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UOklahoma Course Reviews

University of Oklahoma

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 1043Core Studio II: Space and Time13111
AHI 6513Critical Issues in Recent American Art History00000
ANTH 1253Folklore and Folklife00000
ANTH 4113Capstone :Origins of Inequality00000
AME 5763Introduction to the Finite Element Method00000
AHI 4743The American West in Art, Photography and Popular Culture00000
ANTH 3553People Of Pacific Isle(Honors)00000
AFAM 4003Senior Seminar in African and African-American Studies00000
AFAM 4823African American Politics and Public Policy00000
AME 3122Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Lab00000
AME 3623Embedded Real-Time Systems00000
AME 5193Introduction to Computer-Aided Design00000
AHI 4163Etruscan Art00000
AME 6333Combustion Processes II00000
AFAM 3143Gospel Music Past and Present00000
ANTH 3011Anthropology Cornerstone I: Introduction to the Major00000
AHI 5643Art After Modernism00000
ANTH 3940Internship in Archaeology00000
ACCT 5613Tax Research and Practice00000
ANTH 4383Archaeological Origins Of Inequality00000
AFAM 4623Hip Hop Culture And Contemporary America00000
AME 3333Flight Mechanics00000
ACCT 5990Research in Accounting00000
AHI 2703Introduction to Museum Studies00000
AME 4163Principles of Engineering Design00000
AME 4281Engineering Co-Op Program00000
AME 5023Elastic Stress Analysis00000
AHI 3733Art of the American West00000
AME 5493Space Sciences and Astrodynamics00000
AERO 3013Air Force Leading People and Effective Communication I00000
AME 5970Convex Opt and Eng Application00000
AHI 4553Nineteenth-Century Art00000
AMGT 3023Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Arts00000
ACCT 5353Financial Statement Analysis00000
ANTH 2243Introduction To Sociocultural Anthropology00000
AHI 4933Process and Theory Workshop00000
ANTH 3243Anthropological Approaches to Health, Illness and Healing00000
AFAM 3423African-American Men00000
ANTH 3873Primate Evolution and Behavior00000
AHI 582320th Century American Indian Art History00000
ANTH 3990Independent Study00000
ACCT 4563Oil and Gas Accounting I00000
ANTH 4303Women and Development in Africa00000
AME 2223Introduction to Aerospace Engineering00000
ANTH 4423Introduction to Population Genetics00000
ACCT 5960Directed Readings00000
AME 3173Heat Transfer00000
AFAM 4713Afrocentric Thinking and the Civil Rights Movement00000
AME 3413Vibrating Systems00000
ACCT 4970International Accounting00000
AME 3990Independent Study00000
AHI 1113The Understanding of Art00000
AME 4243Aerospace Propulsion Systems00000
ACCT 6613Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders00000
AHI 3213Classical Art and Archaeology: Greek Art to the Death of Ale...00000
AME 4373Aerospace Systems Design II00000
AME 4493Space Sciences and Astrodynamics00000
AME 4980Undergraduate Research Studies00000
AHI 3663Contemporary Art00000
AME 5133Space Robotics00000
AERO 1011Introduction to the Department of the Air Force Heritage and...00000
AME 5273Aerospace Systems Design I00000
AHI 3903Art History, Theory and Practice00000
AME 5583Advanced Engineering Analysis II00000
ACCT 5212Managerial Accounting00000
AME 5903Fundamental Fluid Dynamics00000
AHI 4383Italian Renaissance Art and Science00000
AME 5983Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
AFAM 2113Africa and the Diaspora00000
AME 6990Independent Study00000
AHI 4643Art After Modernism00000
AMGT 5030Internship I in The Arts00000
ACCT 3980Honors Research00000
ANTH 1913Plagues and People: Health and Disease in Human Society00000
AHI 4853American Indian Women Artists00000
ANTH 2503Introduction To Biological Anthropology00000
AFAM 3333Blacks in Oklahoma: A Stolen Legacy00000
ANTH 3063Language and Culture00000
AHI 5463Issues in Northern Baroque Art00000
ANTH 3440Mentored Research Experience00000
ACCT 5553Fraud Examination00000
ANTH 3810Internship in Linguistic Anthropology00000
AHI 5743The American West in Art, Photography, and Popular Culture00000
ANTH 3910Internship in Biological Anthropology00000
AFAM 3513AFAM Research Methods00000
ANTH 3953Tech and Civilization Growth00000
AHI 5993Tourism, Ethno and the Museum00000
ANTH 4033Story, Performance, Event00000
ACCT 3033Financial Reporting Issues in Energy00000
ANTH 4253The Anthropology of Communities00000
AHI 6980Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
ANTH 4333Archaeologies of Movement and Migration in North America00000
AFAM 4413Issues in the African American Family00000
AME 4593Space Systems and Mission Design00000
AME 2623Circuits and Sensors00000
ACCT 2113Fundamental Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 3313Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 5100Accounting Professional Development00000
ACCT 6960Directed Readings00000
AHI 3303Renaissance Art in Italy 1200-160000000