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UNM Course Reviews

University of New Mexico

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTE 2214Art in Elementary and Special Classrooms00000
ARTS 125Art Practices I00000
ANTH 651Bioarchaeology00000
ARCH 661Problems00000
APMS 491Sr Recital: Euphonium00000
ANTH 524South American Archaeology00000
ARTH 500Philosophy and Methods of Art History00000
AMST 517Visual Culture00000
APMS 102Perf Conc: Bar Horn00000
ANTH 150Evolution and Human Emergence00000
ARCH 570Introduction to Visualization00000
ARBC 2130Arabic II Intensive00000
ANTH 453LPaleoecology Lab00000
ARTE 466Art With At-Risk Students00000
AMST 346Religion in New Mexico00000
ARTH 416Southwestern Native Ceramics00000
ANTH 563Primate Social Behavior00000
ARTH 568World Architecture II: History Of The Built Environment From...00000
AFST 398Africana Philosophy and Methods00000
ARTS 287Black and White Photography00000
AMST 1110Introduction to Environmental and Social Justice00000
APMS 301Perf Conc: Euphonium00000
ALB 375Producing for Film and Digital Media00000
ARAB 301Advanced Arabic I00000
ANTH 318Grammatical Analysis00000
ARCH 502Graduate Architectural Design III00000
ARCH 224World Architecture II: History of the Built Environment from...00000
ANTH 381The Anthropology of Heritage00000
ARCH 603Masters Architectural Design III00000
AMST 186Introduction to Southwest Studies00000
ARTE 310Elementary Art Education with Field Lab00000
ANTH 485Sem: NAGPRA and Museums00000
ARTE 537Studio Art in Schools: Clay00000
AFST 333Black Political Theory00000
ARTH 340Baroque Art00000
ANTH 546Theory in Ethnology I00000
ARTH 450Ibero-American Colonial Arts and Architecture00000
AMST 485Senior Seminar in American Studies00000
ARTH 527Contemporary Photography00000
ANTH 582LGeoarchaeology00000
ARTH 599Master's Thesis00000
AFST 103Foundations Of Africana Studies00000
ARTS 208Painting II00000
ANTH 1155Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology00000
ARTS 308Painting III00000
AFST 1120Race in the Digital Age00000
APMS 201Perf Conc: Bar Horn00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Anthropology00000
APMS 391Jr Recital: Euphonium00000
AFST 211Intensive Intermediate Arabic I00000
APMS 591Studio Instr Recit: Euphonium00000
ANTH 161LComputer Laboratory in Human Evolutionary Ecology00000
ARBC 301Advanced Arabic I00000
ALBS 365Social Media for Arts Marketing00000
ARCH 111Introduction to Architectural Graphics00000
ANTH 327African Prehistory00000
ARCH 462Sem: SW Architecture00000
ARCH 332Architectural Structures I00000
ANTH 363Primate Social Behavior00000
ARCH 532Architectural Structures I00000
ALBS 2120Making the Promotional Video00000
ARCH 596Project-Thesis Preparation00000
ANTH 410T: Lang Cultr&Pol in the Andes00000
ARCH 631Systems Integration I00000
AFST 307African Diaspora in the Southwest00000
ARCH 1125Design Fundamentals00000
ANTH 464Human Behavioral Evolution00000
ARTE 434Studio Art in Schools: Printmaking Advanced Secondary Level00000
AMST 310T: Contemporary Literature00000
ARTE 510Curriculum Development in Art Education00000
ANTH 502Center for Stable Isotopes Seminar00000
ARTE 590Contemporary Issues in Art Education00000
AFAS 329Active Duty Physical Training Preparation00000
ARTH 252Contemporary Art and New Media00000
ANTH 532Indigenous Peoples of South America00000
ARTH 406Native American Art II00000
AMST 357T: African Diaspora in the SW00000
ARTH 42620th-Century Photography00000
ANTH 554Human Paleopathology00000
ARTH 487T: Whole Person Care-Heal Arts00000
AFST 388Blacks in Latin America00000
ARTH 513Pre-Columbian Art: Central America, Northern South America a...00000
ANTH 574History and Theory of Archaeology00000
ARTH 550Ibero-American Colonial Arts and Architecture00000
AMST 502Research Methods Practicum00000
ARTH 585Sem: Museum Comm Collaboration00000
ANTH 592Managing Cultural Resources00000
ARTH 2130Modern Art00000
AFAS 120LLeadership Laboratory00000
ARTS 168Introduction to Ceramics00000
ANTH 698Advanced Research00000
ARTS 231Video Art I00000
AMST 558T: Mexican America00000
ANTH 1211LArchaeological Method and Theory Laboratory00000
ACAD 101College Preparation00000
AFAS 251The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power00000
AFST 285African-American History II00000
ALBS 451Non-Profit Arts Administration00000
ANTH 340T: Shamanism & Pol Cosmology00000
ARCH 433Sustainability II00000