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UNI Course Reviews

University of Northern Iowa

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 3555Interactive Digital Communication II00000
COMMDM 3658Digital Journalism: Mobile Reporting00000
BIOL 1015Life: Continuity and Change - Lab00000
CHEM 4610Advanced Synthesis Laboratory00000
BIOL 5121Plant Biotechnology00000
AT 3072Therapeutic Interventions Clinical Skills I00000
COMM 5216Political Communication00000
ART 3034Graphic Design: Publication Design00000
BIOL 4127Bioinformatics Applications for Biology00000
ART 4186Studies in Professional Presentation00000
CHEM 2010Chemical Safety Seminar00000
BIOL 6270Advanced Systematics and Evolutionary Biology00000
ASL 3196American Sign Language (ASL) III00000
CHIN 1059Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing00000
ART 1333Three-Dimensional Concepts00000
COMM 4444Communication, Community, and Change00000
AT 6060Athletic Training Organization & Professional Responsibility00000
COMMCOR 2020Communication Research Methods00000
ANTH 2401Tribal Religions00000
COMMDM 4711History Of Mass Communication00000
ART 3077Creative Photography III00000
BIOL 4166Plant Systematics00000
ANTH 3132Native North America00000
BIOL 5159Genetic Technologies in Medicine00000
ARTED 4500Issues and Theories in Art Education00000
CAP 3165Intercultural Perspectives00000
BUSINESS 3169International Experience00000
ARTHIST 4950Race and Representation in Art00000
CHEM 4110Inorganic Chemistry00000
ANTH 5101Psychological Anthropology00000
CHEM 5440Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
AT 3020Clinical & Gross Human Anatomy00000
COMM 2344Interpersonal Communication00000
ACTSCI 5735Actuarial Mathematics00000
COMM 4218Persuasion00000
AT 3250Preventive Health Care Techniques00000
COMM 5022Qualitative Research Methods00000
ART 3001Drawing III00000
COMM 5446Social Protest: Performance And Rhetoric00000
AT 6225Pathoetiology and Orthopaedic Assessment II Clinical Skills00000
COMMDM 2653News Writing for Media00000
ACCT 5025Advanced Accounting00000
COMMDM 4622Digital Media Audiences00000
BIOL 3160Field Zoology of Vertebrates00000
COMMDM 5622Digital Media Audiences00000
ANTH 3101Psychological Anthropology00000
BIOL 4146Developmental Biology of Animals00000
ART 3159Public Art Conservation00000
BIOL 4198Independent Study00000
ACCT 6052Advanced Tax Topics00000
BIOL 5142Evolutionary Biology00000
ART 5186Studies In Arts Fundraising00000
BIOL 5193Methods for Teaching Life Science00000
ANTH 3420Forensic Anthropology00000
BUSINESS 2000Business Professionals in Training00000
ARTHIST 4003Collections Care and Management00000
CAP 3144Genocide in Writing and Film00000
BUSINESS 4045Practical Marketing for Organizations00000
ARTHIST 4350Early 20th Century Art00000
CHEM 1010Principles of Chemistry00000
ANTH 4585Practical Field Experience00000
CHEM 3159Chemical Analysis00000
ARTHIST 532019th Century Western Art00000
CHEM 4420Physical Chemistry I00000
ACTSCI 3780Mathematics of Finance00000
CHEM 5220Organic Structure Analysis00000
AT 1019Prevention and Care Laboratory00000
CHEM 5610Advanced Synthesis Laboratory00000
ANTH 5440Introduction to Museum Studies00000
COMM 2011Exploring Communication Studies00000
AT 3052Injury Assessment Clinical Skills II00000
COMM 3155Business and Professional Oral Communication00000
ACCT 4080FAR Review00000
COMM 4022Qualitative Research Methods00000
AT 3125Clinical Decision Making in Athletic Training & Orthopedic P...00000
COMM 4333Communication and Conflict Management00000
ART 2060Performance Art I00000
COMM 4556Interactive Digital Visualization00000
AT 4160Evidence Based Practice in Health Care00000
COMM 5134Organizational Cultures and Communication00000
ACTSCI 5788Loss Models00000
COMM 5346Gender Issues in Communication00000
AT 6130General Medical Assessment & Intervention00000
COMM 5559Methods of Teaching Speech00000
ART 3023Ceramic Raw Materials and Glaze Calculations00000
COMMDM 1651Digital Media Production I00000
AT 6289Seminar in Athletic Training: Applied Evidence Based Medicin...00000
COMMDM 3651Advanced Digital Media Production: Television News00000
ACCT 3094Individual Readings00000
COMMDM 3959Advanced Applied Digital Journalism00000
BIOL 3106Vertebrate Anatomy00000
COMMDM 4652Digital Media Projects00000
ART 3055Painting III00000
BIOL 4105Wildlife Ecology and Management00000
ACCT 2120Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 3179Cooperative Education in Accounting00000
ACCT 6175Applied Professional Research00000
ANTH 4001Anthropological Theory00000
ARTHIST 431017th and 18th Century Art00000
CAP 3128Ethics in Communication00000