 40200000
ARTH U101WT:Introduction to Art00000
ACCT 406Auditing I00000
ARTH B320History of Italian Renaissance Art00000
AESP 101Introduction into Aerospace Engineering00000
ARTH A335History of Twentieth Art00000
ACCT A439Accounting Information Systems00000
ARTH 330History of 19th-Century European Art00000
AESP 362Aerospace Laboratory II00000
ARTH 503Internship in Art History00000
ACCT 502Managerial Accounting for Decision Making00000
AFAM U398Tpcs: Black Religious Thought00000
ACCT A321Federal Tax Procedures00000
ACCT U225Financial Accounting00000
ACCT A717Accounting for Decision Making00000
ACCT B485Auditing00000
ACCT 739Enterprise Resource Planning00000
ANTH 208Anthropology of Globalization and Development00000