UPB Course Reviews

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

COMM 1403Current Issues In Mass Media00000
EDUC 0255Readings in Children's Litertr00000
BIOL 1449Special Topics in Biology Laboratory00000
COMM 0109Introduction to Cinema00000
CHEM 1302Physical Chemistry 200000
BIOL 1307Biostatistics00000
ECON 0201Money and Banking00000
ANTH 0112Tourism00000
CHEM 0103Biological Chemistry00000
ART 0103Digital Graphic Design 100000
CIST 1423Virtual Reality Programming And Technology00000
CIST 0163Introduction To Web Programming00000
BIOL 0119Ecology and Environmental Biology Laboratory00000
COMM 1301Digital Video II00000
ADMJ 1498Directed Research: Administration of Justice00000
ECE 0031Linear Circuits And Systems 100000
BIOL 1401Developmental Biology00000
EDUC 0110Basic Skills Test Preparation: Writing00000
ADMJ 1320Research Methods In Criminal Justice00000
EDUC 1322Social Studies Methods (Prek-4)00000
ANTH 1325Latin America Today00000
CHEM 0201Introduction To Analytical Chemistry00000
ADMJ 1345International And Global Crime00000
CHEM 1451Capstone: Chemistry00000
ART 0197Directed Study00000
CIST 1401Information Assurance00000
CIST 0265Object Oriented Programming00000
BIOL 0101Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology00000
CIST 1497Directed Study: Computer Information Sytems and Technology00000
ADMJ 1448Special Topics In Corrections00000
COMM 0202Radio Production00000
BIOL 0217Principles of Ecology and Evolution00000
COMM 1309Environmental Communications00000
ADMJ 0240Community-Based Corrections00000
COMM 1496Co-Op In Communications00000
BIOL 1312Global Ecology00000
ECON 0101Economics in the Modern World00000
AFRCNA 0215Modern African-American Cinema00000
ECON 1307Economics Of Energy & Environmnt00000
BIOL 1412Molecular Biology Lab00000
EDUC 0215English Language Learners00000
ACCT 1497Directed Study: Accounting00000
EDUC 1307Secondary Methods00000
CE 0109Computer Meth In Civil Engrg 100000
EDUC 1325Development of Children With Exceptional Needs00000
ADMJ 1330Criminal Forensics 100000
CHEM 0188Drugs and Society Lab00000
ANTH 1498Directed Research: Anthropology00000
CHEM 0208Organic Chemistry 200000
ADMJ 0101Intro To Criminal Justice00000
CHEM 1306Biochemistry00000
ART 0110Ceramics: Hand Building00000
CHEM 1499Internship: Chemistry00000
ADMJ 1401Contemporary Issues In Law Enforcement00000
CIST 0197Directed Study In Computer Information Systems And Technolog...00000
ART 0205Ceramics: Wheel Throwing00000
CIST 1341Linux Operating System00000
CIST 1310Systems Analysis and Design00000
ART 1499Internship In Art00000
CIST 1415Data Analytics00000
ADMJ 1415Islam And Social Justice00000
CIST 1443Network & System Administration Practicum00000
BIOL 0109Plants And People Lab00000
COMM 0104Public Speaking00000
ADMJ 0215Law Enforcement Operations00000
COMM 0120Intercultural Communication00000
BIOL 0203Genetics00000
COMM 0210Social Media Communication00000
ADMJ 1496Field Placement00000
COMM 1307Visual Communications00000
BIOL 1301Animal Behavior00000
COMM 1335Newspaper Senior Staff- The Source00000
ACCT 1320Accounting Information Systems00000
COMM 1449Topics In Communications 1 Cr00000
BIOL 1310Animal Physiology00000
COMM 1499Internship: Communication00000
AFRCNA 0101Introduction to Africana Studies00000
ECE 0142Computer Organization00000
BIOL 1316Biomedical Engineering00000
ECON 0111Money In The Real World00000
ADMJ 0260Violence And Crime00000
ECON 0207Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
BIOL 1410Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinfo00000
ECON 1498Directed Research: Economics00000
AFRCNA 1498Directed Res Africana Studies00000
EDUC 0112Basic Skills Test Preparation: Math00000
BIOL 1435Evolution00000
EDUC 0225The Developing Child: Birth-Primary Years00000
ACCT 1302Intermediate Accounting 200000
EDUC 1301Instructional Technology00000
BIOL 1497Directed Study: Biology00000
EDUC 1312Language Development and Early Literacy Foundations (Prek-1)00000
ANTH 0225Food In Societies00000
CHEM 0089Concepts of Chemistry00000
ACCT 0201Financial Accounting Concepts00000
ACCT 1305Auditing00000
ADMJ 0203Probation and Parole00000
ADMJ 1403Contemporary Issues In Courts, Policy, Justice00000
ART 1301Drawing II00000
CIST 1326Digital Forensics00000