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UNK Course Reviews

University of Nebraska Kearney

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CJUS 102Crime, Democracy And Justice00000
CSIT 441HArtificial Intelligence00000
BIOL 841Virology00000
CHEM 361Organic Chemistry00000
CDIS 335Speech And Hearing Science00000
BIOL 435Herpetology00000
CSIT 188Gs Portal00000
ART 362HArt Methods For Elementary Art Educators00000
BSAD 100Exploring Business00000
ART 427Photography: Hybridized Processes00000
CHEM 269Sophomore Seminar In Chemistry00000
CDIS 480AClinical Practicum In Speech/Language Pathology00000
BIOL 290Evolution00000
CHEM 481Physical Chemistry II00000
ART 330ACeramics II00000
CJUS 476Terrorism And Crisis Negotiations00000
BIOL 824Principles Of Ecology00000
CSIT 402HIntroduction To Automata, Formal Languages, And Computabilit...00000
ART 202Drawing II00000
CSIT 495Independent Study In Computer Science/Information Technology00000
ART 403Individual Problems In Art00000
BSED 802PAutomated Office Systems00000
ART 222HArt History Survey II00000
CDIS 410HIntroduction To Audiology00000
ART 456Design Portfolio00000
CDIS 896Thesis00000
CDIS 856PAdolescent Communication And Language Disorders00000
ART 870CIndependent Study00000
CHEM 351LBiochemistry Lab00000
ART 314CHPainting IV00000
CHEM 440HMaterials Chemistry00000
BIOL 360Genetics00000
CHEM 499LHProblems In Chemistry00000
ACCT 891PAdvanced Accounting Information Systems00000
CJUS 420Supervision And Management In Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 801PPrinciples Of Immunology00000
CSIT 100CComputing Environments: Linux00000
ART 352CDrawing V00000
CSIT 330HAlgorithms And Data Structures00000
BIOL 831CBiological Research: Annotated Bibliography00000
CSIT 422Computer Graphics00000
ACCT 470Auditing00000
CSIT 492Practicum In Computer Science/Information Technology00000
BIOL 869Conservation Of Birds And Mammals00000
CSIT 497Seminar In Information Technology00000
ART 216Water Based Media00000
BSED 431Coordinating Techniques00000
ART 418Design III00000
CDIS 252Anatomy & Physiology Of The Speech Mechanism00000
ACCT 491Advanced Accounting Information Systems00000
CDIS 356Adolescent Language And Communication Disorders00000
ART 435APrintmaking V00000
CDIS 416American Sign Language II00000
ART 235BPrintmaking I-Silkscreen00000
CDIS 818PDiagnostic Methods00000
ART 499Senior Project: Bfa00000
CDIS 893PInternship (Schools)00000
CDIS 862Practicum In Speech/Language Pathology00000
ART 850BPainting00000
CHEM 161General Chemistry00000
ART 305HGraphic Applications00000
CHEM 301LAnalytical Chemistry Lab00000
BIOL 188Gs Portal00000
CHEM 360HOrganic Chemistry00000
ACCT 858Managerial Accounting Systems00000
CHEM 430Inorganic Chemistry00000
BIOL 309HCellular Biology00000
CHEM 480Physical Chemistry00000
ART 318Design I00000
CHEM 490LAdvanced Chemistry Laboratory I00000
BIOL 405Range And Wildlife Management00000
CHEM 890Directed Research00000
ACCT 352Cost Accounting00000
CJUS 390Criminal Investigation00000
BIOL 465Physiology00000
CJUS 475Internship00000
ART 344AGlass II00000
CJUS 480HSenior Seminar: Professional Ethics And Career Development00000
BIOL 812Microbial Diversity00000
CSIT 130Introduction To Computer Science00000
ART 105Graphic Media00000
CSIT 301Computer Organization00000
BIOL 831ABiological Research: Hypotheses And Justification00000
CSIT 388Gs Capstone00000
ART 355MHElectronic Imaging/Multimedia00000
CSIT 406HInternet-Based Information Systems Development00000
BIOL 838Essential Human Anatomy00000
CSIT 428Data Communications And Distributed Processing00000
ACCT 312HCommercial Law00000
CSIT 444Software Reverse Engineering00000
BIOL 859Biology Of The Brain00000
CSIT 494Directed Research In Computer Science/Information Technology00000
ART 369HDesign Illustration II00000
BIOL 872PIchthyology00000
ACCT 251Principles Of Accounting II00000
ACCT 350Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 851PTax Accounting00000
ART 301MTypography I/Multimedia00000
ART 844History, Theories And Philosophies Of Art Education00000
CDIS 876Tbi And Related Disorders00000