UNR Course Reviews

University of Nevada, Reno

BIOL 190Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology21331
ANTH 439Seminar in Cultural Anthropology00000
APST 465Survey Design and Analysis00000
ART 320Letterpress: The Art of the Page00000
ANTH 686Sport and Society from a Global Perspective00000
ANTH 201Peoples and Cultures of the World00000
ART 208Fiber Arts00000
AGSC 411Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Agriculture and Beyond00000
AGSC 467Environmental and Energy Economics00000
ANTH 455Archaeological Theory00000
ANTH 485Language and Culture00000
ANTH 653Museum Training for Anthropologists00000
AGSC 796Professional Paper00000
ANTH 728Geoarchaeology00000
AGSC 255Meat Industry, Food Safety, and Quality Systems00000
ARA 212Second Year Arabic II00000
ANTH 411CPeoples and Cultures of the Amazon00000
ART 235Photography II: Lighting00000
ACC 605Cost Management and Control00000
ART 381Critical Play: Games and Art00000
AGSC 425Forage Science00000
ANTH 467Health and Disease in Antiquity00000
ACC 759Financial Reporting Theory00000
AGSC 611Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Agriculture and Beyond00000
ANTH 608California Archaeology00000
ANTH 614Basque Culture00000
ANTH 645Zooarchaeology00000
AGSC 685Special Topics00000
ANTH 667Health and Disease in Antiquity00000
AGSC 100Elements of Livestock Production00000
ANTH 706Seminar Anthropological Problems00000
AM 148American Sign Language IV00000
ANTH 762Lab Seminar in Osteology00000
ACC 490Independent Study00000
APST 705Linear and Nonlinear Regression Models00000
ANTH 350Archaeology of Nevada00000
ART 101Drawing I00000
AGSC 325Animal Genetics00000
ART 217Sculpture II00000
ANTH 425Anthropology of Europe00000
ART 261Survey of Art History II00000
ACC 407Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ART 350Advanced Digital Media00000
ANTH 445Zooarchaeology00000
ART 403Problems in Drawing00000
ACC 670Audit Assurance Services00000
ANTH 462Human Osteology00000
AGSC 455Meat Science and Muscle Biology00000
ANTH 476Human Variation00000
ACC 411Advanced Federal Taxation00000
ANTH 499Independent Research00000
AGSC 485Special Topics00000
ANTH 611BAnthropology of Islam and Muslim Cultures00000
ACC 790Independent Study00000
AGSC 618Cattle Production & Management00000
ANTH 625Anthropology of Europe00000
ANTH 631Plants and People00000
ANTH 642AHistorical Archaeology00000
AGSC 667Environmental and Energy Economics00000
ANTH 652Collections Research in Anthropology00000
ACE 110First Year Experience00000
ANTH 662Human Osteology00000
AGSC 790Seminar00000
ANTH 677War, Occupation & Memory in the Basque Country00000
ACC 475Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Accounting00000
ANTH 702Graduate Research00000
AM 145American Sign Language I00000
ANTH 710Gross Anatomy00000
AGSC 211Agribusiness Management00000
ANTH 740Great Basin Archaeology and Paleoecology00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ANTH 799Dissertation00000
ACC 404Advanced and International Accounting00000
APST 663Design and Analysis of Experiments00000
ANTH 222Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology00000
ARA 111First Year Arabic I00000
AGSC 309Resource Economics00000
ARA 306Arabic Composition and Conversation II00000
ANTH 401CPeoples and Cultures of Africa00000
ART 141Introduction to Digital Photography00000
ACC 603Financial Reporting III00000
ART 212Ceramics II00000
ANTH 414Basque Culture00000
ART 224Beginning Printmaking: Relief00000
AGSC 406Advanced Nutrition Management00000
ART 251Videography00000
ANTH 435Anthropology of Global Migration00000
ART 306Art Education: Elementary Schools00000
ACC 325Financial Investigations00000
ART 343Imaging and Mixed Media00000
ANTH 442AHistorical Archaeology00000
ART 360Active, Reactive, and Interactive: Approaches to New Media00000
AGSC 418Cattle Production & Management00000
ANTH 636History of Anthropology00000
ANTH 452Collections Research in Anthropology00000
ABNR 415Science Partners: Theory, Practice, Learning00000
ACC 402Financial Reporting II00000
ACC 460Commercial Transactions Law00000
ACE 101Pre-Health Professions Preparations00000
AGSC 640Applied Remote Sensing of Dryland & Agricultural Resources00000