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UR Course Reviews

University of Richmond

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMSC 150Introductn to Computing W/Lab52551
MATH 211Calculus I35221
BIOL 322Cancer Bio/Tumorigenesis53451
CLSC 499Independent Study00000
CLSC 208Mythology:Greek Drama00000
BIOL 399UDirected Independent Study00000
ARTS 305UDigital Photography00000
CMSC 328Numerical Analysis00000
CHEM 191Intgrtd Sci/Mat/Cmsc 3 W/Lab00000
DANC 258Writng Frm The Body/Wrds/Mvmnt00000
CHEM 309Physical Chemistry I00000
CLAC 256Japn:Hist341:Hist&Memory:Wwii00000
BIOL 354Bio Basis/Neurdgnrtv Dis W/Lab00000
CLSC 308Women In Greece And Rome00000
ARTH 279St: Sacred Arts of Japan00000
CMSC 301Computer Organization W/Lab00000
BUAD 389Ds: Cfa Prep00000
CRWR 386Poetry Writing00000
ANTH 400Capstone Seminar00000
DANC 361Advanced Jazz Dance00000
BIOL 199Ibt: Biology of Mammals W/Lab00000
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic00000
CHEM 315Physical Chemistry Lab II00000
BIOL 225Evolution00000
CHEM 321Advanced Indep Research00000
CHEM 326Biochemistry00000
CLAC 252Ital:Fys100:Crusades &Holy War00000
BIOL 336Eco-Epidemiology W/Lab00000
CLSC 105Introduction To Syntax00000
ART 598USt: Artful American Women00000
CLSC 250Introduction to Syntax00000
BIOL 390Advnc In Biol:Memory&Forgettng00000
CLSC 329The Ancient World In Cinema00000
ANTH 302Med&Hlth-Glbl/Anth Perspect00000
CMSC 222Dscrt Strctrs for Cmptng W/Lab00000
BUAD 202Statistics for Bus & Econ00000
CMSC 323Dsgn/Implemntn Prog Lang W/Lab00000
ARTH 365Art Theories and Methodolgies00000
CMSC 335Computer Graphics W/ Lab00000
CHEM 110Polltnts in the Envrnmnt W/Lab00000
DANC 210Salsa Dance00000
ADED 301UKnowl Mgmt:Genealogy/Econ His00000
DANC 312Yoga/Body Awareness For Perfor00000
CHEM 300Measurement Statistics00000
DANC 407Senior Thesis Capstone00000
ANTH 427Directed Independent Study00000
CHEM 313The Natures Of The Chemcl Bond00000
BIOL 206Cell Biology Sa00000
CHEM 317Inorganic Chemistry W/Lab00000
AMST 301Seminar in American Studies00000
CHEM 324Experimental Biochemistry00000
BIOL 304Medical Botany00000
ARAB 221Intensive Inter Arabic W/Pract00000
CHEM 330Special Topic in Biochemistry00000
BIOL 310The Science Of Poisoning00000
CHIN 102Elementary Chinese00000
CHIN 301Advanced Intermediate Chinese00000
CLAC 250Span:Fys100:Time & City Of Sev00000
BIOL 330Urban Ecology & Evolution00000
CLAC 254Rusn:Fys100:Crusades &Holy War00000
ART 209UPhotography As Art00000
CLCV 498Major Seminar00000
BIOL 346Medical Entomology W/Lab00000
CLSC 205Ancient Myth in Epic Poetry00000
ANTH 211Field Methods in Ethnography00000
CLSC 220Introduction To Archaeology00000
BIOL 387Biology Seminar00000
CLSC 301Greek Art and Archaeology00000
ARTH 217Ninteenth-Century Art: Europe00000
CLSC 320Cltrl Prprty:Archlgy,Ethcs,Law00000
BIOL 394Undergraduate Research00000
ACCT 417Auditing00000
BIOL 314Molecular Biology W/Lab00000
CHIN 315Myths/Parable Chinese Lit/Film00000
CMSC 195St: Smart Cs00000
BMB 310Biochemistry Senior Seminar I00000
CMSC 288Computer Science Apprenticeshp00000
ARTH 319Adv Sem: Medieval Africa00000
CMSC 321Operating Systems W/Lab00000
BUAD 310Financial Statement Analysis00000
CMSC 326Simulation W/ Lab00000
ANTH 328Anthropology of Human Rights00000
CMSC 332Computer Networks W/Lab00000
BUAD 394Business Ethics00000
CMSC 395St: Android Programming00000
ARTH 466Thesis Research Project00000
CRWR 392Creative Nonfiction Writing00000
CHEM 114Chem:Cooking/Mdrnst Cuis W/Lab00000
DANC 251Contemporary Dance I00000
ACCT 305Cost & Managerial Accounting00000
DANC 265Contemporary Dance II00000
CHEM 205Organic Chemistry I W/Lab00000
DANC 330Dance History/Theory I00000
BIOL 120Mcb:Emrgng Infcts Diseas W/Lab00000
CHIN 410Business Chinese00000
CHEM 302Spectroscopy & Instrumentation00000
ACCT 202Fund of Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 313Federal Tax II00000
AMST 398St: Data and Society00000
ARAB 389Practice Assistantship00000