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UP Course Reviews

University of Portland

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CE 464Watershed Systems Modeling00000
CHM 474Biochemistry II Laboratory00000
BUS 456Systems Analysis and Design00000
CAS 000Completing Degree00000
BUS 510ONLINE: Ecn & Metrics Sustain00000
BUS 371ONLINE: Consumer Behavior00000
CHM 105Chemistry in Art00000
BIO 418HBiology of Exercise (Honors)00000
BUS 477Brand Design00000
BME 465Tissue Mechanics00000
BUS 578Management of Technology for Life Science00000
BUS 532Security and Portfolio Analysis00000
BUS 311HIntermediate Acct II (Honors)00000
CE 315HTransportation Engr (Honors)00000
BIO 371Field Botany00000
CE 562Sustainable Design00000
BUS 430ONLINE: Investments00000
CHM 373Physical Chem II Lab00000
BIO 307Human Anatomy00000
CHN 391Advanced Chinese00000
BIO 477Human Anatomy Dissection00000
BUS 493Research00000
BIO 333ONLINE: Genetics Lab00000
BUS 519ONLINE: Business Analytics00000
BME 563Digital Signal Processing00000
BUS 570Social Entrepreneurship00000
BUS 542Systems Analysis and Design00000
BUS 202Professional Development00000
BUS 742Strategic Operations & Control00000
BIO 359Microbiology for Nurses00000
CAS 493Undergraduate Research00000
BUS 356Database Management00000
CE 401Computational Methods In Civil Engineering00000
BIO 301HMicrobiology (Honors)00000
CE 484HCE Capstone Project II (Honrs)00000
BUS 402Professional Development Leadership00000
CE 903Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review -Civil00000
BIO 378Physiology Laboratory00000
CHM 314Analytical Chemistry00000
BUS 443ONLINE: Intl Marketing Mngmnt00000
CHM 444Inorganic Chemistry II00000
AS 411Leadership Laboratory00000
CHN 111Chinese Language Lab I00000
BUS 468HApplied Portfolio Mgt (Honors)00000
CORE 003Anchor Seminar Workshop00000
BIO 323Entomology Lab00000
BUS 488IT Security00000
BIO 497IOT/PT Internship00000
BUS 501ONLINE: Economic Analysis00000
BIO 191Humans as Primates00000
BUS 514ONLINE:Acct Cntrls Nonprof Org00000
BME 550Physiology for Biomedical Engineers00000
BUS 526Sustainability Marketing00000
BIO 340Ecology00000
BUS 538ONLINE:Corp Strat/M&A Restruct00000
BME 578Mgmt Technology for Med Device00000
BUS 563Financial Statement Analysis00000
BUS 546ONLINE: Supply Chain Analytics00000
BUS 101Software Applications Workshop00000
BUS 574ONLINE: New Venture Finance00000
BIO 348HConservation Biology (Honors)00000
BUS 591Advanced Financial Planning and Counseling00000
BUS 255Intro to OTM00000
BUS 912Tax: Persons/Property/Entities00000
BIO 290Cardiac Development00000
CAS 197Internship & Career Prep00000
BUS 330HManagerial Finance (Honors)00000
CE 223Surveying00000
BIO 363Freshwater Ecology00000
CE 367Environmental Engineering00000
BUS 362Foundations Of Operations Management Lab00000
CE 454Advanced Civil Engineering Graphic Modeling00000
AS 311Leadership Laboratory00000
CE 467Project Delivery Lifecycle00000
BUS 389Contemp Business Issues & EU00000
CE 522Geotechnical Design00000
BIO 375Vertebrate Biology Lab00000
CE 590Mathematical & Numerical Meth.00000
BUS 411ONLINE: Advanced Accounting00000
CHM 025Organic Chemistry I Workshop00000
BIO 305HHuman Anatomy and Physiology I (Honors)00000
CHM 277General Chemistry I Lab00000
BUS 434ONLINE:Derivatives&Risk Mngmnt00000
CHM 332Physical Chemistry II00000
BIO 392Plants and Civilization Lab00000
CHM 379Analytical Chemistry Laboratory00000
BUS 453HSupply Chain Analytics (Honors)00000
CHM 454Biochemistry II00000
AS 101Heritage and Values00000
CHM 497Organic Chemistry Internship00000
BUS 461ONLINE: Intro to R Programming00000
CHN 191Maximizing Study Abroad00000
BIO 442Ecology00000
BUS 472Personal Selling00000
AS 001Air Force ROTC Physical Training00000
AS 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals00000
BIO 207Intro Molecular and Cell Bio00000
BIO 343Ecology Lab00000
BME 593Biomechanics Research00000
BUS 553ONLINE: Intro to R Programming00000