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UNG Dahlonega Course Reviews

University of North Georgia, Dahlonega

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CRJU 3723The Intel Cycle & Collection00000
CYBR 2050Applied Cybersecurity00000
BIOL 4800Independent Study/Undergraduate Research00000
COUN 6500Multicultural Counseling00000
CHEM 1222LPrincip of Chem II Lab STEM00000
BIOL 3000Ethical Issues in Science00000
CSCI 2150Computer Ethics and Social Issues00000
ART 4452Digital Media00000
BUSA 3130Business Information Systems [R]00000
ART 4905Independent Study-Printmaking00000
CHIN 4530Advanced Chinese III00000
CHEM 4254Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
BIOL 1101Biology-A Human Perspective00000
CRJU 2004Criminology00000
ART 3580Asian Art History00000
CRJU 4325Homeland Security00000
BIOL 4310KPlant Taxonomy00000
CSCI 3800Introduction to UNIX00000
ARED 3310Creative Art: The Young Child00000
ECSP 4200Instruction of Students with Special Needs00000
ART 4590Social History Porcelain00000
CHEM 1152LSurvey of Chemistry II Laboratory00000
ART 2200Sculpture I00000
CHEM 3442Organic Chemistry II00000
ASTR 1020Stellar & Galactic Astronomy00000
CHIN 3660Chinese in the Workplace II00000
CHEM 4916Laboratory Assistant00000
ATP 6202Therapeutics I00000
COMM 1100Intro to Human Communication00000
ART 3500Visual Literacy & Communication00000
COUN 7510Internship I00000
BIOL 1260Environmental Science00000
CRJU 3310Juvenile Justice00000
ARAB 3002Intermediate-Advanced Arabic II00000
CRJU 4005Criminal Forensics II00000
BIOL 4000KEntomology00000
CRJU 4724Special Topic in Intel Studies00000
ART 4160Painting: Media & Techniques00000
CSCI 3300Software Development00000
BIOL 4461Marine Biology Field Laboratory00000
CSCI 4600Parallel Processing00000
ACCT 7695Integration of Tech in Account00000
ECSP 3001Child Development00000
BIOL 4917Biology Lab Assistant00000
EDUC 2130Exploring Learning & Teaching00000
ART 1020Two-Dimensional Design & Color Theory00000
BUSA 4527International Business [BBA]00000
ART 4730Advanced Wheel Throwing00000
CHEM 1211LPrinciples of Chemistry I Laboratory00000
ANTH 3000Japanese Culture & Society00000
CHEM 3301Internship in Chemistry00000
ASTR 1010LSolar System Laboratory00000
CHEM 3542LPhysical Chemistry II Laboratory00000
ART 2510Introduction to Art History I00000
CHEM 4902LUndergraduate Research00000
ATEP 3365LTherapeutic Exercise & Pathology of Injury Lab00000
CHIN 3121Interm-Advanced Chinese I & II00000
CHIN 1002Elementary Chinese II00000
ATEP 4468Athletic Training Capstone00000
CHIN 4310Advanced Chinese Conversation00000
ART 3450Introduction to Graphic Design00000
CIS 3300Systems Analysis and Design00000
ATP 7202Advanced Therapeutics00000
COUN 6110Psychological Helping Skills Lab00000
ARAB 2001Intermediate Arabic I00000
COUN 7010Thesis III00000
BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I00000
CRJU 2000Introduction to Criminal Law00000
ART 3550Modern Art History00000
CRJU 3001Victims Issues in the Criminal Justice System00000
BIOL 2800Teaching Assistant in Biology00000
CRJU 3602Statistics for Social Sciences00000
ACCT 7530Adv Analytics for Acc & Audit00000
CRJU 4001LContemp Issues in Policing Lab00000
BIOL 3321KGeneral Botany00000
CRJU 4009Police Patrol and Traffic Investigation00000
ART 3810Digital Photography I00000
CRJU 4400LLegal Liabilities of Criminal Justice Personnel Lab00000
BIOL 4070Clinical Pathology00000
CSCI 1302Computer Science II00000
ARAB 4510Advanced Arabic Language I00000
CSCI 3100Computer Organization/Architecture00000
BIOL 4390KGeneral Microbiology00000
CSCI 3510Networking and Communications00000
ART 4405Relief Printmaking I00000
CSCI 4250Reverse Engineering00000
BIOL 4540KBiotechnology00000
CSCI 4800Artificial Intelligence00000
ACCT 4330Accounting Information Systems [BBA]00000
EAAS 3660Std East Asia:Japanes Research00000
BIOL 4805Independent Study/Undergraduate Research00000
ECSP 3540Applied Data Analysis00000
ART 4465Digital Visual Effects00000
BUSA 2201Computer Information Systems00000
ACCT 3350Federal Income Taxation [BBA]00000
ACCT 7360Advanced Cost Analysis00000
ANTH 4501Mediterranean Archaeology00000
ART 3150Painting II00000
ATEP 4336Orthopedic Assessment I00000
CHIN 2340Intermediate Chinese III & IV00000