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UofM Course Reviews

University of Memphis

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHIL 1102Intro to Ethics45431
PHIL 4441Recent Continental Philosophy00000
PHIL 6211Ancient Philosophy00000
PHIL 6801ST: Foucault00000
PHIL 7203Sem Contemporary Phil00000
PHIL 7514Cognitive Science Seminar00000
PHIL 8030Sem Continentl Phil00000
PHIL 8414Seminar in Metaphysics: Social and Racial Ontology00000
PHIL 9000Dissertation00000
PHIL 201Intro to World Religions00000
PHIL 2200Introduction to World Religion00000
PHIL 3002History of Modern Philosophy00000
PHIL 3452Feminist Theory00000
PHIL 3511Ethics00000
PHIL 3515Environmental Ethics00000
PHIL 3571Business Ethics and Society00000
PHIL 3702Philosophy of Religion00000
PHIL 3751Philosophy of Race & Racism00000
PHIL 3781Philosophy and Film00000
PHIL 3880Philosophy of Racism and Race00000
PHIL 4661General Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Biology00000
PHIL 4994Reading and Research00000
PHIL 7020Seminar Major Figures00000
PHIL 7414Seminar in Metaphysics: Social and Racial Ontology00000
PHIL 7996Thesis00000
PHIL 8203Sem Contemporary Phil00000
PHIL 8541Social/Political Phil00000
PHIL 1040Introduction to Ethics00000
PHIL 1611Elementary Logic00000
PHIL 3001History of Ancient Philosophy00000
PHIL 3451Existentialism00000
PHIL 3460Nature, Mind, and Knowledge00000
PHIL 3514Biomedical Ethics00000
PHIL 3550Issues in Political Philosophy00000
PHIL 3701Human and the Divine00000
PHIL 3741African American Philosophy00000
PHIL 3772Critical Theory00000
PHIL 4211Ancient Philosophy00000
PHIL 4671Aesthetics00000
PHIL 4891Senior Honors Thesis00000
PHIL 6422Rec Anglo American Phil00000
PHIL 7201Sem Classical Phil00000
PHIL 7541Social/Political Phil00000
PHIL 8040Sem Normative Phil00000
PHIL 8421Sem In Epistemology00000
PHIL 1030Intro to Philosophy00000
PHIL 1311Critical Thinking00000
PHIL 2640Science and the Modern World00000
PHIL 4421PHIL 4421/6421 (21386) – Philosophy of Mind00000
PHIL 4806ST: Data Ethics00000
PHIL 6441Recent Continentl Phil00000
PHIL 7040Sem Normative Phil00000
PHIL 7421Seminar In Epistemology00000
PHIL 8020Seminar Major Figures00000
PHIL 8301Seminar Modern Philosophy00000
PHIL 8994Adv Reading & Research00000
PHIL 121Elementary Ethics00000
PHIL 1101Intro to Philosophy00000
PHIL 2430Philosophy of Religion00000
PHIL 3411Contemporary Moral Problems00000
PHIL 345319th/20th Century Continental00000
PHIL 3512Science/Techology/Human Values00000
PHIL 3516Philosophy of Law00000
PHIL 3621Intermediate Logic00000
PHIL 3721Chinese Philosophy00000
PHIL 3771Philosophy in Literature00000
PHIL 3806Data Ethics00000
PHIL 4422Recent Anglo American Phil00000
PHIL 4801ST: Foucault00000
PHIL 6421PHIL 4421/6421 (21386) – Philosophy of Mind00000
PHIL 7030Sem Continentl Phil00000
PHIL 7301Seminar Modern Philosophy00000
PHIL 7994Reading And Research00000
PHIL 8201Sem Classical Phil00000
PHIL 8514Cognitive Science Seminar00000