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UNR Course Reviews

University of Nevada, Reno

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 190Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology32442
ART 101Drawing I32321
AST 109Planetary Astronomy55311
ART 260Survey of Art History I12321
PSY 452Psychology of Trauma53551
ART 355Advanced Videography00000
ANTH 449BLithic Artifact Analysis00000
ART 47118th Century Decorative Arts00000
ATMS 410Airflow and Weather Dynamics00000
AGSC 455Meat Science and Muscle Biology00000
ANTH 638Ethnographic Field Methods00000
BADM 743Investment Management00000
ART 253Cinema II: The Sound Era00000
ANTH 411BAnthropology of Islam and Muslim Cultures00000
ART 433Problems in Painting00000
AGSC 316Internship00000
ART 666Museums, Architecture, City Renewal: The Bilbao Guggenheim00000
ANTH 479Selected Topics in Physical Anthropology00000
ATMS 747Atmospheric Chemistry00000
ACC 750Accounting Seminar00000
BASQ 203Second Year Basque I00000
AGSC 606Advanced Nutrition Management00000
ANTH 664Dental Anthropology00000
ANTH 699Independent Research00000
ACC 794Special Topics00000
AGSC 640Applied Remote Sensing of Dryland & Agricultural Resources00000
ANTH 709Graduate Seminar in Anthropological Linguistics00000
ART 216Sculpture I00000
ANTH 309Museum Studies00000
ART 332Intermediate Painting00000
AGSC 250Principles of Agronomy00000
ART 406Art Education: Secondary Schools00000
ANTH 435Anthropology of Global Migration00000
ART 451Problems in Digital Media00000
ACC 607Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ART 492Individual Studies I00000
ANTH 462Human Osteology00000
ART 790Community Service in the Arts00000
AGSC 411Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Agriculture and Beyond00000
ATMS 613Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology00000
ANTH 614Basque Culture00000
BADM 710Financial Reporting and Analysis00000
ACC 415Accounting for Management00000
BADM 779Seminar in Logistics and Supply Chain Management00000
ANTH 649CLaboratory Methods in Archaeology00000
BASQ 448Basque Art, Politics, and Identity in a Global Context00000
ACC 780Accounting Research00000
ANTH 677War, Occupation & Memory in the Basque Country00000
AGSC 613Range-Livestock Interactions00000
ANTH 704Graduate Seminar in Physical Anthropology00000
ACC 475Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Accounting00000
ANTH 723Lithic Technological Organization00000
AGSC 668Economic Impact Analysis00000
ANTH 740Great Basin Archaeology and Paleoecology00000
ANTH 797Thesis00000
ACE 109NevadaFIT (Freshmen Intensive Transition)00000
AGSC 791Special Topics00000
APST 463Design and Analysis of Experiments00000
ART 208Fiber Arts00000
ANTH 202Archaeology00000
ART 224Beginning Printmaking: Relief00000
AGSC 206Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition00000
ART 306Art Education: Elementary Schools00000
ANTH 408California Archaeology00000
ART 350Advanced Digital Media00000
ACC 603Financial Reporting III00000
ART 397Adv Field Study00000
ANTH 420Magic, Witchcraft and Religion00000
ART 416Advanced Sculpture00000
AGSC 307Environmental Economics00000
ART 445Fashion History and Style 1660-190000000
ANTH 441AArchaeology of the Old World00000
ART 466Museums, Architecture, City Renewal: The Bilbao Guggenheim00000
ACC 407Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ART 487German Art 1900-Present00000
ANTH 455Archaeological Theory00000
ART 633Problems in Painting00000
AGSC 325Animal Genetics00000
ART 710Graduate Studio Practices00000
ANTH 468Forensic Anthropology00000
AST 497Astronomy Senior Thesis00000
ACC 670Audit Assurance Services00000
ATMS 417Airflow, Weather Dynamics, and Forecasting00000
ANTH 608California Archaeology00000
ATMS 743Cloud and Aerosol Physics00000
AGSC 420Principles of Irrigation Water Management00000
ATMS 795Comprehensive Examination00000
ANTH 630Anthropology and Ecology00000
BADM 728Managing Organizations in a Global Economy00000
ACC 325Financial Investigations00000
BADM 749Seminar in Finance00000
ANTH 642AHistorical Archaeology00000
BADM 793Independent Study00000
AGSC 467Environmental and Energy Economics00000
APST 665Survey Design and Analysis00000
AM 145American Sign Language I00000
ARA 111First Year Arabic I00000
ARA 305Arabic Composition and Conversation I00000
ANTH 655Archaeological Theory00000
ABNR 109NevadaFIT (Freshmen Intensive Transition)00000