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UOklahoma Course Reviews

University of Oklahoma

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ANTH 1413Great Discoveries in Archaeology32111
ART 1043Core Studio II: Space and Time13111
ART 4923Drawing Studio Topics00000
AME 5163Turbomachinery00000
ART 6213Graduate Studio Ceramics XIII00000
ART 1143Core IV: Integrated Studio00000
AME 3253Aerodynamics00000
ART 5573Graduate Studio Film/Video VI00000
AHI 2703Introduction to Museum Studies00000
AME 5970Convex Opt and Eng Application00000
AHI 4273Byzantine Icons00000
ARCH 4000Foreign Study00000
ARCH 5960Directed Readings00000
AHI 6950Dissertation Proposal00000
ART 3823Concepts in Electronic Media00000
AFAM 4443African American Mental Health00000
ART 5243Graduate Studio Printmaking III00000
AME 4281Engineering Co-Op Program00000
ART 5913Graduate Studio Ceramics X00000
AERO 1011Introduction to the Department of the Air Force Heritage and...00000
ART 6513Graduate Studio Ceramics XVI00000
AHI 3663Contemporary Art00000
AMGT 4990Independent Study00000
AERO 4023American National Security II00000
ARCH 4513Creativity Through Sketching00000
AHI 4693World Modernisms00000
ARCH 4863Methods VIII Building Performance Analytics00000
ARCH 5763Landscape Architecture for Architects00000
AHI 5273Byzantine Icons00000
ARCH 6680Urban Design Studio B00000
AFAM 3513AFAM Research Methods00000
ART 3423Intermediate Painting Studio 200000
AME 2303Materials, Design and Manufacturing Processes00000
ART 4533Advanced Sculpture: Figurative I00000
ACCT 6623Federal Income Taxation of Partnerships00000
ART 5043Graduate Studio Printmaking I00000
AME 3440Mentored Research Experience00000
ART 5393Graduate Studio Visual Communications IV00000
AFAM 4970The Black Power Movement00000
ART 5763Graduate Studio Photography VIII00000
AME 4802Robotics Laboratory00000
ART 6053Graduate Studio Sculpture XI00000
ACCT 5351Applied Financial Statement Analysis Lab00000
ART 6363Graduate Studio Photography XIV00000
AME 5513Flight Controls00000
ART 6593Graduate Studio Visual Communications XVI00000
AERO 2021Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
AME 6663Advanced Finite Element Methods00000
AHI 3833Introduction to Native American Art00000
ARCH 2343History of the Built Environment II00000
ACCT 5553Fraud Examination00000
ARCH 4283Persian Architecture00000
AHI 4503Art of the 18th Century: The Age of Enlightenment00000
ARCH 4723Methods VII Advanced Systems00000
AFAM 3133Introduction to African Aesthetics00000
ARCH 5055Design X Comprehensive Architecture II00000
AHI 4723Cinema of the American West: Then and Now00000
ARCH 5283Persian Architecture00000
ARCH 5663Methods VI- Urban Design Methodologies00000
AHI 4990Independent Study00000
ARCH 5863Methods VIII-Building Performance Analytics00000
AFAM 3453The Black Athlete in America00000
ARCH 6233Sustainable Technology00000
AHI 5583Caricature and Satire00000
ARNM 1003Art For Non-Majors: Two-Dimensional00000
ACCT 5980Research for Master's Thesis00000
ART 2523Beginning Sculpture: Figurative00000
AME 2113Statics00000
ART 3563Sculpture: Functional Design Studio00000
AFAM 4233Blacks and the Movies: Hollywood and Black Independent Film00000
ART 4253Advanced Ceramics00000
AME 3112Solid Mechanics Lab00000
ART 4823Advanced Art and Technology00000
ACCT 5023International Financial Reporting and Analysis00000
ART 4970Analog Photography00000
AME 3413Vibrating Systems00000
ART 5113Graduate Studio Ceramics II00000
AFAM 4723Leadership In The African American Community00000
ART 5333Graduate Studio Painting IV00000
AME 4163Principles of Engineering Design00000
ART 5473Graduate Studio Film/Video V00000
ACCT 6970Special Topics/Seminar00000
ART 5673Graduate Studio Film/Video VII00000
AME 4442Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory00000
ART 5833Graduate Studio Painting IX00000
AHI 2014Introduction to Art History00000
ART 5993Graduate Studio Visual Communications X00000
AME 5003Introduction to Structural Health Monitoring00000
ART 6133Graduate Studio Painting XII00000
ACCT 3353Accounting Information Systems/Databases00000
ART 6273Graduate Studio Film/Video XIII00000
AME 5283Concurrent Design and Manufacturing00000
ART 6443Graduate Studio Printmaking XV00000
AHI 3223Classical Art and Archaeology: Hellenistic Greek Art; Roman...00000
ARCH 5513Creativity Through Sketching00000
AME 5740Energy Efficient Bldg. Design00000
ACCT 3023International Financial Statement Analysis00000
ACCT 4563Oil and Gas Accounting I00000
ACCT 5613Tax Research and Practice00000
AFAM 3333Blacks in Oklahoma: A Stolen Legacy00000