UPJ Course Reviews

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

CS 0082Cs Assistantship Nonmajors00000
ECED 1190Family and School Collaboration00000
CET 1187Senior Seminar Fall00000
COMMRC 1107Gender and Communication00000
CHEM 0151General Chemistry 2 for Engineers00000
CE 1200Construction Management00000
CS 1766Introduction Computer Graphics00000
BIOL 1162Plant Diversity & Local Flora00000
CHE 0302Transport Phenomena 100000
BIOL 1220Wildlife Management00000
COE 1199Senior Design Elective00000
CHEM 0237Organic Chemistry 2 Engineers00000
BUS 1540Ethics and Leadership00000
COMMRC 1212Public Relations 200000
BIOL 1120Vertebrate Anatomy00000
CS 0458Data Structures and Files00000
CE 1510Water Supply & Wastewater00000
ECED 1123Writing Development00000
BIOL 0111General Biology Laboratory 100000
EDPSY 0011Directed Practicum in Edpsy00000
BIOL 1190Clinical Microbiology00000
CHE 0405Reactive Processes II00000
BIOL 0340General Ecology00000
CHEM 0232Organic Chemistry 200000
BIOL 1236Developmental Biology00000
CHEM 1371Undergraduate Research00000
CHEM 1291Clinical Chemistry00000
BIOL 1520Aquatic Ecology00000
COMMRC 0052Public Speaking00000
BIOL 0970Anatomy and Physiology 200000
COMMRC 1135Medical Communication00000
CE 0110Computer Methods in Civil Engineering00000
CS 0016Introduction to Computer Programming Applications00000
ANTH 0800Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
CS 0411Intro Computer Sci Progrmmng00000
CE 1347Bridge Engineering00000
CS 1720Programming Languages00000
BIOL 1131Biology Of Plants Laboratory00000
ECED 0010Directed Tutoring00000
CE 1811Principles Of Soil Mechanics00000
ECED 1171Science Technology and Health00000
ACCT 1190Accounting Information Systems00000
ECON 1011American Economic History00000
CHE 0104Chemical Engineering Foundations Lab00000
EDPSY 1025Inclusion Strategies00000
BIOL 0120General Biology 200000
CHE 0315Product Design 200000
BIOL 1195Mycology00000
CHE 0510Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
ACCT 1281Accounting Special Topics00000
CHEM 0230Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry00000
BIOL 1225Human Physiology Laboratory00000
CHEM 0235Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry Lab00000
BIOL 0350Genetics00000
CHEM 1131Inorganic Chemistry00000
BIOL 1241Microbiology Laboratory00000
CHEM 1343Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 1323Biochemistry Laboratory00000
BIOL 1281Special Topics In Biology Lab00000
COE 1151Computer Networks00000
BIOL 0950Anatomy and Physiology 100000
COE 1885Departmental Seminar00000
BUS 0100Introduction to Business00000
COMMRC 0600Theories of Interpersonal Communication00000
ACCT 1325Financial Statement Analysis00000
COMMRC 1131Organizational Communication00000
CAS 0906Mastering College00000
COMMRC 1144Visual Communication00000
BIOL 0980Medical Microbiology00000
COMMRC 1903Communication Internship00000
CE 1105Materials of Construction00000
CS 0047Advanced Programming Concepts Applications00000
ACCT 1160Individual Tax Accounting 100000
CS 0100Perspectives In Computer Science00000
CE 1330Introduction To Structural Analysis00000
CS 0455Algorithms And Information Structures00000
BIOL 1123Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
CS 1165Directed Project00000
CE 1420Hydraulic Design00000
CS 1760Advanced Object-Oriented Programming and Design00000
BIOL 0085Human Health And Disease00000
CS 1903Internship00000
CE 1714Pavement Design and Management00000
ECED 1111Early Childhood Education Field Practicum 100000
BIOL 1155Statistical Methods in Biology00000
ECED 1154Differentiated Literacy Instruction Across the Content Areas00000
CE 1821Foundation Engineering00000
ECED 1174Pre-Primary Student Teaching00000
ACCT 1130Intermediate Accounting 200000
ECON 0105Intro Microeconomic Theory00000
CET 1198Special Project-Independent Stdy00000
ECON 1810Special Topics00000
BIOL 1175Ornithology00000
CHE 0220Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 100000
ACCT 1100Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 1146Forensic Accounting00000
ACCT 1286Accounting Internship 100000
BIOL 0360Cell Biology00000
BIOL 1275Ornithology Laboratory00000
CHEM 1332Medicinal Chemistry00000