UPT Course Reviews

University of Pittsburgh at Titusville

HIST 0601United States 1865-Present00000
PS 0205Law And The Courts00000
PHYSTA 0332Clinical Education 200000
COMMRC 0520Public Speaking00000
ADMJ 0204Police And Society00000
NUR 0111Fundamentals Of Nursing00000
NUR 0113Pharmacology in Nursing00000
COMMRC 0530Interpersonal Communication00000
PSYED 0005Life Span Development00000
ENG 0102English Composition 200000
BUS 0103Introduction To Business00000
BIOSC 0031Microbiology00000
MATH 0029Fundamentals Of Math 100000
ENGLIT 0315Reading Poetry00000
CHEM 0110General Chemistry 100000
MATH 0030Fundamentals Of Math 200000
PHYS 0110Introduction To Physics 100000
PHYS 0174Basic Physics, Science And Engineering 1 (Integrated)00000
BIOSC 0160Foundations Of Biology 200000
ACCT 0111Financial Accounting00000
CS 0441Discrete Structures For Cs00000
ACCT 0221Intermediate Accounting 100000
BIOSC 0351Genetics Laboratory00000
BIOL 0212Human Anatomy and Physiology 100000
ENGR 0081Freshman Engineering Seminar 100000
BIOSC 0370Ecology00000
BIOSC 0096Introduction To Human Systems00000
HRP 0184Intro To Science For Health Prof00000
CHEM 0330Organic Chemistry Laboratory 100000
BUS 1301Principles Of Marketing00000
CS 0401Intermediate Programming Using Java00000
MATH 0230Analytic Geometry And Calculus 200000
ENGR 0012Intro To Engineering Computing00000
BIOSC 0060Foundations Of Biology Laboratory 200000
HRP 0410Applied Kinesiology00000
NUR 0450Family And Mental Health00000
MGMT 1401Business Society & Int'L Envrn00000
CHEM 0340Organic Chemistry Laboratory 200000
NUR 0525Role Development00000
PHYSTA 0110Introduction To Physical Therapy00000
PHYSTA 0331Clinical Education 100000
BIOL 0202Microbiol for Allied Health Professionals00000
PSY 1270Child Psychopathology00000
PS 1262Health Policy In United States00000
BIOSC 0097Introduction To Human Systems Laboratory00000
BIOSC 0214Human Anatomy And Physiology Laboratory 100000
SOC 0010Introduction To Sociology00000
ENG 0100Introduction To College Composition00000
ACCT 1399Accounting Internship00000
BIOL 0213Human Anatomy and Physiology 200000
ADMJ 0600Introduction To Criminology00000
ENGLIT 0370Literature And Ideas00000
BIOL 0222Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab 100000
BIOSC 0820Environmental Science00000
BIOSC 0050Foundations Of Biology Laboratory 100000
FS 0002Freshman Seminar00000
BIOSC 0215Human Anatomy And Physiology Laboratory 200000
BIOSC 0150Foundations Of Biology 100000
HIST 0678United States And The Holocaust00000
BIS 0015Hardwr Mainten & Softwr Support00000
BUS 0108Small Business Management00000
CHEM 0120General Chemistry 200000
HRP 0420Clinical Pathology00000
CHEM 0910Chemical Princpl Health Professn00000
BIOSC 0032Microbiology Lab00000
CS 0131Software For Personal Computing00000
MATH 0110Fundamentals Of Mathematics00000
CS 1399Computer Science Internship00000
CHEM 0103Biological Chemistry00000
ENGLIT 1647Literature For Adolescents00000
NUR 0100Transition Nursing For Lpns00000
HIST 0101Western Civilization 200000
ADMJ 0500Introduction To Administration Of Justice00000
HRP 0080Health Sciences Internship00000
NUR 0211Comprehensive Nursing 200000
HUSERV 0331Introduction To Human Services00000
CHEM 0320Organic Chemistry 200000
MATH 0200Prep For Scientific Calculus00000
PEDC 0262Yoga 100000
NUR 0106Succeeding In Nursing Education00000
BIOSC 0100Preparation For Biology00000
NUR 0300Nursing Foundations00000
PHYS 0175Basic Physics, Science And Engineering 2 (Integrated)00000
PHIL 0500Introduction To Logic00000
CLASS 1130Classical Mythology And Literature00000
PHYSTA 0221Pta Principles And Procedures 100000
PHYSTA 0224Pta Principles And Procedures 400000
PHYSTA 0350National Physical Therapist Assistant Examination Review00000
ACCT 0222Intermediate Accounting 200000
PSY 0160Psychology Of Personality00000
PHYSTA 0440Professional Issues Seminar00000
SA 0130Drawing Studio 100000
CS 0135Adv Software-Persnl Computing00000
PSY 0203Social Psychology00000
ACCT 0112Managerial Accounting00000
ADMJ 0203Probation And Parole00000
BIOL 0223Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab 200000
BUS 0102Principles Of Management00000
HIST 0600United States To 187700000
BIOSC 0213Human Anatomy And Physiology 200000