UNG Dahlonega Course Reviews

University of North Georgia, Dahlonega

ATP 6202Therapeutics I00000
BIOL 3010KMycology00000
ART 3570Latin American and Latino Art00000
ASTR 3061Observational Astronomy I00000
ART 4400Advanced Printmaking00000
ART 3200Sculpture II00000
BIOL 1108KPrinciples of Biology II00000
ARAB 2004Intermediate Arabic IV00000
ART 4100Drawing: Media and Techniques00000
ARAB 4510Advanced Arabic Language I00000
ART 4850Internship in Visual Art00000
ART 4453Digital Illustration00000
ART 2452Intro to Digit Design & Fabric00000
ATEP 4336Orthopedic Assessment I00000
ANTH 4502North American Archaeology00000
ATP 7204Techniques in General Medicine00000
ART 3460Typography00000
BIOL 2800Teaching Assistant in Biology00000
ACCT 7605Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BIOL 4000KEntomology00000
ARAB 3120Interm-Advanced Arabic I & II00000
ART 4160Painting: Media & Techniques00000
ACCT 7695Integration of Tech in Account00000
ART 4450Graphic Design Internet00000
ARED 3003Materials and Class Management for Art Education00000
ART 4720Ceramic Systems and Surface00000
ART 4511History of Photography & Prints00000
ART 2100Life Drawing00000
ASTR 1010Astronomy of the Solar System00000
ANTH 3610Ethnography of East Asia00000
ATEP 3365LTherapeutic Exercise & Pathology of Injury Lab00000
ART 2600Introduction to Textiles00000
ATEP 4468Athletic Training Capstone00000
ACCT 7360Advanced Cost Analysis00000
ATP 6902Clinical Experience II00000
ART 3450Introduction to Graphic Design00000
BIOL 1102LIntroduction to Ecology Lab00000
ARAB 1002Elementary Arabic II00000
BIOL 2120KHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ART 3507History of Illustration and Sequential Art00000
BIOL 2902SEA-Phages lab00000
ACCT 4310Intermediate Accounting III [BBA]00000
BIOL 3325KInvertebrate Zoology00000
ART 3650Weaving I00000
BIOL 4030Ecotoxicology00000
ACCT 7640Accounting Theory and Policy00000
ART 4150Painting III00000
ARAB 3990Arabic Calligraphy00000
ART 4200Sculpture III00000
ACCT 4330Accounting Information Systems [BBA]00000
ART 4410Intaglio Printmaking I00000
ARAB 4990Media Arabic00000
ART 4452Digital Media00000
ANTH 2010Biological Anthropology00000
ART 4461Character Rigging and Animation00000
ARED 3320Creative Art: The Adolescent00000
ART 4710Ceramic Materials00000
ART 4540American Art History00000
ART 1030Three-Dimensional Design00000
ART 4740Advanced Hand Building00000
ANTH 3103Anthropology of Food00000
ART 4910Senior Capstone Exhibition00000
ART 2200Sculpture I00000
ASTR 1020Stellar & Galactic Astronomy00000
ACCT 4380Auditing [BBA]00000
ASTR 4010Stellar Astrophysics00000
ART 2510Introduction to Art History I00000
ATEP 3370LTherapeutic Modalities Lab00000
ANTH 4500Mediterranean Archaeology00000
ATEP 4466Orthopedic Assessment II00000
ART 3100Drawing II00000
ATEP 4470Research & Design00000
ACCT 3399Special Topics in Accounting [R]00000
ATP 6302Therapeutics II00000
ART 3310Introduction to Book Arts00000
ATP 7202Advanced Therapeutics00000
ANTH 4902Archaeological Casting00000
BIOL 1101LBiology-A Human Perspective Lab00000
ART 3452Digital 3D Modeling and Printing00000
BIOL 1108Principles of Biology II00000
ACCT 7520Auditing Analytics00000
BIOL 1260Environmental Science00000
ART 3500Visual Literacy & Communication00000
BIOL 2500Microbiology for Allied Health Professions00000
ARAB 2002Intermediate Arabic II00000
BIOL 2901SEA-Phages Lab00000
ART 3550Modern Art History00000
BIOL 3000Ethical Issues in Science00000
ACCT 3310Intermediate Accounting I [R]00000
BIOL 3240KCell Biology00000
ART 3582The Arts of Japan00000
BIOL 3332KEcology Field Techniques00000
ARAB 3001Intermediate-Advanced Arabic I00000
ART 3800Film Photography I00000
ACCT 2101Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 3350Federal Income Taxation [BBA]00000
ACCT 4360Cost Accounting [BBA]00000
ANTH 2030Introduction to Archaeology00000
ART 1010Drawing I00000
ART 4600Textile Design II00000