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UofM Course Reviews

University of Memphis

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECON 2010Intro to Macroeconomics33342
MECH 1310Intro/Mechanical Engineering43441
MATH 1420Foundations of Mathematics14111
ENGR 1010Engineering Problem Solving53451
PHIL 1102Intro to Ethics45431
MATH 1910Calculus I32231
ARCH 3431Professional Practice00000
ANTH 4411Urban Anthropology00000
ARCH 7031Research and Training00000
ARTH 4166American Art: 1500s-1940s00000
ADVR 4326Advertising Research00000
ANTH 4989Senior Honors Thesis00000
ARTH 6032Medieval Illuminations00000
ARCH 2611Computer Apps in Design 100000
ANTH 3500Anth of Global Health Honors00000
ARCH 4716Design Studio 600000
ACCT 8610Seminar/Audit Research00000
ARTH 4134Art/High Middle Ages00000
ANTH 4541Nutritional Anth00000
ARTH 4195Proseminar Art History00000
ACCT 4910Problems in Accounting00000
ARTH 6125Art/Archaeology Pompeii00000
ADVR 6328Strategic Advertising Campaign00000
ANTH 6418Anthropology of Organizations00000
ANTH 6521Culture, Soc & Mental Health00000
ACCT 6250Accounting Ethics/Regulation00000
AERO 3312Leading People/EffectiveCom II00000
ANTH 6662Museum Exhibitions00000
ARCH 1211History of Architecture 100000
ANTH 3200Culture/Change Around World00000
ARCH 3213Survey of Interiors+Furniture00000
ACCT 7511Tax- Partnships/Prtnrs00000
ARCH 4421Sustainable Design00000
ANTH 4223Refugees and Humanitarianism00000
ARCH 6833Architectural Illustration00000
ACCT 4250Accounting Ethics/Regulation00000
ARTH 4037Conflict & Culture Amer Art00000
ANTH 4419Queer Anthropology00000
ARTH 4149Realism & Impressionism00000
ADVR 3300Intro to Advertising Honors00000
ARTH 4184Arts Of Colonialism/Empire00000
ANTH 4800Study Abroad: Conservation, Culture and Environmental Change...00000
ARTH 4662Museum Exhibitions00000
ACCT 3000Career Development for ACCT00000
ARTH 6112Egypt Art-Old Kingdom00000
ANTH 6223Refugees and Humanitarianism00000
ARTH 6141Early Renaissance Italy00000
ACCT 6130Intermediate Accounting III00000
ANTH 6510Health/Culture/Environ Justice00000
AERO 2211Team & Leader Fundamentals I00000
ANTH 6551Culture/Sex/Childbirth00000
ACCT 3120Intermediate Accounting II00000
ANTH 6990ST:Comm.Develpmnt/Env.Plan/Sic00000
AGRI 1010Introduction to Agribusiness00000
ANTH 7050Ethnography & Global Problems00000
ANTH 7200Roots of Anth Theory00000
ACCT 7050Corp Governance/Bus Ethics00000
ALH 1000Careers in Healthcare00000
ANTH 7255Applying Anthropology00000
ARCH 1113Design Visualization00000
ANTH 2301Fundamentals of Archaeology00000
ARCH 2411Building Technology 100000
ACCT 7320Controllership00000
ARCH 2711Design Studio 100000
ANTH 3253Anthropology of Religion00000
ARCH 3321Structural Design 100000
ACCT 4211Adv Financial Reporting00000
ARCH 3714Design Studio 400000
ANTH 4065Anthropological Theory00000
ARCH 4451Site/Environmental Planning00000
ACCT 7627Regulatory/Business Envrnmnt00000
ARCH 4841Studio Study Abroad: Arch Sketch Tour of Scotland00000
ANTH 4350Archaeology of Collapse00000
ARCH 7012Advanced Design Seminar 200000
ACCT 2020Fundamentals of Acct II00000
ART 7712Photo Portfolio Sem00000
ANTH 4416Culture/Identity/Power00000
ARTH 4123Greek Art00000
ACCT 8720Acct Research Judgmt/Decision00000
ARTH 4143High Renaissance Italy00000
ANTH 4511Medical Anthropology00000
ARTH 4157Themes in Contemporary Art00000
ACCT 4520Taxation/Bus Entities00000
ARTH 4183Visual Arts of Africa00000
ANTH 4660Museum Collections00000
ARTH 4186Afr American Diaspora Cinema00000
ADVR 3321Copywriting00000
ARTH 4386Introduction to Museums00000
ANTH 4980ST:Business Anthropology00000
ARTH 4722History Photography II00000
AAAS 4992ST:Slavery and the Bible00000
ARTH 6038Art/Soc Conflict Usa 1920-Pres00000
ANTH 4992Design Anthropology00000
ARTH 6123Greek Art00000
ADVR 4830Directed Indiv Study00000
ANTH 7661Museum Practices00000
ANTH 1130Intro to Physical Anthropology00000
ANTH 7975Directed Indiv Reading00000
ARAB 1010Elementary Arabic I00000
ANTH 6416Culture/Identity/Power00000