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UOP Course Reviews

University of the Pacific

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MMGT 011Music/Ent. in U.S. Society54541
ATTR 212UE: Exam/Clinical Diagnosis II00000
BUSI 117Cost Accounting00000
BUSI 214Negotiation00000
BIOL 293CST, Vector Borne Diseases00000
ARTS 181Interdisciplinary Seminar00000
BUSI 175Leadership and Change00000
ARTH 089Practicum00000
ARTS 011Digital Photography00000
ATTR 270Athletic Training Capstone00000
BENG 130Biotransport00000
BIOL 193DSpecial Topics:Animal Behavior00000
ARTS 125Painting III00000
BUSI 104Operations Management00000
ANLT 293CAdvanced Machine Learning00000
BUSI 144Sport Marketing and Promotions00000
ARTS 191BIllustration00000
BUSI 201Financial & Mngrl. Accounting00000
ANLT 201Linear Alegbra for Data Sci00000
BUSI 225Investments/Portfolio Analysis00000
ARTH 193Introduction to Museum Studies00000
BCPS 130Professional Communication00000
ANLT 212Analytics Computing Data Sci00000
ARTS 073Freshman Seminar00000
BENG 195Senior Project00000
BINT 031Intro to Global Citizenship00000
BIOL 128Histology00000
ARTS 105Web Design00000
BIOL 226Neurobiology00000
ANLT 273Fraud Detection00000
BUSI 031Prin. of Financial Accounting00000
ARTS 155Printmaking III00000
BUSI 110Career Development Seminar00000
ACTY 063Golf, Intercollegiate00000
BUSI 134Conflict Management00000
ARTS 187Internship00000
BUSI 153Entertainment Law00000
ANTH 193Urban Anthropology00000
BUSI 183Administrative Internship00000
ARTS 197AMural Project00000
BUSI 209Organizational Behavior00000
ACTY 023Self-Defense for Women00000
BUSI 218Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ATTR 231Evidence Based Practice in AT00000
BUSI 227Forensic Acct/Fraud Invest00000
ANLT 207Time Series Analysis00000
ATTR 287AClinical Experience I00000
ARTS 007Two-Dimensional Design & Color00000
BENG 103Biomaterials00000
ACTY 053Swimming, Men's Intercoll.00000
BENG 193BBiomedical Signal Processing00000
ARTS 037Sculpture00000
BENG 197AOsteoporosis00000
ANLT 222Machine Learning Data Sci00000
ARTS 079Typography I00000
BIOL 041Introduction to Biology00000
BIOL 071Human Anatomy00000
BIOL 122Principles of Immunology00000
ARTS 093AArts & Humanities Cohort00000
BIOL 146Industrial Microbiology00000
ANLT 242Relational Databases00000
BIOL 197Undergraduate Research00000
ARTS 115Animation00000
BIOL 271Methods in Field Biology00000
ACTY 060Soccer, Women's Intercoll.00000
BIOL 299Thesis00000
ARTS 141Photography II00000
BUSI 053Legal & Ethical Envir. of Bus.00000
ANLT 282Capstone Project00000
BUSI 107Marketing Management00000
ARTS 173Senior Seminar00000
BUSI 113AIntermediate Accounting I00000
ACTY 019Volleyball00000
BUSI 123Investment Analysis00000
ARTS 181AInterdisciplinary Studio00000
BUSI 138Networking/Telecom. Mgmt.00000
ANTH 132Modern Middle East00000
BUSI 149Strategic Marketing00000
ARTS 191Independent Study00000
BUSI 163International Financial Mgmt.00000
ACTY 066Swimming, Women's Intercoll.00000
BUSI 177Sport Event & Facilities Mgmt00000
ARTS 193BUpcycle Fashion00000
BUSI 193BGlobal Sport Management00000
ARTH 007Survey of World Art to 140000000
BUSI 207Marketing Management00000
ASIA 130East Asian Literature00000
BUSI 212MBA Career Development Seminar00000
ACTY 010Karate00000
BUSI 216Prof. Accounting Research00000
ATTR 215Psychosocial Interv/Ref in AT00000
BUSI 222Student Investment Fund00000
ARTH 187Internship00000
BIOL 089Lab Assistant in Biology00000
ATTR 241Exercise Physiology in AT00000
ACTY 002Aerobics/Group Fitness00000
ACTY 016Strength Training, Intercolleg00000
ACTY 057Basketball, Women's Intercoll.00000
ANLT 232Intro to Data Visualization00000
ARTS 089Practicum00000