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URochester Course Reviews

University of Rochester

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AH 244Age Of Dante&Beyond (Arezzo)00000
AH 414Cultural Contact: Artistic Encounters In A Global Context00000
AAS 380Senior Seminar00000
AH 144East Asia II:1000 Ce-Present00000
ACC 424Financial Reporting II00000
AAS 242WUrban Change and City Politics00000
AH 319Material Culture:Digital Age00000
AAAS 295West African Dance and DunDun00000
ACC 225Intermediate Accounting II00000
AAS 113African Americans in South Africa00000
AH 100Intro To Visual&Culturl Stds00000
ACC 512Advanced Topics in Accounting Research00000
AH 224Russian Art00000
AAAS 266African Digital Cultures00000
AH 280Native American Art & Religion00000
AAS 266Internet Aesthetics: Viral Forms from the Global South00000
AH 392APracticum - Art Ny00000
AAAS 214Reimagining the Human: Global Black Speculative Fiction00000
AH 460Masters Seminar00000
AAAS 352The Other Atlantic: Ethnohistory, Chronicle, and Memory00000
ACC 411Financial Statement Analysis with Data Analytics00000
AAAS 223The City on Screen: Race & Representation in Amer Cinema00000
ACC 440Basic Income Tax-Business Entities and Gift/Estate Taxes00000
AEC 511Advanced Price Theory I00000
ACY 100Studio Accompanying00000
AAS 195Blackness In Popular Culture00000
AH 128Modern Art00000
AAAS 247Black Paris00000
AH 213History of Western Art00000
AH 232Ethnoarchaeology Of Africa00000
AAAS 204Archaeology and Early Civilization of Africa00000
AH 265Photography in Spain & Spanish America00000
AAS 249The Civil War00000
AH 300Art Ny New Field Studio00000
AAAS 281The Role of the State in Global Historical Perspective00000
AH 341The Art Of Infrastructure00000
AAS 292Climate Species Justice00000
AH 396Museum Internship00000
AAAS 168West African Drumming Beg00000
AH 429Art Of The Eighteenth Century00000
AAS 986VFull Time Visiting Student00000
AH 469The Art Market00000
AAAS 218Unequal Development & State Policy, Brazil, USA, Nigeria00000
ACC 228Corporate, Gift & Estate Tax00000
AAAS 394Internship00000
ACC 419Positive Accounting Research Concepts and Empirical Analysis...00000
AAAS 182West African Dance Form IA00000
ACC 437Basic Federal Income Tax Accounting00000
AAS 123Music Of Black Americans00000
ACC 501Accounting Seminar00000
AAAS 234West African Dance: Context & Practice00000
ACM 430Secondary Accompanying00000
AAS 153Islam in America00000
ACY 596DMA Dissertation Project00000
ACY 202Accompanying Class00000
AAS 182West African Dance Forms 1A00000
AEC 520Causal Inference00000
AAAS 244Mutilated Bodies00000
AH 103Ways Of Seeing: Art And The Culture Wars00000
AAS 207Race, Ethnicity and American Politics00000
AH 137Introduction To Modern Architecture00000
AAAS 200Cltrl Politics Prison Towns00000
AH 201History Of American Art00000
AAS 213Politics Ofnatr-Gen/Race/Env00000
AH 217Frameworks:Space & Place In The Work Of Art00000
AAAS 253Eco of Discrimination00000
AH 226Monumnts Of Ancient It Arezz00000
AAS 235The Black Body00000
AH 237Islamic Architecture In Context00000
AAAS 165Introductory Mbira Ensemble00000
AH 252Film History: Early Cinema00000
AAS 244Mutilated Bodies: From Traditions To Cutting-Edge Technologi...00000
AH 276Art & Revolutions In Europe: 1789-191700000
AAAS 272The Harlem Renaissance00000
AH 282Romantic Art: Visons, Dreams, and Nightmares00000
AAS 253Economics of Discrimination00000
AH 312Haunted Media: Northern Art & The Premodern Gothic00000
AAAS 210Ngoma:Drum, Dance, S Africa00000
AH 329Inundation And Catastrophe00000
AAS 281The Role of the State in Global Historical Perspective00000
AH 391WIndependent Study00000
AAAS 289Social Construct of Whiteness00000
AH 394Internships00000
AAS 306Caribbean Gothic00000
AH 413Race & Gender In Pop Film00000
AAAS 140Religion and Black Pop Music00000
AH 422Photographic Processes00000
AAS 393Senior Project00000
AH 442History Of Photography I: 1839-191900000
AAAS 302Convservation of West Africa's BioCultural Heritage00000
ACC 221Managerial Accounting00000
AAAS 107History of Islam00000
AAAS 147Gospel Music in America00000
AAAS 185Black Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric00000
AAAS 241Black Intellectuals: From Abolitionism to Critical Race Theo...00000
AAS 165Mbira Ensemble00000
ACY 416French Lyric Diction00000