UPS Course Reviews

University of Puget Sound

CLSC 280Archaeological Foundations00000
COMM 381Communication and the Internet00000
BIOL 465Chemical Biology00000
CHIN 260Situational Oral Expression00000
BUS 434Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance00000
BIOL 332Molecular Biology and Physiology of Plants00000
COMM 291Film Culture00000
ARTS 265Sculpture/Metal00000
BUS 370International Business Theory and Strategy00000
ARTS 447Advanced Ceramics00000
CHEM 420Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
BUS 476Sports Law00000
BIOL 102Evolution and Biology of Sex00000
CLSC 181Rome Through The Ages: January in Rome00000
ARTH 380Museums and Curating in the 21st Century: History, Theory, a...00000
COMM 156Introduction to Interpersonal Communication00000
BIOL 375Developmental Biology00000
COMM 347Public Discourse00000
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic00000
CONN 320Health and Medicine00000
ARTS 301Drawing into Painting: A Contemporary Approach to the Figure00000
BUS 402Marketing Research00000
ARTH 302The Art of Mexico and Mesoamerica00000
BUS 451Organizational Behavior00000
ASIA 335Chinese Painting and Poetry00000
CHEM 340Physical Chemistry I00000
CHEM 110General Chemistry I00000
BIOE 350Clinical Bioethics00000
CHIN 102First Year Chinese00000
ARTH 367Chinese Art00000
CHIN 311Chinese Thought: From the Dao to Mao00000
BIOL 212Cell Biology00000
CLSC 230Ancient Epic00000
ALC 335The Chinese Classic Novel: Real Illusions, Virtuous Violence...00000
CLSC 325Sex and Gender in Classical Antiquity00000
BIOL 362Nanobiology00000
COMM 190Introduction to Film Studies: Transnationalism and Modernity00000
ARTS 147A History of Ceramics Through Making00000
COMM 322Television Culture00000
BIOL 392Introduction to Biological Research00000
COMM 361Organizing Difference00000
AFAM 399Public Scholarship00000
COMM 482Communication in Personal Relationships: Online and Off00000
BUS 340Law and Ethics in the Business Environment00000
CONN 332Witchcraft in Colonial New England00000
ARTH 276Studies in Western Art II: Renaissance to Modern Art00000
BUS 394Special Topics in Consulting00000
ARTS 355Intermediate Sculpture00000
BUS 416Financial Reporting and Analysis00000
ALC 205Introduction to Asian Literature00000
BUS 438Portfolio Management00000
ARTS 482Advanced Printmaking00000
BUS 472Business in Latin America00000
ARTH 310Women, Gender, and Art, 1500-200000000
BUS 485Business Leadership and the Liberal Arts00000
ASIA 401PacRim Orientation00000
CHEM 330Instrumental Analysis00000
CHEM 230Integrated Chemical Principles and Analytical Chemistry00000
BIOE 272Public Health Ethics00000
CHEM 363Materials Chemistry00000
ARTH 362Art, Religion, and Power in Late Antiquity and Byzantium00000
CHEM 465Chemical Biology00000
BIOE 400Bioethics Integration Seminar00000
CHIN 216Chinese Corner: Conversation00000
ALC 325Chinese Cinema: Ideology and the Box Office00000
CHIN 305From Bamboo Grove to Cyberspace: Chinese Literary Texts Now...00000
BIOL 201Biology Colloquium00000
CLSC 101Introduction to the Ancient Mediterranean00000
ARTH 369Twentieth Century Chinese Art00000
CLSC 211History of Ancient Greece00000
BIOL 215Methods in Molecular and Cell Biology00000
CLSC 232Ancient Comedy00000
AFAM 360The Art and Politics of the Civil Rights Era00000
CLSC 309The Roman Revolution00000
BIOL 350Microbiology00000
CLSC 339Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and the Classics00000
ARTH 492Curatorial/Art History Research Practicum00000
COMM 170Introduction to Media Studies: Governmentality and Torture00000
BIOL 364Marine Invertebrate Zoology00000
COMM 230Communication Theory00000
ARAB 102Modern Elementary Arabic00000
COMM 321Film Criticism00000
BIOL 377Field Botany00000
COMM 343Argumentation Theory00000
ARTS 247Ceramics: Beginning Wheel Throwing00000
COMM 350Family Communication00000
BIOL 411Advanced Ecology00000
COMM 372Contemporary Media Culture: Deconstructing Disney00000
AFAM 265What is Justice?00000
COMM 422Advanced Media Studies00000
BUS 101Business Leadership Seminar00000
CONN 308People and Portfolios00000
ARTS 281Beginning Printmaking: Relief and Intaglio00000
BUS 365Cultural Diversity and Law00000
AFAM 205Survey of African American Literature00000
AFAM 310African Diaspora Experience00000
ALC 310Death and Desire in Pre-modern Japanese Literature00000
ARTH 334Early Italian Renaissance Art: From Giotto to Michelangelo00000
ASIA 491PacRim Independent Field Research00000
CHEM 251Organic Chemistry II00000