UNH Course Reviews

University of New Hampshire

PSYC 402Statistics in Psychology32441
PSYC 502Research Methods in Psychology33151
CHE 502Intro Chemical Engineering II31241
PSYC 561Abnormal Behavior55541
CS 515Data Struct & Intro/Algorithms21221
PSYC 581Child Development45331
PSYC 521Behavior Analysis35231
CHE 501Intro Chemical Engineering I21241
ANSC 421Animal Agriculture Today00000
ACFI 896Topics/Advanced Business Tax00000
ANSC 620Equine Health Management00000
ANFS 840Aquaponics00000
ACFI 844Topics in Advanced Accounting00000
ANSC 538Equine Handling/Longeing00000
ACC 722Inter. Fin. Acct. II00000
ADMN 575Behavior in Organizations00000
ANSC 670Exotics Health & Mgmt00000
ANSC 727Advanced Dairy Management I00000
ANSC 801Physiology of Reproduction00000
AAS 546Animal Business Applications00000
ACFI 702Investments Analysis00000
ADMN 829Corporate Financial Strategy00000
ANSC 995Non-thesis Investigations00000
ANTH 510Animals, Identity, and Culture00000
ACFI 706Financial Modeling & Analytics00000
ADMN 859Managing Technologic Innovatn00000
AFAM 795Independent Study00000
ACFI 810Big Data in Finance00000
ANFS 999Doctoral Research00000
ABM 506Human Resource Management00000
ANSC 507Survey Equine Train Techniques00000
ACFI 873Cases in Finance00000
ANSC 602Animal Rights & Societal Issue00000
AAS 525Canine Learning Theory & Appl00000
ANSC 641Principles Dressage Instructn00000
ADMN 420Business Statistics00000
ANSC 710Dairy Nutrition00000
ACC 799Honors Thesis in Accounting00000
ANSC 795WInv/Therapeutic Riding00000
ADMN 700PAUL Assessm't Core Knowledge00000
ANSC 824Repro Mgt/Artificial Insemnatn00000
AAS 433Small Animal Grooming II00000
ANTH 440BHonors/Saving Culture00000
ADMN 845Supply Chain Management00000
ANTH 513Ethnographic Methods00000
AAS 548Animal Bus: Concepts/Practices00000
ACFI 710Big Data in Finance00000
ADMN 864New Product Development00000
ADMN 872Predictive Analytics00000
ADMN 898Topics/Equity Analysis00000
AAS 437Equine Handling & Care Tech00000
AAS 553Equine Competition Management00000
ACFI 724Auditing00000
ADMN 903MBA Internship II00000
ADMN 919Management Accounting00000
ACFI 740Top/Advanced Auditing00000
ADMN 940Managing Operations00000
AERO 796AFROTC Internship00000
ACFI 807Equity Analysis00000
AMST 444DHon/Long-Ago Behind Evrdy Life00000
AAS 597Work Experience/Dairy00000
ANFS 901ANFS Graduate Intro Course00000
ACFI 830Advanced Auditing00000
ANSC 405Theory of Horsemanship00000
AAS 445Veterinary Assisting00000
ANSC 437Equine Husbandry Techniques00000
ACFI 870Programming in Finance00000
ANSC 512Anatomy and Physiology00000
ACC 620Topics in Accounting/VITA00000
ANSC 547Equine Stable Management00000
ACFI 892Independent Study00000
ANSC 609Principles of Animal Nutrition00000
AAS 430Small Animal Breeds & Behavior00000
ANSC 625Animal Diseases00000
ADMN 400Introduction to Business00000
ANSC 665Principles of Horse Trials Mgt00000
ACC 725Indep. Studies Acct00000
ANSC 698Coop Real Educ Agriculturl Mgt00000
ADMN 503Managerial Accounting00000
ANSC 724Repro Mgt/Artificial Insemnatn00000
AAS 538Equine Handling/Longeing00000
ANSC 744Adv.Therapeutic Riding Instr.00000
ADMN 585Marketing00000
ANSC 796Equine Senior Seminar00000
ACFI 621Intermed Financial Accting I00000
ANSC 815Physiology of Lactation00000
ADMN 799Honors Thesis/Project00000
ANSC 853Cell Culture00000
AAS 424Animal Law and Regulations00000
ANTH 411Global Perspectives:Intro Anth00000
ADMN 834Private Equity/Venture Capital00000
ANTH 500Peoples & Cultures/N. America00000
ACFI 703International Financial Mgt00000
ADMN 953Social Power Leadrship 21 Cent00000
AAS 574Dairy Cattle Disease Seminar00000
ACFI 752Ind Studies in Accounting00000
ADMN 970Economics of Competition00000
ADMN 992Special Projects & Ind Study00000
ACFI 801Corporate Finance00000
AERO 415Heritage&Values of the USAF I00000