UNG Oconee Course Reviews

University of North Georgia, Oconee

SPAN 1002Elementary Spanish II00000
BIOL 1260Environmental Science00000
GISC 2011Geographic Information Science00000
PHYS 1112Introductory Physics II00000
ITAL 1001Elementary Italian I00000
ENGL 2135African American Literature00000
ART 1030Three-Dimensional Design00000
CHEM 2901LUndergraduate Research00000
HIST 2114American History Through Film00000
COMM 2050Media, Culture, and Society00000
MDST 2150Literature and Film00000
MATH 0997Support for Quantitative Skills and Reasoning00000
ENGL 2111HHonors World Literature I00000
PSYC 2103Human Growth & Development00000
CHEM 1211KPriniciples of Chemistry I00000
UNIV 1101Fundamentals of Academic Achievement00000
ENGL 4960Internship00000
ART 3150Painting II00000
BIOL 1102LIntroduction to Ecology Lab00000
CGLO 1503Contemporary Global Issues00000
COMM 1110Public Speaking00000
HNRS 2100Honors Program Leadership00000
BIOL 1260LEnvironmental Science Lab00000
KINS 1915Yoga00000
ECON 2106Principles of Microeconomics00000
MATH 2510Introduction to Discrete Mathematics00000
MATH 1113Precalculus00000
ENGL 1102HHonors English Composition II00000
PHIL 2200Ethics from a Global Perspective00000
CHEM 1151Survey of Chemistry I00000
POLS 2401Global Issues00000
ENGL 2122British Literature II00000
SOCI 1160Introduction to Social Problems00000
ART 3700Ceramics II00000
SPAN 2002Intermediate Spanish II00000
ENGL 2160Multicultural American Literature00000
ANTH 2010Biological Anthropology00000
CHEM 1212HPrinciples of Chemistry II Honors00000
ART 2450Introduction to Computer Graphics00000
GEOG 1112Introduction to Weather and Climate00000
BIOL 1102Introduction to Ecology00000
ART 1100Art Appreciation00000
BIOL 2800Teaching Assistant in Biology00000
HIST 2111HAmerican History Honors00000
CHEM 1151LSurvey of Chemistry I Laboratory00000
BIOL 1108KPrinciples of Biology II00000
HNRS 1100Honors Engagement00000
COMM 1500Interpersonal Communication00000
ISCI 2002KPhysical Science00000
ART 2150Painting I00000
JOUR 2000News Production00000
COMM 2902Special Topics in Communication00000
MATH 0989Foundations for College Algebra00000
BIOL 2130KHuman Anatomy and Physiology II00000
MATH 1001Quantitative Skills and Reasoning00000
EDUC 2120Sociocultural Diversity in Education00000
MATH 2400Elementary Statistics00000
MATH 1401HElementary Statistics Honors00000
ENGL 1101HHonors English Composition I00000
MDST 1110Film Appreciation00000
BUSA 2810Legal Environment of Business00000
MUSC 1100Music Appreciation00000
ENGL 2050Standard English Grammar00000
PHYS 1111LIntro Physics I Lab00000
ART 2700Ceramics I00000
POLS 1101American Government00000
ENGL 2115Gender and Literature00000
PSYC 1101Introduction to Psychology00000
CHEM 1152Survey of Chemistry II00000
SOCI 1101HHonors Introduction to Sociology00000
ENGL 2132HHonors American Literature II00000
SOCI 2293Introduction to Marriage & Family00000
ART 1020Two-Dimensional Design & Color Theory00000
SPAN 2001Intermediate Spanish I00000
ENGL 2143African-American Literature00000
UNIV 1000First-Year Seminar Hybrid00000
CHEM 1211Principles of Chemistry I00000
ACCT 2102Principles of Accounting II00000
ENGL 2270Introduction to Creative Writing00000
ART 1010Drawing I00000
BIOL 1101LBiology-A Human Perspective Lab00000
ART 2100Life Drawing00000
GEOG 1111KIntroduction to Physical Geography00000
ART 2520Introduction to Art History II00000
CHEM 1212Principles of Chemistry II00000
BIOL 1101Biology-A Human Perspective00000
GEOL 1121KPhysical Geology00000
BIOL 1107KPrinciples of Biology I00000
ANTH 1102Introduction to Anthropology00000
BIOL 2120KHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
HIST 1111World History I00000
BIOL 2901Introduction to Biological Research00000
CHEM 4916Laboratory Assistant00000
HIST 2112American History00000
ACCT 2101Principles of Accounting I00000
ANTH 2020Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 2510Introduction to Art History I00000
BIOL 2900Introduction to Biological Research00000
ENGL 0989Foundations for English Composition00000
MATH 2008Foundations of Numbers and Operations for Teachers00000