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URI Course Reviews

University of Rhode Island

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 422Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives55551
BIO 345Marine Environmental Physiology52551
CSC 201Introduction to Computer Programming44351
CMB 190Issues in Biotechnology55551
AVS 443Advanced Methods in Applied Animal Behavior00000
BME 467XClinical Engineering00000
BPS 411Biostatistics II00000
BPS 551Chemistry of Natural Products00000
ART 213Photography I: B/W Photography00000
BIO 103Principles of Biology Laboratory I00000
BUS 315Legal Environment of Business00000
BIS 199(100) Engagement Seminar00000
AVS 327XZoo Animal Management00000
BPS 310Foundations of Human Disease: Renal and Cardiovascular Disea...00000
ARB 212Intensive Intermediate Arabic II00000
BPS 450Practical Tools for Molecular Sequence Analysis00000
BAI 210(BUS) Managerial Statistics I00000
BUS 104GHHonors Section: Tackling Grand Social and Ecological Challen...00000
AME 204Introduction to American Studies00000
ART 307Art Studio Internship00000
BUS 401Accounting Computer Systems00000
BIO 272Introduction to Evolution00000
BIO 321Plant Diversity00000
APG 303Archaeology of the Americas00000
ART 356Medieval Art00000
BIO 354Invertebrate Zoology00000
BIO 587Seminar In Neurobiology00000
AVS 212Feeds and Feedings00000
BME 361Biomeasurement Laboratory00000
APG 471Critical Island Studies00000
BPS 203Herbal Medicines and Functional Food00000
AVS 398Practicum in Zoo and Aquarium Animal Science00000
BPS 337Foundational Pharmaceutical Sciences I00000
AFS 502Seminar00000
BPS 432CNS Drug Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry00000
AVS 503Pathobiology00000
BPS 521Cancer Chemotherapy and Toxicology00000
ART 101Two-Dimensional Studio00000
BPS 642Biochemical Toxicology00000
BES 503Laboratory Rotations in Cell and Molecular Biology00000
BUS 211Managerial Decision Support Systems00000
AFS 397XUnderwater Photography & Film Laboratory00000
BUS 349Special Topics in Entrepreneurship & Innovation00000
BIO 223Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory00000
BUS 410Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practicum00000
APG 200Language and Culture00000
BIO 302Animal Development00000
ART 322Painting II00000
BIO 346Plant Physiology00000
AFS 416Fishery Ecology Laboratory00000
ART 365Renaissance Art00000
BIO 366Vertebrate Biology00000
BIO 412Evolution and Diversity of Fishes00000
BIO 419Field Experience in Herpetology00000
APG 319Cultural Behavior and Environment00000
ART 470Art History: Senior Projects00000
BIO 437Fundamentals of Molecular Biology00000
BIO 544Insect Ecology00000
AVS 104Animal Management Techniques00000
BIO 594Special Topics in Biological Sciences00000
APG 415Migration in the Americas00000
BME 207Introduction to Biomechanics00000
AVS 323Animal Management I00000
BME 461Physiological Modeling and Control00000
AFS 491Special Projects00000
BME 491Special Problems00000
AVS 343Behavior of Domestic Animals00000
BPS 301Pharmaceutics I: Biopharmaceutics00000
APG 565Seminar in Cultural Heritage00000
BPS 319ADME-PK Fundamentals00000
AVS 404Food Systems, Sustainability and Health00000
BPS 352Personal Cosmetics00000
AFS 391Special Problems and Independent Study00000
BPS 421Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry of Anti-infective and R...00000
AVS 472Physiology of Reproduction00000
BPS 443Formulation and Manufacturing Laboratory00000
ARB 315Topics in Arabic Culture & Society in Arabic00000
BPS 497Special Problems00000
BAI 111(BUS) Introduction to Business Analysis and Applications00000
BPS 535Pharmaceutical Biotechnology00000
AFS 581Current Topics in Molluscan Aquaculture00000
BPS 597Special Problems00000
BAI 493Internship In Business Analysis and Intelligence00000
BTC 102Biotechnology Internship Preparation Seminar00000
ART 203Color in Art & Design00000
BUS 140Introduction To Business00000
BES 600Graduate Seminar in Biological & Environmental Sciences00000
BUS 265(365) Marketing Principles00000
AFS 190Issues in Biotechnology00000
BUS 335Fundamentals of Risk Management and Insurance00000
BIO 181GThe Information Age: From Politics to Medicine00000
BUS 365Marketing Principles00000
ART 251Introduction to Art History: Ancient-Medieval00000
BIO 455Marine Ecology00000
ASL 101American Sign Language I00000
BIO 472Advanced Evolutionary Biology00000
BIO 485Salt Marsh Ecology00000
BIO 256GRisking our Reefs: Human Impacts on Ecosystem Builders00000
AAF 498Senior Seminar in African and Afro-American Studies00000
AFS 290Small Boats: Their Equipment and Operation00000