UP Course Reviews

University of Portland

BUS 474ONLINE: Digital Marketing00000
BUS 544ONLINE: Managing Innovtn/Tech00000
BME 583Biomedical Device Planning and Design00000
BUS 451Prescriptive Analytics Lab00000
BUS 311Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIO 470Immunology Laboratory00000
BUS 512ONLINE:Ldr & Higher Level Mgmt00000
BIO 343Ecology Lab00000
BUS 150ONLINE: Smart Money I00000
BIO 359Microbiology for Nurses00000
BUS 412ONLINE: Accounting Ethics00000
BUS 364Innovation00000
BIO 397Internship00000
BUS 464ONLINE: Business Taxation00000
BIO 330Genetics00000
BUS 493Research00000
BME 466Human Factors Engineering & Ergonomics00000
BUS 530Corporate Finance00000
BIO 207Intro Molecular and Cell Bio00000
BUS 563Financial Statement Analysis00000
BIO 348Conservation Biology00000
BUS 209Financial Accounting00000
BIO 300HImmunology (Honors)00000
BUS 355Decision Modeling & Analytics00000
BIO 368Marine Biology Lab00000
BUS 408Innovation for Sustainability00000
BUS 371HONLINE: Consumer Bhvr (Honors)00000
BIO 379Microbiology Lab for Nurses00000
BUS 433ONLINE: Real Estate Finance00000
BIO 307Human Anatomy00000
BUS 455Prescriptive Analytics00000
BIO 418HBiology of Exercise (Honors)00000
BUS 469ONLINE:Object Oriented Anlysis00000
BIO 005BIO 205 Workshop00000
BUS 486Venture Launch00000
BIO 497Internship00000
BUS 501ONLINE: Economic Analysis00000
BIO 340Ecology00000
BUS 520Applied Marketing Strategies00000
BME 563Digital Signal Processing00000
BUS 538ONLINE:Corp Strat/M&A Restruct00000
AS 301Leading People and Effective Communication00000
BUS 553ONLINE: Intro to R Programming00000
BUS 000Completing degree00000
BUS 566ONLINE: Advanced Accounting00000
BIO 277Intro Molecular/Cell Bio Lab00000
BUS 200Principles of Marketing00000
BIO 354Cell and Molecular Biology00000
BUS 255Intro to OTM00000
AS 312Leadership Laboratory00000
BUS 330Managerial Finance00000
BIO 363Freshwater Ecology00000
BUS 360Cross Cultural Org Behavior00000
BIO 301HMicrobiology (Honors)00000
BUS 370Marketing Research00000
BIO 372Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
BUS 400Strategic Management00000
BUS 385Entr Opportunity Assessment00000
BIO 377Anatomy Laboratory00000
BUS 411ONLINE: Advanced Accounting00000
BIO 306Human Anatomy and Physiology 200000
BUS 431Financial Markets/Institutions00000
BIO 391HParasitology (Honors)00000
BUS 441International Finance00000
AS 412Leadership Laboratory00000
BUS 453HSupply Chain Analytics (Honors)00000
BIO 405Ecology, Evolution, and Culture of East Africa00000
BUS 459Business Analytics00000
BIO 318HMammal Behavior and Conservation (Honors)00000
BUS 467ONLINE: Income Tax Strat00000
BIO 428Neurobiology00000
BUS 471HONLINE:Brnd Promotns (Honors)00000
AS 202Team & Leadership Fundamentals00000
BUS 477Brand Design00000
BIO 477Human Anatomy Dissection00000
BUS 489Business in Asia00000
BIO 336Developmental Biology00000
BUS 497Internship00000
BIO 499Senior Thesis00000
BUS 508ONLINE: Innovation for Sustain00000
BIO 203Human Form and Function00000
BUS 515Social Venture Management00000
BME 551Introduction to the Healthcare Industry00000
BUS 524ONLINE: Brand Promotions Mgmt00000
BIO 342Neurobiology00000
BUS 533Financial Mkts & Institutions00000
BME 566Human Factors Engineering & Ergonomics00000
BUS 541Human Resource Management00000
AS 005Air Force ROTC Physical Training00000
BUS 547Inventory Management00000
BME 593Biomechanics Research00000
BUS 560Managerial Accounting Applications00000
BIO 347ONLINE: Animal Behavior00000
BUS 100Intro to Leadership Skills00000
AS 002Air Force ROTC Physical Training 200000
AS 111Leadership Laboratory00000
AS 411Leadership Laboratory00000
BIO 304Wetlands Ecology00000
BIO 374Wetlands Ecology Laboratory00000
BUS 391International Trade and Globalization00000