UNE Course Reviews

University of New England

BIO 209GIntro Anatomy & Physiology II00000
BIO 309Pathophysiology00000
ATC 342Phy Agents/Ath Hlth Care00000
BIO 200Genetics00000
ATC 499Ath Training Practicum V00000
ART 397Calligraphy and the Visual Jou00000
BIO 241Anatomy&Art in Greece/Italy00000
ARH 210Art History Survey I00000
ATC 451Emergency Medicine00000
ART 102Photography00000
BIO 103Intro to Biological Anthro00000
ATC 508LExam Orth&Athl Inj Lab00000
ART 207Landscape Painting00000
BIO 206Conservation Genetics00000
APN 761Micronutrients: Nutrition & Functional Applications Lab00000
BIO 223Hlth, Nutr, Feed Cultured Org00000
ATC 252Diagnosis/Ath & Orth Inj I00000
BIO 254Medicinal Plant Biology00000
ANT 231Culture & Society In The Middle East00000
BIO 330Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
ARH 270Art in the Modern World00000
ATC 495Seminar in Athletic Training00000
APN 600Trends & Issues in Nutrition00000
ATC 500LFund. Ath Traning Lab00000
ART 108Boatbuilding00000
ATC 625Psychosocial Interv in AT00000
ATC 525Athletic Training Practicum I00000
ART 124The Painted Book00000
BIO 105LBio I: Ecology/Evol Lab00000
APN 625Nutrition Practice for Health Promotion and Disease Preventi...00000
BIO 204Parasitology00000
ART 234Animation00000
BIO 208LIntro Anatomy & Phys 1 Lab00000
ANT 102Cultural Anthropology00000
BIO 215Introduction to Beekeeping00000
ATC 100Intro. to Athletic Training00000
BIO 233Microbiology for Pre-Pharm00000
APN 775Advanced Nutrition Research00000
BIO 242GApplied Microbiology00000
ATC 306Psychology of Sport & Exercise00000
BIO 290LTrop Forest/GlobalChangeLab00000
ANE 629Advanced Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan00000
BIO 322Comparative Animal Physiology00000
ATC 354Pharmacology/Athl Health Care00000
BIO 342Food Systems And Public Health00000
APN 505Applied Anatomy and Physiology00000
ATC 482Athletic Train Prog Admin00000
ART 100Drawing I00000
ATC 498Ath Training Practicumm IV00000
ANE 650Clinical Practicum I00000
ATC 500Fund of Athletic Training00000
ART 104Painting I00000
ATC 508Examination Ortho&Ath Injuries00000
APN 604Nutrition Across the Lifespan00000
ATC 515Physical Agents in AT00000
ART 109T-Shirt Design00000
ATC 550AT Clinical Practicum II00000
ATC 530LRehab Techniques in AT Lab00000
ART 114Printmaking00000
ATC 640AT Clinical Practicum IV00000
APN 616Nutrition & Metabolism Lab00000
BIO 104LGeneral Biology Lab00000
ART 200Advanced Drawing00000
BIO 106LBio II:Cellular/Molecular Lab00000
ANES 901Anesthesiology Obstetric00000
BIO 203Histology00000
ART 230Graphic Design00000
BIO 205LFish Genetics Lab00000
APN 707Dietary Practices & Enviro Stu00000
BIO 207Organismal Genetics00000
ART 301Directed Study in Art00000
BIO 209LGIntro Anatomy & Phys II Lab00000
ANE 623Advanced Principles of Anesthesia I00000
BIO 214Genetics00000
ASL 101Introduction to American Sign Language00000
BIO 222Finfish/Shellfish Culture Tech00000
APN 770Nutrition Counseling and Communication00000
BIO 232LMicrobiology Lab00000
ATC 202Fundamentals/Athletic Training00000
BIO 234LEnvironmental Microbiology Lab00000
ANT 211Medical Anthropology00000
BIO 241LAnatomy&Art Greece/Italy Lab00000
ATC 298Athletic Training Clin Prac I00000
BIO 242LApplied Microbiology Lab00000
ARC 193Origins of Human Society00000
BIO 257Costa Rica: Tropical Forests00000
ATC 332LRehab Tech/Ath Hlth Care Lab00000
BIO 305Mammalogy00000
ANE 606Advanced Pharmacology II00000
BIO 319LOrnithology Lab00000
ATC 352Diagnosis/Ath & Orth Inj II00000
BIO 328Human Evolution00000
ARH 211Art History Survey II00000
ATC 399Ath Training Practicum III00000
ANE 599DS: Clincal Practicum III00000
ANE 619Business and Leadership in Anesthesia Practice00000
ANE 658Clinical Practicum V00000
APN 610Research Methods00000
ART 111Scientific Illustration00000
ATC 540Gen Medical Conditions in AT00000