UO Course Reviews

University of Oregon

ARTD 199Sp St Creative Coding53551
ANTH 688Social Theory I00000
ART 115Surface, Space, & Time00000
ARTO 350Film and Darkroom00000
ARCH 607Sem Track II/Portland00000
ANTH 362Human Biol Variation >3 >GP >IP00000
ARTF 604Internship00000
AEIS 102Adv Academic Oral Comm00000
AFR 215Intro African Studies >2 >IC00000
ANTM 602Superv College Teach00000
ARB 199Sp St Advanced Arabic00000
ARCH 507Sem Design the Unseen00000
ANTH 278Science, Race, Society >3 >AC >US00000
ARH 323Roman Art & Architect >1 >GP >IC00000
AAD 612Cultural Admin00000
ARTF 370Stitchwork Strategies00000
ANTH 453African Archaeology00000
ARTM 459Adv Metal & Jewelry00000
AAAP 607Sem Internship II00000
ARTO 510The Photographic Book00000
AEIS 111Intermed Academic Writ00000
ARB 1011st Year Arabic00000
AAD 252Art & Gender >1 >Ip00000
AFR 603Dissertation00000
ARB 409Practicum00000
ARCH 202Design Skills00000
ARCH 437Theory Urban Design II00000
ANTH 173Evol Human Sexuality >3 >GP >IP00000
ARCH 540Human Context of Des00000
AAD 602Superv College Teach00000
ARH 206Hist Western Art III >100000
ANTH 331Culture India & S Asia >2 >GP >IC00000
ARH 410Contemp Korean Art00000
AAAP 541Legal Issues in Histor00000
ARTC 404Internship00000
ANTH 413Culture & Psychology >IC00000
ARTF 410Color, Dye, Process00000
ACTG 350Intermed Accounting I00000
ARTM 401Research00000
ANTH 527MLatino Roots I00000
ARTM 604Internship00000
LING 407Sem Comm Lang Plan00000
ARTO 406Special Problems00000
ANTM 409Practicum00000
ARTO 601Research00000
AAAP 611Terminal Project00000
ANTM 606Special Problems00000
AEIS 199Sp St College Connect00000
ARB 1031st Year Arabic00000
AAAP 410Wksp: Race and Place00000
ARB 331Read Classical Arabic >100000
AFR 404Internship00000
ARB 510Formation Qur'an00000
AAD 315Funding the Arts00000
AFR 606Field Studies00000
ARCH 383Architectural Des III00000
ARCH 401Research00000
ARCH 423Top Media for Dsgn Dev00000
ANTH 161Intro Cultural Anth >2 >GP >IC00000
ARCH 450Spatial Composition00000
AAD 510Museum Practice00000
ARCH 523Top Med Dsgn Dev Revit00000
ANTH 224MIntro African Diaspora >2 >GP >IP00000
ARCH 601Research00000
AAAP 521Am Arch Presrv Persp I00000
ARH 150Intro Visual Culture >100000
ANTH 320Native North Americans >2 >IP00000
ARH 211Survey Latin Amer Arts >1 >GP >IC00000
AAD 606Special Problems00000
ARH 387Chinese Buddhist Art >1 >GP >IC00000
ANTH 346Archaeology SE Asia >2 >GP >IC00000
ARH 507Sem Cult Intrctn Gk/Rm00000
GLBL 102Fdn for Intercultural >2 >GP00000
ARTC 255Intro to Ceramics00000
ANTH 369Human Growth & Devel >300000
ARTF 270Topic Intro to Fibers00000
ACTG 211Intro Accounting I00000
ARTF 405Reading00000
ANTH 429Jewish Folklore & Ethn >GP >IP00000
ARTF 556Top Adv Fibr Cont Prac00000
AAAP 604Internship00000
ARTF 610Issues & Practices00000
ANTH 479Taphonomy00000
ARTM 406Special Problems00000
ACTG 612Financial Accounting00000
ARTM 559Adv Metal & Jewelry00000
ANTH 543North American Archaeo00000
ARTM 609Term Creative Proj MFA00000
GLBL 250Val Sys Cross-Cul Pers >2 >GP >IC00000
ARTO 401Research00000
ANTM 198Lab Projects00000
ARTO 450The Photographic Book00000
AEIS 108Adv Read Acad Discours00000
ARCH 403Thesis00000
ANTM 508Workshop00000
ES 542Caribbean Lit & Polit00000
LING 507Sem Comm Lang Plan00000
AAAP 503Thesis00000
AAD 421Cultural Programming00000
ANTH 119Anthropology & Aliens >200000