UNG Online Course Reviews

University of North Georgia, Online

EDL 8005Using Data Focus Plan/Improve00000
ENGL 3800Multimodal/Digital Composition00000
CRJU 6325Homeland Security00000
EDD 7205Course Des,Implem,Assess in HE00000
CSCI 3050Information Security00000
CRJU 2002Introduction to Law Enforcement00000
EDUC 7853Education, Policy and Politics00000
BUSA 3120Operations Management00000
CRJU 8300Qualitative Research Methods00000
CHEM 1152LSurvey of Chemistry II Laboratory00000
ECSP 3540Applied Data Analysis00000
CSCI 4650Network Security00000
COMM 3800Advanced Interpersonal Comm00000
EDGE 6001Characteristics of the Gifted Child00000
BIOL 3240KCell Biology00000
EDUC 6101Advanced Educational Assessment00000
CRJU 4111Evidence00000
ENGL 2150Literature and Film00000
ART 3583Korean Art00000
ENGL 6360African Literatures & Cultures00000
BUSA 4810Entertainment Law00000
CSCI 1302Computer Science II00000
ART 4590Exhibition Practices00000
CSCI 3550Management of Information Security00000
CIS 2201Computer Information Systems00000
ECON 3550International Economics00000
CYBR 3410Database Security00000
COMM 2900Introduction to Media Studies00000
EDD 7103Trends and Issues in Higher Ed00000
BIOL 1260Environmental Science00000
EDD 7212Dimensions of Transfer00000
COUN 6110Psychological Helping Skills Lab00000
EDL 6005Assess Engage & Leg/Ethic Prin00000
ART 3503History of Graphic Design00000
EDL 8103Perf Based Leader Internship00000
CRJU 3721Introduction to Intelligence00000
EDUC 6519Instructional Delivery00000
BIOL 4510Animal Behavior00000
ENGL 2112World Literature II00000
CRJU 4440Criminal Justice Administration00000
ENGL 3120An Introduction to Rhetorical Theory00000
ANTH 4501Mediterranean Archaeology00000
ENGL 6030English Sociolinguistics00000
CRJU 7002Research Methodology in Criminal Justice00000
ENGL 6830Second Language Writing00000
ART 4452Digital Media00000
CRJU 8614Cybercrime, Policy, and Intel00000
CHEM 1151KSurvey of Chemistry I00000
CSCI 2150Computer Ethics and Social Issues00000
ANTH 4640Ethnography of Japan00000
CSCI 3300Software Development00000
CHEM 1212KPrinciples of Chemistry II00000
CSCI 4100Operating Systems and File Organization00000
ATP 7302Athletic Training Capstone00000
CSCI 4900Independent Study00000
CIS 3300Systems Analysis and Design00000
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics00000
DVRS 1503Studies in Diversity Issues00000
COMM 1503Communicating in Diverse Cultures00000
ECSP 3001Child Development00000
BIOL 1102Introduction to Ecology00000
EDD 7100Research Design and Evaluation00000
COMM 3510Small Group Communication00000
EDD 7107Leadership Theory and Research00000
ART 3450Introduction to Graphic Design00000
EDD 7208Adv Qualitative Research Meth00000
COMM 4300Media Law & Ethics00000
EDD 8001Ind Research Develop Seminar00000
BIOL 2500LMicrobiology for Allied Health Professions Lab.00000
EDL 6002Meaning Curr/Assess Div Learn00000
COUN 7022Thesis III00000
EDL 8002Develop Culture High Learn Exp00000
ANTH 2030Introduction to Archaeology00000
EDL 8008Change for School/Stud Improve00000
CRJU 3310Juvenile Justice00000
EDUC 2130Exploring Learning & Teaching00000
BIOL 4390KGeneral Microbiology00000
EDUC 6402Educational Research Methodology00000
CRJU 4002Drug Identification & Investigation00000
EDUC 7791Capstone Edu as Human Right00000
ART 3570Latin American and Latino Art00000
ENGL 1102English Composition II00000
CRJU 4345Constitutional Rights and the Criminal Justice System00000
ENGL 2131American Literature I00000
BUSA 2108Business Communication00000
ENGL 2270Introduction to Creative Writing00000
CRJU 4723Intel Support for Homeland Sec00000
ENGL 3220Poetry & Poetics00000
ACCT 4330Accounting Information Systems [BBA]00000
ENGL 4140Lit Crt: PstColnial/Femin Theo00000
CRJU 6440Criminal Justice Administration00000
ENGL 6220Poetry and Poetics00000
BUSA 3910Business Leadership: Theories and Processes00000
CRJU 7120Forensic Behavioral Analysis00000
ACCT 2101Principles of Accounting I00000
ANTH 1102Introduction to Anthropology00000
ART 2510Introduction to Art History I00000
BIOL 1101Biology-A Human Perspective00000
COMM 1001Elementary Sign Language I00000
ECED 6102Leadership, Advocacy and Policy Making00000