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UNG Gainesville Course Reviews

University of North Georgia, Gainesville

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
THEA 3650Survey of Theatrical Design00000
ANTH 2020Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
SOCI 2000Introduction to Social Science Research Methods00000
THEA 2700Theatre for Social Change00000
SOCI 6160The Family00000
READ 3007Assessing Literacy in Early Childhood Education00000
ACCT 3320Intermediate Accounting II [BBA]00000
POLS 4330Public Policy00000
SOCI 3335Sociology of Popular Culture00000
POUL 2020KIntroductory Poultry Science00000
THEA 2011Theatre Practicum III00000
SPAN 3260Intro to Latinx Lit & Culture00000
PSYC 4404ST Psychology and the Law00000
THEA 3225Sound Design & Reinforcement00000
POLS 4110Congress00000
THEA 4900Senior Seminar00000
SCED 4003Classroom Management00000
ACCT 7215Leader, Comm, & Profess Skills00000
POLS 1101American Government00000
ARAB 2003Intermediate Arabic III00000
PORT 2002Intermediate Portuguese II00000
SOCI 3620Drugs and Society00000
POLS 2401HGlobal Issues Honors00000
SPAN 2002Intermediate Spanish II00000
PSYC 1002Adaptive Leadership00000
THEA 1030Voice and Diction 100000
SPAN 3630Foundations of Translation00000
PSYC 3103Cross-cultural Psychology00000
THEA 2150Principles of Design00000
POLS 3310American Political Theory00000
THEA 3070Playwriting00000
PSYC 4840Counseling and Clinical Theories and Interventions00000
THEA 3530Acoustics and Psychoacoustics00000
PHYS 2212LPrinciples of Physics II Lab00000
THEA 4200Advanced Scenic Design00000
RUSS 1001Elementary Russian I00000
UNIV 1101Fundamentals of Academic Achievement00000
POLS 4205Eastern European Politics00000
ACCT 4330Accounting Information Systems [BBA]00000
SIED 4184Science for Elementary School Teachers00000
ACCT 7640Accounting Theory and Policy00000
PHYS 1111Introductory Physics I00000
ANTH 3902Battlefield Archaeology00000
SOCI 3150Social Stratification00000
ART 1020Two-Dimensional Design & Color Theory00000
POLS 2301Introduction to Comparative Politics00000
SOCI 3510Sociology of Religion00000
PORT 3320Advanced Comm in Portuguese00000
SOCI 4040Sociology of HIV/AIDS00000
PHYS 1112KIntroductory Physics II00000
SPAN 1002HHonors Elementary Spanish II00000
POUL 2040Poultry Evaluation00000
SPAN 3031Mexican Cultures & Societies00000
POLS 3105American Constitutional Law00000
SPAN 3520Spanish for Heritage Speakers00000
PSYC 1101HHonors Intro to Psychology00000
THEA 1010Theatre Practicum00000
SPAN 4220Microfic in Span-Speak World00000
PSYC 3070Quantitative Methods00000
THEA 1190The Dynamic Instrument00000
POLS 3204International Organization00000
THEA 2021Theatre Practicum VI00000
PSYC 4250Sensation and Perception00000
THEA 2322Screen Acting00000
PHYS 2211KPrinciples of Physics I00000
THEA 3010Advanced Theatre Practicum00000
PSYC 4406ST Dev. Psychopathology00000
THEA 3200Stagecraft II00000
POLS 3350Contemporary Political Problem00000
THEA 3510Lighting Production00000
PSYC 4960Psychological Reading and Research00000
THEA 3600Stage Management00000
PHIL 4300Philosophy of Religion00000
THEA 4010Advanced Practicum III00000
READ 3106Teaching Reading in the Content Area 6-1200000
THEA 4225Advanced Sound Design00000
POLS 4195Spec Top: Georgia & the Nation00000
THS 3999Thesis Writing & Defen- Honors00000
RUSS 2002Intermediate Russian II00000
ACCT 2101Principles of Accounting I00000
PHYS 3310Modern Physics00000
ACCT 4310Intermediate Accounting III [BBA]00000
SCED 4005LSecondary Inter: Class Man Lab00000
ACCT 4370Managerial Accounting [BBA]00000
POLS 4295Spec Topic: S Asian Politics00000
ACCT 7520Auditing Analytics00000
SIED 4500LScience for Teachers (6-12) Practicum00000
AGRI 2050Agriculture & Cultural Impact00000
PHIL 2010Introduction to Philosophy00000
ANTH 3410Biblical Anthropology00000
SOCI 2901Special Topics:Rural Sociology00000
ARAB 1002Elementary Arabic II00000
PORT 1001Elementary Portuguese I00000
SOCI 3250Sociology of Family Violence00000
PARA 1100Introduction to Paralegalism and Ethics00000
PHIL 3400Metaphysics00000
PHYS 1112Introductory Physics II00000
POLS 3124The Road to the Congress00000
PSYC 2103Human Growth & Development00000
SPAN 4900Translation Capstone Exp00000