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UNH Course Reviews

University of New Hampshire

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 521Behavior Analysis44.33.73.73
CHE 502Intro Chemical Engineering II31241
CS 515Data Struct & Intro/Algorithms21221
PSYC 502Research Methods in Psychology33151
CHE 501Intro Chemical Engineering I21241
PSYC 402Statistics in Psychology32441
PSYC 561Abnormal Behavior55541
NURS 535Death and Dying32551
PSYC 581Child Development45331
ARTS 444Honr/Intro to Renaissance Cult00000
AERO 681NatSecAff/Prep for Act Duty I00000
ARTS 675Roman Art and Architecture00000
ARBC 795Independent Study00000
ADMN 953Social Power Leadrship 21 Cent00000
ARTS 574Intro to Architectural History00000
ACFI 820Corporate Taxation00000
ARTS 799Sem/Pompeii00000
ANSC 402Horsemanship Lab00000
AT 658Eval & Care of AT Injury I00000
BCHM 802Endocrinology00000
ACC 723Adv. Managerial Acct.00000
ADMN 400Introduction to Business00000
ANSC 547Equine Stable Management00000
BENG 766Biomaterials00000
BIOL 544Your Genes, Your Life00000
ADMN 575Behavior in Organizations00000
ANSC 650Dairy Industry Travel Course00000
ARBC 401Elementary Arabic I00000
ADMN 912Managing Self & Leading Others00000
ARTH 695TopArtHist/Cities Ancnt Italy00000
ACFI 753Independent Studies in Finance00000
ARTS 532Introductory Drawing00000
AERO 302AFROTC Physical Training00000
ARTS 614Design and People00000
AAS 597Work Experience/Dairy00000
ARTS 695Special Topics/Leonardo00000
AMST 444CHonors/Picturing America00000
ASL 435American Sign Language I Lab00000
ACFI 871Financial Theory00000
AT 668Ergogenic Aids in Sports00000
ANSC 500Equine Assisted Activities00000
BCHM 895Special Topics00000
AAS 449Clin Animal Nursing Tech I00000
BIOL 412HHonors/IntroBioEvolBiodivEcol00000
ANSC 622Explorations/Horsemanship00000
BIOL 695Biology Teaching Practices00000
ACC 799Honors Thesis in Accounting00000
ANSC 701Physiology of Reproduction00000
ADMN 700PAUL Assessm't Core Knowledge00000
ANSC 725Equine Sports Medicine00000
ANSC 795WInv/Therapeutic Riding00000
AAS 538Equine Handling/Longeing00000
ACFI 640Top Fin I/Financial Planning00000
ADMN 827HM Operations & Fin Metrics00000
ANSC 801Physiology of Reproduction00000
ANSC 818Mammalian Physiology00000
ADMN 840International Business00000
ANSC 895Inv/Dairy Mgt Investigations00000
ANTH 750Islam and Gender00000
ADMN 901PAUL MBA CORE Knowledge00000
ARBC 595Arabic Practicum00000
ACFI 726Intro to Federal Income Tax00000
ARTH 480Introduction to Art History00000
ADMN 930Financial Management00000
ARTS 400Top in Art History/Portraiture00000
AAS 574Dairy Cattle Disease Seminar00000
ARTS 501Introductory Ceramics00000
ADMN 970Economics of Competition00000
ARTS 551Intro Darkroom Photography00000
ACFI 805Financial Institutions00000
ARTS 601Ceramics Workshop00000
AERO 541Team and Lead Fund I00000
ARTS 636Printmaking Workshop00000
AAS 437Equine Handling & Care Tech00000
ARTS 687Art and Modernity00000
AFAM 795Independent Study00000
ARTS 791Art Education (Elementary)00000
ACFI 840Forensic Acctg & Fraud Exam00000
ARTS 998Graduate Painting Seminar00000
ANFS 899Master's Thesis00000
ASL 621Advanced ASL Discourse I Lab00000
ACC 501Survey of Accounting00000
AT 661Theraptc Exercise Ath Trng Lab00000
ANSC 411Intro to Equine Science00000
AT 699HHonors Project00000
ACFI 892Independent Study00000
BCHM 854Molecular Biol Research Methds00000
ANSC 512Anatomy and Physiology00000
BENG 755Computational Bioengineering00000
AAS 426Equine Conformation & Lameness00000
BIOL 409Intro to Botanical Sciences00000
ANSC 605Poultry Management00000
BIOL 444BHonors/Current Issues in Biol00000
ADMN 502Financial Accounting00000
ANTH 411WGlobal Perspectives:Intro Anth00000
ACFI 704Derivative Securities &Markets00000
ADMN 852Marketing Research00000
ANTH 450Intro Race, Culture, and Power00000
ANTH 513Ethnographic Methods00000
ADMN 863Marketing Analytics00000