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UNE Course Reviews

University of New England

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DEN 456Pain Management00000
DMD 7257Elective: Public Health00000
ARH 270Art in the Modern World00000
DEN 403Dental Hygiene Theory III00000
ART 124The Painted Book00000
APN 745Overweight and Obesity00000
DMD 5295Professional Development 200000
APN 602Trends and Issues in Nutrition Lab00000
ART 106Two-Dimensional Design00000
APN 620Nutrition Education and Health Behavior Change00000
DEN 312Dental Hygiene Clinic II00000
CMM 135Evolution of Television00000
APN 720Nutrition Branding Using Social Media00000
DEN 425Periodontology I00000
ANT 231Culture & Society In The Middle East00000
DMD 5110Molec/Cell Basis of Medicine00000
ARB 101Basic Arabic00000
DMD 6340Clinical Dentistry 500000
ANE 633Advanced Pathophysiology II00000
ENV 316Land Conserv Pract w/Field Lab00000
APN 610Research Methods00000
ART 111Scientific Illustration00000
ANE 658Clinical Practicum V00000
CIT 420Global Cit Sem:Mexico00000
APN 701Nutrition, Wellness, and Multimedia Communication00000
DEN 100Introduction to Dental Hygiene00000
CMM 211Introduction to Journalism00000
APN 715Measuring Social Media Impact00000
DEN 334Community Health II00000
ANT 118Applied Anthropology00000
DEN 411Dental Hygiene Clinic IV00000
APN 734Nutrition Leadership, Community Nutrition and Wellness00000
DEN 442Pharmacology00000
ANE 629Advanced Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan00000
DERM 900Dermatology00000
APN 761Micronutrients: Nutrition & Functional Applications Lab00000
DMD 5160Dental Anatomy00000
APN 510Applied Nutrition Biochemistry00000
DMD 6265Foundations of Patient Care 400000
ARC 235The Archaeology of New England00000
DMD 6400Adv Standing Ess. of Clin. Den00000
ANE 619Business and Leadership in Anesthesia Practice00000
ENV 311Ecological Monitoring00000
ART 102Photography00000
ENV 318LAdv. Research Meth/Avian Ecol Lab00000
ANE 654Clinical Practicum III00000
ART 109T-Shirt Design00000
APN 615Nutrition and Metabolism00000
ART 114Printmaking00000
ANE 623Advanced Principles of Anesthesia I00000
CHE 420Spectro Method Struct Analysis00000
APN 625Nutrition Practice for Health Promotion and Disease Preventi...00000
CMM 122Oral Communication00000
ANES 900Anesthesiology00000
CMM 201Digital Media & Software Tools00000
APN 705Online Research and Advanced Research Methods00000
COM 698Intersession Clinical Colloquium00000
CMM 350Video Game Studies00000
APN 710Media and Ethics in Nutrition00000
DEN 304Dental Hygiene Theory II00000
ANT 102Cultural Anthropology00000
DEN 325LPreservation/Tooth Struct Lab00000
APN 717Food Justice and Advocacy00000
DEN 342Head & Neck Anatomy00000
ANE 628Research Practicum I00000
DEN 405Career Ops in Dental Hygiene00000
APN 730Medical Nutrition Therapy00000
DEN 422Leadership00000
ANT 215GIntro to Medical Anthropology00000
DEN 435Periodontology II00000
APN 736Nutrition Leadership, Community Nutrition, and Wellness Lab00000
DEN 446Special Care II00000
ANE 617Research Seminar00000
DERM 850Sel: Dermatology00000
APN 755Applied Nutrition Capstone00000
DMD 5101Foundations of Biomed Science00000
ANT 312Human Trafficking00000
DMD 5145Systems 100000
APN 770Nutrition Counseling and Communication00000
DMD 5245Clinical Dentistry 200000
ANE 630Research Practicum II00000
DMD 6212Systems 400000
ARC 190Exp Cultures thru Archaeology00000
DMD 6295Professional Development 400000
APN 600Trends & Issues in Nutrition00000
DMD 6385Patient Care 300000
ARH 211Art History Survey II00000
DMD 7230Patient Care 500000
ANE 599DS: Clincal Practicum III00000
ENV 208Climate Change: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions00000
ART 100Drawing I00000
ENV 312LWetland Conserv & Ecology Lab00000
APN 605Nutrition Across the Lifespan00000
ART 104Painting I00000
ANE 512Airway Management and Regional Techniques00000
ANE 612Advanced Physical Assessment Across The Lifespan00000
ANE 627Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management00000
ANES 905Pain Medicine00000
APN 707Dietary Practices & Enviro Stu00000
CMM 420Senior Project00000